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"Destiny's Circle"
Part 19
by Kath7
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters from Roswell nor from the Robin Hood legend. I am just borrowing them. Some original ideas by ddawn and Angel_Parker. The character of Parkyla was created by Sunnie D.
Summary: This story is based on an idea that came out of a RPG that is currently ongoing on the Fanforum Role-playing Board called Detention Adventures (Detentioned Boswellians.) In it, two of our talented authors (Hi Angel_Parker and ddawn!) have created the idea that everything that happens in Roswell-land is on a continuous loop - meaning that Max, Isabel, Tess and Michael have been on Earth many times before, have returned to their planet and have been killed each time. Their "essences" have been re-cloned and they have been re-sent to Earth to try and get it right. Time on Earth continues to move forward with each loop, thus everytime our pod squad returns, they return to a different time period. My story has added to this idea - basically I believe that two mistakes in the current, contemporary loop of the TV show have affected the destiny of the four: These two events are 1)Nasedo being captured after the Crash and consequentially losing Max, Isabel and Michael 2) Max's healing of Liz. I love the idea of reincarnation and soulmates, thus I have decided to create the story of Max and Liz through the centuries as they just miss changing Max's destiny each time. I already know that the story is going to end in our time, with the healing of Liz at the Crashdown....where it is going to go to get there, I do not, hopefully this will work! This first part of the story is set in Medieval England and is based on the Robin Hood legend.
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: This story is dedicated to my pals on the Detentioned Boswellians RPG. They are, in no particular order: pbwin, ddawn, Sunnie D, hookt, Maria, sjton, Ivy_English, Angel_Parker, cheetah, Phaedra and Shortiegirl.
"I do not think that I can leave you Max." Elizabeth could feel the tears welling in her eyes.

She did not mean to be would not help Max's situation to be worried about her when he already had so much to worry about. She almost could not bear to be parted from him however. The vision that had come to her on the previous night kept filtering through her mind...the image of Max lying in a pool of his own blood was so upsetting she did not want to leave him. The thought that she might never see him again was almost unbearable.

"I wish that you did not have to my love." He kissed her gently. "But I must know that you are safe. It is dangerous here." He lifted her chin with his finger. "Liz, you must promise me that you will not take another chance like this. I will come to see YOU next time."

Liz's eyes narrowed. "Max, it is even more dangerous for you to come see ME. I must be able to come to you with any information I learn as well."

"No Liz. I will come to you." Liz sighed, did not argue with him again. She did not want to spoil her last moments with him in a quarrel. He was just as stubborn as she was, so it was pointless anyway.

Max lowered his head again, kissed her lightly. Liz threw her arms around his neck, deepening the kiss. She knew that she was trying to stall, but she couldn't help it. She just knew that something terrible was about to happen.

Liz heard Parkyla discreetly clear her throat in the far reaches of her mind. Max pulled away, kept his forehead touching hers as they spoke. "Be safe my love. I could not bear it if anything were to happen to you."

"I love you Max." Liz did not know what else to say to him. The parting was so painful, her thoughts were in a turmoil.

"I love you too. And I swear that we will be together." Max gently grasped her around her waist, lifted her up onto her saddle.

Parkyla was watching them, her expression unreadable. The servant turned her horse, began to ride off into the forest. She clearly wanted to give them a moment more of privacy.

Liz stared down at Max sadly. He was staring back at her, his dark eyes loving. Neither spoke. Words were not needed. "I will send Mary or Alexander to you on the morrow Liz. I do not want you to be alone in that castle for much longer." He finally said. She nodded, could not form the words to reply. Elizabeth knew that she was about to break down.

She quickly sent her horse after Parkyla's, looked back only once. Max was leaning against his bow, watching her until she was out of sight. He raised his hand when she turned.

Goodbye my love! Elizabeth thought to herself as he disappeared into the forest.

Neither noticed the pair of eyes watching in the foliage.

