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"Don't Speak"
Part 26
by Jamie Phelps
Disclaimer: Don't own the Characters or the title. Never have, never will. Would love to :-)
Summary: Michael, Max, Maria, Isabel, Liz, Alex, Tess and Kyle's lives seem back on track. With Max and Liz's wedding quickly approaching, all seems perfect. Then the mysterious Jennifer arrives in Roswell and things quickly spiral out of control. Maria leaves Michael, Isabel learns one of the group is keeping a secret, and Max and Liz begin fighting. Taye is drawn to Jennifer, yet doesn't understand why. When Tess questions Jennifer's motives, she disappears. Who is the mysterious Jennifer? And will life as we know it in Roswell ever be the same?
Category: Other
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Thanks to Cari for helping me come up with a title for this piece. I owe you one! You must have read "Secrets", "The Journey" and "Letting Go" or this fiction will not make sense to you. Please email at or see them at Fan Forum if you need the other fictions.
"Who was on the phone?" Michael asked, eyeing Tess questionably.

"No one." She said quickly. "It was just a wrong number."

"Don't lie to me." Michael joked. "You said you missed them. It was Kyle wasn't it?"

A wave of relief washed over her. "You got me, Michael. It was Kyle. I should have known not to try and pull something like that with you. He just called to hear my voice."

"I knew it!" He said smiling. "I'm good!"

Tess smiled. "Taye!" She yelled.

His head appeared from out of the kitchen. "What do you want?" He asked.

"I need your help with something." She said, stressing the word something so that Taye knew to play along.

"Sure." He said. He finished up in the kitchen and was soon ready to leave.

"Where are you two going?" Michael asked.

Tess shook her head. "We've got it covered. We'll see you tonight at the Crashdown." Before Michael had time to respond, Tess grabbed Taye's arm and pulled him out the door.

Michael stared after his brother and sister. Why in the world were they acting so strange? He didn't let that worry him through. He decided to take advantage of the alone time for a quick shower. He made his way to the bathroom and turned on the water. Slowly, he began to remove each piece of clothing until he was standing there totally naked. He climbed into the shower and began to wash his hair. Just as he'd finished rinsing out the conditioner, he heard a small knock at the front door. Hurriedly he put a towel around himself and made his way to the door. If Tess and Taye were playing some trick on him he was gonna kill them. He slowly reached down for the doorknob and turned it. The face that greeted him was not that of a stranger, but one he knew very well.

"Maria?" Michael asked. He was in total shock.

"Hi." She said back. She hadn't planned a speech or anything so she blurted the first words out that came to her mind. "Nice towel." That was a smooth one Maria. No normal "I'm sorry" or "I missed you." "Nice towel"? Man he is going to think you have gone completely nuts.

His eyes studied her body and came to rest on her belly. He knew instantly why she'd run away. Why she had to get out of Roswell. He knew without asking that the baby was his. And Maria.she'd never looked more beautiful to him than she did right then. He could see her lips moving but there was no sound emitting from them. A smile formed across his face.

"What?" Maria asked.

He didn't give her the answer she was looking for. Instead, he reached out his hand and pulled her him. He wrapped his strong arms around her and hugged her as hard as he could. He was afraid she'd leave again if he let go. As he held her he felt the baby kick. He pulled back so he could look at Maria's belly.

"I'm sorry." She began. "I should have told -"

She was interrupted by his lips touching hers. A deep, passionate kiss ensued, each savoring the taste of the others lips. When he finally broke the kiss he crouched on his knees to where he was eye level with her stomach. He lifted her shirt up just enough to expose her swollen belly. Then he placed a gentle kiss on it.

Maria's hand fell to the back of his head and she began crying. She never had expected Michael to be this way.

Michael stood up and tightened his towel. He hadn't realized he was still in it. He pulled Maria close. "I'm sorry if I hurt you." He said

It was then that Maria noticed the tears in his eyes. She buried her face into his chest. "I'm sorry, too." She said, between sobs. "I should have told you about the baby."

Michael ran his fingers through her hair. All that mattered to him was that she was back. "It's ok." He said. "We'll deal with this together. You're back and that's all that matters to me. You're ok."

Maria stepped back. "I missed you so much. There wasn't as day that went by that I didn't think of you. Ask Isabel! She knew how much I missed you."

He pulled her over to the couch. She sat down, happy to be off her feet. "I came looking for you. Twice I almost found you. Isabel wouldn't tell me where you were, but I knew she knew."

"I asked her not to tell anyone." Maria said. "I knew I had to deal with things on my own time."

Michael reached down and touched her face. "Let's wipe out everything from out past and start over fresh." He said slowly. "Just you, me and the baby."

Maria smiled. "But our past is one of the greatest things about our relationship." She said. "Some of the memories are the best."

Michael stood up. "Whatever you want, as long as we're together."

Maria reached up and kissed him. "It's all up hill from here Michael." She said. "I'm glad to be back."

He smiled down at her. "I'm glad you're back too." He looked down at himself and realized he was still in the towel. "You've probably been enjoying this haven't you?" He asked, pointing to his towel." An evil grin spread across his face. "Guess I should go get dressed." He said, moving towards the door. "We're supposed to meet at the Crashdown in a little while."

Maria looked at him questioningly but knew she wouldn't get an answer as to why they were going until they got there. She just nodded her head.

"I'll be right back." Michael said. Before he reached the bedroom door he turned and faced Maria. "I love you." He said, a small Michaelish grin forming on his face.

Maria smiled back. "I love you, too."

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