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"Czech Your Dimensions"
Part 5
by John
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(The next morning, Devin gets ready to drive out to the cave. He notices Michael doesn't have much hair gel left and makes a mental note to buy some. He suddenly realizes he's been spending more time pretending to be Michael lately than being himself. Oh well, only a few more days he computes to himself. Just as he is leaving the house, his friend Anna walks up…)

Anna: Hey Guerin…you still haven't seen Devin Whitman have you?

Devin/Michael: Uh…actually, he's inside. If you'll wait a minute I can get him for you.

(Devin runs back inside and quickly washes his hair and mats it down. He changes his pants and shirt and opens the door.)

Devin: Hi Anna! Michael said you were looking for me.

Anna: Only everywhere. I went by your cousin's house. His dad said you were staying with Guerin for awhile.

(Thank goodness Alex told his dad what to say and not say.)

Devin: Yeh…we thought we'd see if maybe we could figure out why we look so much alike.

Anna: Any clues yet?

Devin: No, not really! So, what's up?

Anna: You left my party so quickly the other night. I was afraid you were mad at me.

Devin: No, I was mad at myself. I didn't intend to come between you and Cody.

Anna: I told you. I really don't like Cody any more. He doesn't treat me nice like you do.

Devin: But…

Anna: No buts! I like you Devin Whitman. Can you…I mean…do you like me at all?

Devin: Uh…actually… yes I do, Anna. You're really cute and very nice to be around.

Anna: Oh Devin, you just made my day. I was so afraid you wouldn't talk to me any more after the other night. And when I couldn't find you, I was sure you were avoiding me.

Devin: No, I wasn't avoiding you! ("Woe unto liars", Devin.) I've just been really busy.

Anna: So, do you and the band have another engagement soon? I love hearing you sing.

Devin: Not that I know of. Alex is out of town and I won't get any info about the band until he gets back.

Anna: Is that why you're staying with Guerin? How come you didn't go with Alex?

Devin: That's a long story. He had some personal business to take care of.

Anna: Well, you don't need him to help you fit into the Roswell scene any more anyway. You have me now. Besides, you probably don't see him much. Doesn't he go out with Isabel Evans a lot?

Devin: Yes he does, but that's OK! He has his own life. I'd like to stay and chat, Anna, but I need to run an errand right now. I'm also gonna be tied up doing stuff for Michael the next few days. I would like to see you again though…maybe by next week I'll be more free to do things.

Anna: Next week? That's along time to wait to see you again, Devin.

Devin: (pause) Well then…maybe…how about the late show at the Century tomorrow night. We could go after 10:00. I'm not sure what's showing…

Anna: (smiles) That would be nice…and way romantic…the late show at the Century. And who cares what's showing. That's not what late shows are for.

(Anna winks at Devin.)

Devin: Where the party was, that was your house?

Anna: Yes…and did Michael give you my phone number?

Devin: Yes, I've got it. Can I give you a lift somewhere?

Anna: No! I'm going to my girlfriend's now and it's just a short walk. Love you Devin. I can't wait until tomorrow night.

(Anna gives Devin a kiss on the cheek and says goodbye. Devin goes back in the house and watches Anna walk away. "Why did I do that", he computes to himself. "I was going to break it off with her. But I just couldn't. She looked so cute…and she seemed so happy to see me. She even said she loved me. I didn't know I could have that effect on anyone. Oh well, Alex said to go for it. I hope that was good advice." Devin goes back to the bathroom and uses the last bit of gel to spike his hair again. He then changes back into Michael's clothes, drives over to the Evans home, finds the Jeep, and makes the car swap. Following the directions Michael gave him; he soon arrives at the sweat lodge. "I wonder why Michael won't go in there", he wonders to himself. He gets out of the Jeep and begins to look around when…)

Riverdog: Good! You came.

Devin/Michael: Riverdog! You want to show me something?

Riverdog: You must see what has been happening at the cave. And you must see our young child that was injured.

