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"Descendents - The Liz/Max Connection"
Part 10
by Sue and Syndee
Disclaimer: The Characters belong to The WB.
Summary: Max's alien father Gray meets Liz's ancestor Aisling while he ison earth to observe how earthlings resolve their differences. They form abond that will transcend time, space and species.
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Rating: PG-13
In September 1941, New Mexico's 200th Coast Artillery arrived in the Philippines. Among the 1800 men deployed is 22-year-old Jeffrey Parker, a recent graduate of Archaeology from the University of New Mexico and current marine Lieutenant and Dan Great Moon, a Navajo Code Talker.

Dan has been separated from his communications unit on Bataan and is now a member of a ten-man beach defense squad of Corregidor, which sits in the middle of the channel entrance to Manila Bay.

Corregidor has been under air attack for several months and each night the native New Mexicans would take turns sleeping and tonight is no exception except that right before dawn with the morning star bright in the sky, they share a story that will change their lives forever.

"Seeing the Morning Star low in the sky reminds me of a story passed down by my family for centuries." Jeff laughs. "Well, it's more of a family secret."

"Your secret's safe with me Lieutenant." Dan Great Moon nudges his foxhole buddy.

"Well, I guess it must have been around 1066 or 1067 because William of Normandy had taken the coming of Halley's Comet as a favorable omen telling him there was a 'Kingdom awaiting a King." Harold, on the other hand regarded it, quite rightly, as an ill omen for the defense of his realm."

"Both were great warriors if I recall," Great Moon quietly responds.

Lt Parker nods his head in silent acknowledgement before continuing his story. "My female ancestor Aisling Bronwyn de Falconer befriends a being not of this world who transports her to a land far, far away where men have painted faces, wore feathers and danced to flute music."

"Where was this far away land?" Great Moon is intently curious.

"No one knows for sure, but if I didn't know any better I would venture to guess the Americas but Europeans did not know the Americas existed in 1067.

Dan Great Moon closes his eyes and leans his head back against the cold dirt of the foxhole as the Lieutenant continues his story.

"Aisling was what you would call a seer. She had visions and dreams where she saw the past as well as the future." The young officer awaits a comment from his comrade but is pleased when there is none and continues his story.

"This being apparently had some kind of healing power because he later heals Geoffrey Parker whom Aisling marries and thus the Parker name lives on.

"She has visions of this being long after he returns to his home where he participates in a long running war were his son dies and is sent to earth as a human being. Years later Aisling encounters a being, in human form, who happens to be the enemy of her friend whose reflections emits pure evil and would surely do her harm if not for her granddaughter who kills the evil enemy mysteriously." The lieutenant's voice trails off on a sigh.

"There has only been one female per century born to the Parker clan and they have all been seers including my father's aunt Elizabeth who persuaded my father to move to America from England because of one of her visions." He snickers at how silly this must all sound but he's always enjoyed hearing the story of Aisling and felt the need to share it with his friend.

"My people have a similar story of a being not of this earth whose son dies in battle and is sent to earth in human form where he finds his predestined mate. The soul mates create a dynasty that will save earth from destruction by the same enemy that had killed the young leader "There's even rock art near the reservation where I grew up depicting this 'Gray Ghost.'"

Jeff Parker grabs his friend by the shoulders and with eyes wide asks. "What did you say?"

Dan Great Moon stares at his friend with concern as he repeats the name of the being not of this earth. "They called him Gray Ghost."

Jeff Parker releases the grip on his friend's shoulders and he runs trembling fingers through his hair. "Aisling's friend was also called "Gray Ghost."

After the war and their subsequent return to New Mexico the foxhole buddies find out all they can about "Gray Ghost."

What was this being from another world connection to a tribe in the Four Corners area of North America and his ancestral family 5000 miles away in England more than 800 years ago?

Jeff's Great Aunt Elizabeth, now in her late 70s, had moved in with his parents after the death of her husband of thirty years. Her mind is still sharp and she remembers every detail of every vision she had ever had and every story about Gray that the other Parker women have passed down throughout the centuries.

"My last vision of Gray was in 1939," Elizabeth sighs and adjusts her shawl. "He was attempting to burn a pictorial painted on an animal hide given to him by the natives of the Four Corners prophesizing how his now human son and daughter will defeat their enemy here on earth."

She sighs as she reflects of the horror of that vision. "He was only able to burn the map section telling of where they were hidden before he was violently struck down by his enemy. His children are somewhere on earth awaiting their destiny."

"What does this have to do with our family?" Jeff asks intently.

"I'm not really sure. The vision that prompted me to persuade your father to move to America was of a little girl with long dark hair placing her hand to one of the many hands depicted as rock art in the area." Elizabeth gently pats Jeff hand as she looks into his eyes and gets a flash.

"I knew it would not be a daughter born to me because the seers of our family are born every other generation. Jeff, it will be your granddaughter that will form a dynasty with this being from another world." Elizabeth watches as the magnitude of this statement hits him.

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