Michael threw another stone into the stream, watched it skip across the surface several times before it sank. His stomach was in knots.

Why did Max insist on putting them in danger for the sake of a small, insignificant slip of a girl? Why was Tess acting like a screeching banshee? Why was Isabel turning into a simpering lady in the presence of Alexander of Whitfield? Why could not Lady Elizabeth have left them all alone? Why did his thoughts keep returning to a certain reddish-blonde haired wood-sprite, whose skill with the bow was only outshone by her smile and her laugh? And finally, and most infuriatingly, why was he hoping that Max had told her the truth?

His brooding was suddenly interrupted.

Michael turned around in astonishment when another pebble was thrown from somewhere behind him. It skipped at least twice more than his had.

He was to at all surprised to see Mary Delucie standing there, leaning against a tree, a cocky grin on her face. "Well, so far I'm better at archery, hunting and now there anything you can do right?"

"What are you doing here?" He growled. The girl was going to drive him insane - either with her constant attempts to bait him, or with the way that his heart had begun to speed up every time he was in her presence.

Mary walked forward, seated herself gracefully at his side. "Well, I am obviously here to see you."

"What do you want?" Michael demanded abruptly.

"My, aren't we polite this evening! I guess there is one thing you will always be better at - rudeness."

Mary's eyes were twinkling at him. His tone did not seem to bother her at all.

Michael could feel his face heating up with annoyance. "Well, do you want something or are you here just to harass me?"

She was suddenly serious. "Maxwell told us the truth Michael."

Michael heart was suddenly in his throat. "Maxwell is crazy." He managed to choke out.

"It is too late for falsehoods. I just wanted you to know that I don't care and I am not scared of you. Whether you're a human or whatever else it is you are...I still don't care. You are you. And I like you."

Mary was watching his face carefully. Michael did not know what to say to her. He realized that his mouth was likely hanging open, but he did not care.

This girl did not beat around the bush. It was one of the things he liked....He squashed that thought. "Why?" He demanded.

"I certainly do not know why." She replied jokingly. "You are terrible at everything - but I like you anyway."

Michael felt like he was completely losing control of the situation...just like he always felt when he was with her.

He could not control his feelings. He liked her too. He more than liked her. He trusted her.

"Well, don't you have anything to say?" Mary finally asked him, clearly becoming slightly unnerved by his continued silence and by the fact that he was staring at her.

"No." Michael replied, staring at her lips.

"Well, I mean really! Would it kill you to say something? You could even say that you thought I was irritating. I wouldn't mind because I know that I am...Alexander always tells me so, and I know that you think it...I've seen it...just say something..."

It looked like she was planning to go on for a while. Michael realized that there was only one thing to do. He grabbed her, cut her off by kissing her.

Michael saw her blink, before he closed his eyes. Her hands tentatively moved up his arms, until they were clutching at his shoulders.

He had never felt such a surge of emotion in his life. Her lips were like velvet under his.

And the best part of it was the blessed silence. Although, he sort of liked it when she talked too...

Michael had thrust his hands into her hair and was gently guiding her down onto the ground when the moment was broken by a shrill screech.

Michael and Mary broke apart instantly. They both whipped their heads around to see Tess standing behind them, a look of outrage on her pretty face.

Michael saw Mary's head lower thoughtfully. She did not appear at all embarrassed, which pleased him inordinately.

"Tess! What the..." He began before his sister cut him off abruptly.

"Michael! What are you doing with her??? Are you all going crazy?" Tess pointed back towards the camp. "I thought that I could trust at least you to be able to see through their machinations. Max and Isabel have always been reckless, but for you to be so stupid..."

"He's not stupid!" Mary defended him instantly.

"Yes, he is. You are all incredibly stupid and reckless."

Michael, Mary and Tess all turned to stare at the man emerging from the wood. He was glaring at all of them.

Michael groaned to himself. The man he had wanted to see since the catastrophe of the day before had finally appeared - and he could not have picked a worse time. It was Lord Edmund.

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