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"Descendents - The Liz/Max Connection"
Part 11
by Sue and Syndee
Disclaimer: The Characters belong to The WB.
Summary: Max's alien father Gray meets Liz's ancestor Aisling while he ison earth to observe how earthlings resolve their differences. They form abond that will transcend time, space and species.
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Rating: PG-13
It is love at first sight for the young professor of archaeology when he first lays eyes on 18-year-old student Claudia Mason. Seven years later he marries the outspoken sometimes-brash beauty, 11 years his junior.

It was because of Claudia's sometimes-reckless nature and love of family that Jeffery Parker has lived with a secret for over thirty-five years. The news that he has become a grandfather to a 7 pound 4 ounce granddaughter confirms his fears that his Great Aunt Elizabeth's visions were true and that his granddaughter is the ONE.

Up until the birth of their granddaughter there was no need to tell Claudia of the Nih-Hi-Cho. He was the first non-Native American to become a member of the elite group dedicated to the preservation of the human race against an alien species prophesized to live among humans awaiting the opportunity to annihilate the species and take over the earth.

His friendship with Great Moon and their quest to find out about Gray Ghost and how Jeff's family has had visions of a leader of an alien race for over 900 years leads them to this secret society, Nih-Hi-Cho which literally translates to Our Friends but can also mean Allies.

"My wife and son know the story of Gray Ghost but they think it's a old English Myth." Jeff tells his friend Great moon. "With the birth of Liz, I feel that I should tell them the part she will play in this intergalactic quest for dominance."

"In the words of my ancestor, (the Shaman whose vision has played itself out over the past 900 years) The "Prophecy" is set in motion and cannot be altered." Great Moon pats his friend's shoulder before giving it a comforting squeeze.

"I know that any interference in the set future could change its outcome but she's my grandchild." Jeff's eyes are moist with tears as his gaze catches his friend. "Will the Nih-Hi-Cho be enough to protect Liz and the alien leader?"

The Beginning

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