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"Destiny's Circle"
Part 11
by kath7
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters from Roswell nor from the Robin Hood legend. I am just borrowing them. Some original ideas by ddawn and Angel_Parker. The character of Parkyla was created by Sunnie D.
Summary: This story is based on an idea that came out of a RPG that is currently ongoing on the Fanforum Roswell Board called Detention Adventures (Detentioned Boswellians.) In it, two of our talented authors (Hi Angel_Parker and ddawn!) have created the idea that everything that happens in Roswell-land is on a continuous loop - meaning that Max, Isabel, Tess and Michael have been on Earth many times before, have returned to their planet and have been killed each time. Their "essences" have been re-cloned and they have been re-sent to Earth to try and get it right. Time on Earth continues to move forward with each loop, thus everytime our pod squad returns, they return to a different time period. My story has added to this idea - basically I believe that two mistakes in the current, contemporary loop of the TV show have affected the destiny of the four: These two events are 1)Nasedo being captured after the Crash and consequentially losing Max, Isabel and Michael 2) Max's healing of Liz. I love the idea of reincarnation and soulmates, thus I have decided to create the story of Max and Liz through the centuries as they just miss changing Max' s destiny each time. I already know that the story is going to end in our time, with the healing of Liz at the Crashdown....where it is going to go to get there, I do not, hopefully this will work! This first part of the story is set in Medieval England and is based on the Robin Hood legend.
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: This story is dedicated to my pals on the Detentioned Boswellians RPG. They are, in no particular order: pbwin, ddawn, Sunnie D, hookt, Maria, sjton, Ivy_English, Angel_Parker, cheetah, Phaedra and Shortiegirl. If I forgot someone, please just kill me. LOL
They had left the King's Highway and were now winding their way through a deer run in Sherwood, Tess and Isabel following close behind Alexander and his sister.

Isabel was holding the reins. Tess was still behind her, having fallen asleep against Isabel's back. Bella was glad. Her sister had complained from the moment they had left Nottingham.

"I do not understand why they are coming with us, Bella." Tess had whispered to her an hour or so earlier. The whisper had been loud enough to carry to Mary of Whitfield however, as Isabel was now sure Tess had intended. "We know exactly where Max and Michael went. We do not need them and I do not like feeling at all indepted to that Lady Elizabeth."

Isabel had not replied, finding for once that ignoring her sister was the easiest course of action. She had briefly met Alexander's eyes as he glanced back at them. Mary had been muttering under her breath to him Isabel was almost positive, but he simply smiled at Bella and turned back.

Few words had been spoken since. A tentative trust existed between Isabel and the two DeLucies, although Bella could not really figure out why. Perhaps I did not want to have to take control of the situation, she reflected now. Alexander of Whitfield seemed more than willing to take on my problems.

As she stared at the back of his head now, she wondered what it was about him that she had found so immediately trustworthy...perhaps it was the concern with which he had treated Elizabeth earlier, or perhaps it was the way he just laughed whenever Mary snapped at him or tried to get him to do something her way.

Isabel noticed right away that Alexander of Whitfield did not do anything he did not want to do.

Perhaps it was the way he had looked at her when they had first met - like she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

But then, many men did was something more...something that shone from his dark eyes....a wry humour and a joie de vivre that attracted her immediately.

The small group broke through to a clearing, which was graced by the large oak Isabel recalled from one of her many wild rides through the Forest during her attempts to escape her stifling existence at DeHarding Castle. She and Michael, Max and Tess had dubbed it "Sanctuary" long since, agreeing that in event of any serious situation, should they be parted, this was where they would meet.

Sanctuary was located deep in the dark heart of Sherwood, near enough to DeHarding Castle to be easily reached, but far enough that Lord Edmund was unaware of its existence. The clearing was wide and a stream meandered through the far corner, winding its way back into the green wood. As they rode in, a deer briefly raised its head, stared at them momentarily and then disapeared into the forest.

They could survive there - in hiding- for quite some time. Isabel had been positive that it was the place Michael and Max would head, knowing that the girls would think of it too.

Unfortunately, her brothers were nowhere to be found.

Tess awoke with a start when Isabel pulled her horse to a stop. She glanced around and Isabel could feel her sister begin to panic. "Where are they Bella?" Isabel could feel Alexander and Mary's eyes on her questioningly...

Suddenly Max melted out from behind the oak. His brown cloak had rendered him virtually invisible, something Bella realized he had intended. His bow was slung over his shoulder, ready for instant access.

He was staring at Alexander and Mary, wariness apparent in his dark eyes. "Bella?" He asked quietly.

