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"Crash and Burn "
Part 4
by Frances
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Rating: PG
Next day at school- Biology class, Max sitting at his and Liz's lab station, Liz walks in...

Max: Hey. You're running late today.

Liz: Yeah. I didn't sleep very well last night. Max, I need to talk to you.

Max: ( Looks worried ) About what?

Liz: Not here. Can I come over to your house later?

Max: Sure.

Liz : Okay, good.

A new student walks in...

Teacher: Can I help you?

New girl: Yes. Hi. I'm Ally. I'm a new student here. Is this Biology?

Teacher: Yes it is, welcome. Okay, let's find you a place to sit. Liz, would you mind giving your seat to Ally?

Liz: ( disappointed, but not showing it ) Of course not. ( She gets up and looks at Max, then moves to her new seat )

Ally sits down next to Max...

Max: Hi. I'm Max Evans. Nice to meet you.

Ally: Ally Shipp. Likewise. ( She smiles )

Lunchtime- Max , Michael, and Isabel at a table...

Michael: So, did you guys meet the new girl?

Max: Yeah. She's my new lab partner in Biology.

Isabel: What? How did that happen? I'm sure Liz isn't too happy.

Max: The teacher moved her. It's weird though. I'm so used to having Liz as my partner. And speaking of Liz, I think she might know about what hapened last night.

Michael: Why do you say that?

Max: Because she said she couldn't sleep last night and she needs to talk to me. She was probably awake when the ship flew over. If she asks me about it, I'm going to tell her the truth. I can't lie to her. You both know we can trust her.

Isabel: Michael, he's right. We can trust her and Maria.

Michael: Okay, we'll tell them only if they ask about it.

Max: Okay.

Liz and Maria talking...

Maria: So, Lizzie, how are you today? Did you talk to Max?

Liz: Not yet. Maria, have you met the new girl, Ally Shipp?

Maria: No, but I've seen her. Tall, long, brown, hair, looks like she could be a CoverGirl model, right?

Liz: Yeah.

Maria: All the guys seem to like her. Don't you just hate that?

Liz: I know. She's Max's new lab partner. I was moved to a new seat.

Maria: Liz, they're just lab partners. Max loves you. He's not the cheating type. Don't worry.

Liz: You're right, Maria. I have nothing to worry about it. ( Looks at Max ) ( To herself ) I hope.

Part 5 coming soon! :)

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