Devin/Michael: Injured?

Riverdog: I will explain. But first, you must come to the cave with me.

Devin: Lead the way.

(Devin and Riverdog arrive at the cave.)

Riverdog: Look, Michael.

(Devin/Michael looks as Riverdog points to a kind of rough tablet with characters on it; characters Devin doesn't immediately recognize. He stares at it for a few seconds.)

Riverdog: Have you ever seen writing like that before?

Devin/Michael: I'm…I'm not sure. Where did this come from?

Riverdog: Come here. Look!

(Devin sees evidence of some burn marks on the floor and ceiling of the cave.)

Riverdog: Three times, a pillar of greenish blue light has appeared from the floor to the ceiling right here; in front of the wall where you once placed the balance stones. Each time, an object or tablet has been left. After the second time, I placed a rock with some engraving on it in that location. The last time the column appeared my rock vanished and this appeared in its place.

(Riverdog shows Devin/Michael what appears to be some kind of hinged case, made out of a material he's never seen before.)

Devin: Have you opened it?

Riverdog: I can't. It is a very hard material…much stronger than it looks. I can't budge it, even though it looks like it should open at that seam. Think, Michael! Do any of these things seem at all familiar to you?

(Devin does remember seeing a hand-drawn sketch lying on Michael's desk at his apartment with characters similar to the ones on the tablet.)

Devin/Michael: It's possible I've seen characters like those on the tablet before. I need time to remember where or when.

Riverdog: I was hoping something would stir a memory within you. Come! You have seen everything here now. Let us go back to our living area.

(The two walk out of the cave and up near the sweat lodge. Devin remembers what Michael told him. He stops outside the building.

Riverdog: It's OK Michael. You need not be concerned. There is no ceremony going on right now.

(Devin, not knowing why Michael doesn't like the sweat lodge, decides to play it safe.)

Devin/Michael: I'd still rather not go in there.

Riverdog: I understand. It's OK. Let me bring you the child I told you about. We call her Diamond.

(Riverdog brings out a child who looks to be about six or seven years old. Her right hand is severely discolored.)

Riverdog: The pillar of light in the cave caused harm to this child. She was playing in the cave when it appeared. She curiously put her hand into it. The hand is now dying. It is getting blacker each day. Our medicine has done nothing for her. Can you help her, Michael?

(Devin is now in a panic. He knows that the real Michael might be able to heal this child's hand. He also knows the he cannot. He decides he better not even so much as acknowledge that he knows such a healing would be possible, as this would be tantamount to confirming Michael's alien heritage. He thinks to himself, "Someone, someday, might try to use me to confirm suspicions about Michael by talking about healing. If I say anything, it might trigger…no, I can't…I can't say anything!" Devin doesn't even want to think about it. [See "Honey, I Can't Remember", part 18 if you're lost here])

Devin/Michael: I…I…I don't know what to say. I'm sorry about her hand. I better go. I'll come back with my friend.

(Devin turns and runs toward the Jeep leaving Riverdog standing there, staring in disbelief. Riverdog senses something is wrong, knowing that he and Michael have been much more open with each other in the past. Riverdog just assumed, after the way that he had once helped Michael, that he could count on Michael to help Diamond. Riverdog is quite saddened at Michael's uncharacteristic behavior. He wonders what could be wrong. As Devin runs towards the Jeep, Riverdog notices Michael/ Devin's hair is flying every which way in the wind, something he's never seen it do before…)

Riverdog: (Yells as Devin drives away.) Tell Michael to come himself next time and to bring the real Maxwell Evans with him!

(Hmmm…Devin kind of managed to make a mess of that didn't he? At least he now knows what's been happening that has Riverdog upset. Meanwhile, down in Southern California's vacation Mecca, our normally land locked New Mexico friends decided to see how true to life "Baywatch" portrays things as they head for the beach.)

Max: Hey! Has anyone ever been surfing before?

