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"Don't Speak"
Part 18
by Jamie Phelps
Disclaimer: Don't own the Characters or the title. Never have, never will. Would love to :-)
Summary: Michael, Max, Maria, Isabel, Liz, Alex, Tess and Kyle's lives seem back on track. With Max and Liz's wedding quickly approaching, all seems perfect. Then the mysterious Jennifer arrives in Roswell and things quickly spiral out of control. Maria leaves Michael, Isabel learns one of the group is keeping a secret, and Max and Liz begin fighting. Taye is drawn to Jennifer, yet doesn't understand why. When Tess questions Jennifer's motives, she disappears. Who is the mysterious Jennifer? And will life as we know it in Roswell ever be the same?
Category: Other
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Thanks to Cari for helping me come up with a title for this piece. I owe you one! You must have read "Secrets", "The Journey" and "Letting Go" or this fiction will not make sense to you. Please email at or see them at Fan Forum if you need the other fictions.
Maria stretched back on the couch. She hadn't felt good all day. This pregnancy was starting to get to her. She'd already begun to show. Here Aunt kept insisting that she see a doctor, but Maria knew it was impossible. She put her hand over her belly. She loved feeling the baby move. Every time it did she was reminded of Michael.

Isabel had said he was taking her leaving hard. She almost couldn't believe he'd actually come looking for her. Maybe she was being selfish. That's what her Aunt said. She felt extremely guilty for missing Liz and Max's wedding. From what Isabel said, there had been a fight over Michael.

Even though Maria had been gone a month, her heart had never left Roswell. She couldn't wait for Isabel's phone call. She found herself missing everyone.including Michael.

She reached over and picked up the phone. She dialed Michael's number. On the third ring he picked up. "Hello?" He asked.

Maria was silent. She couldn't bring herself to say anything. The baby moved and her breath caught in her throat.

"Hello?" Michael asked again. He knew there was someone on the other end. He sensed it. Suddenly it clicked. "Maria?" He asked.

She had tears in her eyes. She'd forgotten how great his voice made her feel. But his voice now held a sadness. A sadness that she knew she'd caused.

"Look, you don't have to say anything." He began. "I know it's you. There is nothing going on between Jennifer and I. I don't even know why I was dancing with her. The whole night I was thinking of you though. How you'd really enjoy UFOnics. Maria, my heart belongs to you and I'll go to hell and back to find you." He sounded almost as if he were crying. "I love you Maria." He hung up the phone.

Tears streamed down Maria's cheeks as she listened to the dial tone. There was so much she'd wanted to say to him, but it wouldn't come out. "I love you, too." She said as she put down the phone.

Maybe it was time for her to go back to Roswell. She'd already forgiven Michael. After she'd sat down and thought about it, she realized he'd really done nothing wrong. Seeing him had hurt, but she knew his heart belonged to her. She leaned her head back on the couch. Maybe what she needed was sleep. She hadn't gotten much of it lately. She felt her eyes getting heavy.

"Hi." Said the deep voice.

Maria realized she was dreaming. She decided to let the dream take on it's own shape.

"Hi." She replied back. She couldn't see the person. Then she felt the arms slowly wrap around her. A set of lips brushed her neck tenderly. She hadn't felt that great in months. "I finally got him to sleep." He said, continuing to kiss her neck. I never thought we'd be alone."

Maria smiled. "Whatever will we do with ourselves?" She asked. She turned around and pulled the handsome face to hers. They held each other for a moment. Maria pulled back and looked into his eyes. "Our son has your eyes." She said. She kissed the end of his nose. "The most perfect eyes I 've ever seen."

"You're the most beautiful woman I've ever met." He said. "I don't know why I didn't realize it sooner."

He brushed a stray strand of hair from her face. The connection they shared was intense. He lowered his lips to hers and they kissed. When he pulled away, he took her chin in his hand. "I love you very much, Maria." He said.

A smile formed across her face. He was the only one for her. "I love you too, Kyle."

Maria sat straight up. Her heart was beating fast and she was short of breath. Sweat poured down her back. She felt her belly and the baby move. She leaned back against the couch. "Thank God it was only a dream." She said aloud. It was only a dream.

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