"Lady Elizabeth sent them to help us Maxwell." Isabel told him quickly. She saw Max relax visibly.

"Where is the Lady?" Max's eyes had brightened at the thought that she might also be with them.

"Elizabeth is in Nottingham." Alexander told him, dismounting and bowing cordially. "I am Alexander of Whitfield and this is my sister Mary." Isabel noticed that Mary did not wait for aid in dismounting, but swung smoothly from the saddle, gazing around the clearing assessingly.

"Yes, I think this will do nicely." Mary commented. Max, Isabel and Tess turned to look at her in confusion. Mary noticed and grinned. "For our camp of course..."

"OUR camp?" Tess demanded. "You are not planning on staying here with us?" She asked, her tone suddenly horrified. Isabel could feel herself wanting to smirk despite herself. She noticed Alexander attempting to mask a smile as well.

"I believe I am in the mood for a little fresh air." Mary replied breezily. "We promised Lizzie that we would help you until all this silliness with the Sheriff is sorted out." She raised an eyebrow, an action that Isabel had noticed she and her brother shared. "Are you out of trouble yet?" She asked Isabel kindly.

"Well, no..." Isabel replied, feeling an uncharacteristic urge to giggle. She was finding that she enjoyed this girl's company more and more. Mary had already turned a dire situation into something almost amusing several times that day. She was definitely one capable of making real worries seem insignificant if they worked together.

Max stepped forward, his expression concerned. "I do not think that you understand milady. The accusations are not exactly unfounded..."

Mary's eyes widened momentarily. "I see."

"Did your brother kill those men?" Alexander asked suddenly. Isabel felt a stab of disapointment. They were going to leave them when they heard the truth. She just knew it...She squashed her feeling of sadness ruthlessly. You knew that you could not depend on anyone but each other, she told herself.

"He had no choice." Isabel inserted, using her most snooty tone. It was a vain attempt to mask her true feelings, of fear and disapointment. "They were outlaws. He was protecting me." She stared at Alexander defiantly, waiting for him to turn away, to drag his sister after him, to leave them all alone - always alone.

"I can understand the urge to protect you." Alexander told her mildly. He did not move, just stood his ground, his gaze steady. Isabel blinked, confused.

"Well, we are all outlaws now." Mary decreed. "Alexander and I have aided and abetted wanted men...and women." She smiled at Isabel. She waggled her finger at Max, who she had apparently deduced was the real leader of the group. "You will not rid yourselves of us now. If you do, we'll just have to set up camp next-door anyway." She snorted. "Betimes, I have no desire to return to that Castle. I just know the Queen was setting me up for betrothal next." She wrinkled her nose. "And after the horrible taste she showed in choosing Sir Kyle for Lizzie, I'm afraid that I am going to have to insist that I be allowed to decide my own fate....Maybe a few weeks away from me will make the old bat miss me enough to allow it." The affectionate tone of Mary's voice told Isabel that she really did love the Queen.

As those words tumbled out of Mary's mouth, Michael suddenly appeared from the Forest, a brace of rabbits clutched in one hand. He stopped abruptly at the sight of Alexander and Mary.

"You!" He sputtered, staring at Mary, annoyance pronounced on his face.

Mary smiled at him. "Hello to you too..." She eyed the rabbits arrogantly. "Hmmmm. Only three..."

Isabel watched Michael's lips compress with irritation. She allowed herself a small smile. *Interesting. * She thought.

Max finally spoke again. "Are you sure?"

"Max! We do not need them!" Tess stated, her nose in the air. "We cannot trust them."

Max ignored her, watching Mary and Alexander closely.

When Mary nodded enthusiastically, Alexander more calmly, his gaze locked on Bella' s face, Max capitulated. "Very well. I do not like the idea of others becoming involved in our problems, but we can certainly use the help...particularily from an archer as capable as you - Martin of York." He smiled wryly at Mary, who sniffed.

Michael rolled his eyes and stomped off to the stream to clean the rabbits. She was not surprised when Mary trailed after him, telling him exactly how he should go about doing so. Tess flopped down in a pile of moss under the oak in a huff, clearly settling in for a good sulk.

Isabel was surprised to see that Max was preparing one of the horses.

"What are you doing Max?" She asked worriedly.

Max did not reply, just stared at Alex for a moment. Alexander nodded and Max turned the horse, pushing it into the dense foliage, pulling the hood of his cloak over his dark head as he went.

"Where is he going?" Isabel asked Alexander, annoyance at her brother's high-handedness apparent in her voice despite her efforts to hide it. She blinked when Alexander took her hand, gently squeezing it and releasing it. She felt her cheeks redden.

"He is going to see Elizabeth." Alexander told her with certainty.

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