Liz: Not for real.

Maria: No!

Michael: No…never had the chance.

Isabel: Max and I have tried it. We kinda learned when mom and dad took us to Hawaii.

Max: Yeh. I got so I could surf a little. But Isabel! Wow! She's really good at it. Wait until you see her.

Alex: I just want to see her in a swimsuit.

(Isabel hits his arm. He feigns being really hurt.)

Maria: How about you, Alex?

Alex: (slight smile) Yeh…I've done it. Let's find a place to rent some boards and then get changed.

Diane: Isn't anyone going to ask me if I board?

Max: You surfboard mom? I don't remember you doing it in Hawaii.

Diane: I don't know if I did it there. You were younger and I was more interested in watching you at the time.

Max: But can you…?

Isabel: This I've got to see. And what about dad?

Diane: You might be surprised!

Maria: Well, it looks like they'll be people to teach us, Michael.

Michael: I'm not sure I want to learn.

Isabel: Chicken?

Michael: I…uh…

Alex: No! Michael's more like a hardboiled egg.

(They all laugh, except Michael who groans. Isabel and Alex get out on the surf and are having a blast. It turns out Alex is pretty good at the sport too. Phil and Diane amaze everyone. They can do this. Isabel can't help but yell, "yea dad" a few times. Max tries his hand at teaching Liz, but she's kinda drowning more than surfing. Isabel has got Maria going, but Michael seems like a lost cause.)

Michael: I think I'm not balanced right for this.

Alex: Nonsense! If I can do it, anyone can. You're leaning back too far. Watch me one time. I'll show you.

(Alex swims out and catches a nice one. Isabel is now sitting on the beach watching and gets a gleam in her eye. She lifts her hand slightly, and the wave Alex is on grows huge…like about three times what it was. Alex's smile changes to a look of terror as he comes crashing down off the surf. He comes up looking like a drowned rat, a look of disbelief on his face. At the sight of Isabel laughing, he realizes what happened. He runs up on the beach and jumps on top of her, dripping water all over the place.)

Alex: And just what's so funny?

Isabel: You! I thought you could surf.

Alex: I can! You just wait Isabel Evans. That wasn't nice and I'm not forgetting it.

Isabel: (Feigns innocence) Why Alex, whatever are you talking about?

(By now, everyone has gathered around.)

Michael: Can I see that again, Alex? I didn't quite get how to fall off properly.

(They all laugh. Even Alex has to chuckle.)

Isabel: Let me teach Michael, Alex. He needs someone who knows what they're doing.

Alex: Be my guest.

Liz: Can you teach me too? As much as I hate to admit it, Max hasn't been able to help me much…with this sport I mean.

Max: Glad you added that last…

Isabel: Sure…come on.

(As the day went on, Isabel taught both Michael and Liz. She didn't tell them, but she used her talents to steady things a bit and help them stay level. By the end of the beach excursion everyone, even Michael, was able to "catch a wave" several times. Max and Liz actually got up at the same time and Liz was pleased when Max crashed before she did. Liz didn't suspect Isabel was helping her and Isabel wasn't about to admit to anything. Alex had his suspicions. He thought it was just a little too amazing how quickly she was able to teach all of them. He was going to call her on it, but in the interest of be able to snuggle with her later on, he decided it was best to let the matter drop. All in all, it was a great day at the beach. The group returned to their hotel for dinner and to make plans for Six Flags/Magic Mountain the next day. They were also hoping for a call from Devin to see if what Riverdog needed Michael for was anything to worry about. It seems like with this group there's always some concern that keeps the fun level below 100%. No one was complaining, though. They're together! That's all that matters. Speaking of below 100%, I'm sure that a number well below 100% of our fantastic "We Six" audience will be watching the next B.S. Network show; but please don't tell the management I said that. The network went to almost no expense to acquire the rights to a biographical series about people who were born on Alcatraz Island. A part of that series is scheduled next…"Third Son From The Rock".)

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