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"Bippity Boppity Boo"
Part 1
by Cordelia
Disclaimer: I don’t own Roswell, no matter how much I wish I did. The pictures are not mine. They are by a wonderful artist named Jonathan Earl Bowser.
Summary: Maria leaves Roswell after sophomore year. She comes back 6 months later after her 17th birthday. Strange things begin happening to her, and she discovers some strange things about herself and her parents.
Category: Other
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: In response to Xandriah’s challenge. ~ ~ mean character thoughts
Amy DeLuca sat in the kitchen talking on the phone.

“You have to tell her Amy.”

“I don’t know if I can. How do we even know if…”

“It has and you know it. Just look at her. She deserves to know.”

“She deserves a normal life. You’ve already filled her head with ideas, and god knows what, I don’t need you doing anything more.”

“I didn’t tell her if that’s what your insinuating. I just gave her, her birth right.”

“You gave her the book!? That’s just great! I bet you gave her the stones too!”

“Well someone had to.”

“You had no right.”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about. Of course I do. You have to tell her soon. She’s different and she needs to know before something horrible happens. I know you want to protect her Amy, but this isn’t the way to do it. But don’t worry she doesn’t suspect a thing. She just thinks I’m a kooky Aunt. And about the book and stones she just their pretty things from an old witch town.”

“Fine. But I don’t want you doing anything like that again.”

“I won’t. But remember what I told you.”

“Fine, I’ll think about it.” Then she pushed the off button, and let out a sigh. She had been so wrapped up in the conversation she hadn’t even noticed Maria had just come downstairs.

“Think about what?” Maria picked up a poppy seed muffin and took a sip of orange juice.

“Oh, it’s nothing. I was just talking to your Aunt Helen.”

“Okay, whatever.” Maria finished her breakfast, while her mother sat and just stared at her. “Mom. Take a picture, it lasts longer.”

“I’m sorry. It’s just you’ve changed so much. I mean you’ve been gone for six months. I don’t even know what’s happened to my Maria. I mean you weren’t even her for you seventeenth birthday and now…you’re just so grown up.” Maria looked at her mom and shook her head. Ever since she had gotten back she had been acting weird.

“Ugh. Mom…. Do we have to keep on going over this? I’m sorry you didn’t get to be there for my birthday, but people get older, they change, and well…I got older and changed.”

“Fine. I’ll drop it. I just don’t think that Harley of yours is safe. Oh and have you talked to any of your friends yet? I’m sure they’ll be excited now that your back.”

“I’ll be fine. And I’ll see me friends when I get to school. I’ll be home later tonight. Call me if you need anything.”

Maria grabbed her helmet and walked out the door. Outside she put her helmet on and got on her bike. The engine roared and she drove to school. When Maria pulled into the parking lot she hopped off her bike. She ignored the whistles and the staring and walked inside. Her mom had already registered for her before she had come back.

* * * * * *

The students of West Roswell stood in shock as Maria DeLuca got of her bike. She had definitely changed since last year. There had been rumors of where she had gone too, but no-one not even Alex and Liz knew. And the reason no one knew? She hadn’t told anyone. They stared in awe as she got off her bike. She was wearing black boots and tight black pants that showed of her long legs, a black leather jacket and a short white shirt that showed off the creamy luminescent skin of her thin stomach and the curves of her body. To the right of her belly button she had gotten a tattoo of a small pixie holding out her hands and a moon and star and sun symbol. Her hair that used to be cut in a boyish style now hung in dramatic blond waves around her face, and her hair that shone in the sun, seemed to be all different colors that changed depending on the light. Her pouty sensuous lips were pink and glistened in the light from her kiwi lip- gloss. Her emerald green eyes sparkled and were large and sincere, looking like they were full of tears ready to spill and entranced those who were lucky enough to glance in those deep eyes. Whatever had happened over the last six months had definitely changed her, and if it was possible, enhanced her beauty ten fold. When you thought about it, the only way you could describe her was, frighteningly beautiful.

* * * * * *

Maria looked at her watch. Just in time for lunch. She went to the office and quickly got her schedule and walked to the quad. All people could do was stare in awe, as if some angel has mysteriously stumbled unto their campus. The crowds parted to get out of her way. If you had asked Maria what she would have thought of this six months ago she would have blushed. Now she would say she hardly noticed, since it was such a regular occurrence. Kyle Valenti spotted her from across the quad and walked over.

“Hey DeLuca. You uhh…look nice.” Kyle said looking her up and down. Then ran a hand threw his hair. “Sorry. So uh where you been?”

“I’ve been around.” Maria jutted out her hip and placed her weight on her leg placing her hand on her side. She looked at Kyle. She figured she could bring “Stalker Boy” along for a ride. “Meet me at my Harley in 10 minutes and we can blow this place. Too much school is detrimental to my health.” Kyle nodded at her and then she turned around and began walking, and noticed Alex and Liz sitting at table talking.

* * * * * *

“I can’t believe that they put Pam Troy in charge of the dance next Saturday.” Liz said taking a bite out of her sandwich. Alex nodded and began taking a sip of his soda. He looked around the quad and noticed Kyle talking to a leggy blond who seemed to be attracting much attention from his peers. Then he looked closer and realized…Maria? Alex spit his soda out all over the table.

“Oh my god Alex.” Liz said trying to talk between peals of laughter. She patted him on the back. Finally Alex stopped coughing and then he took another sip of his soda. “Are you okay? Because that was almost as funny as watching you shoot milk out of your nose.”

“Hey that was in 5th grade. Give a guy a break. And you would do the same thing to if you saw what I saw.”

“And what exactly is that Mr. Whitman?” Liz said smirking. Alex grabbed her chin with his thumb and forefinger and turned her head to see Maria walking towards them.

“Oh my god.” Was all Liz could say as Maria came over and sat down.

“Miss me?”

“Well looks who’s here? Where have you been!?”

“New Salem.”

“Why didn’t you call? We were worried about you!” Maria just looked at them and shrugged her shoulders.

“Um, alright. So why’d you leave.”

“My Aunt Helen asked me to stay with her, so I did. I’ve always wanted to go and I learned a few things. I liked it so much I decided to stay. Then my mom asked if I would come back and give Roswell a chance for her, so here I am. In the flesh.”

“Well, wow. You have definitely changed.” Alex said gulping. He nervously scratched his head. The Maria who he used to think of as a friend and share a totally platonic relationship was gone…. and now…all he had to say was that you weren’t supposed to have these type of thoughts about one of your best friends.

“Yeah, I mean you look fantastic. But I don’t know how you can handle all that black. This is Roswell you know.” Liz said. She was so happy that Maria was back. They definitely had a lot to talk about.

“Yeah, well. That’s what they all say.”

“Maria DeLuca! Don’t tell me that, that is a tattoo!” Liz said leaning forward, to get a better look.

“Well actually it is? You like?”

“Usually I would say no, but you pull it off very nicely.” Liz said leaning back and smiling.

“So, um how’s the Roswell situation been without me?”

“Um, let's see…” Alex said scratching his chin dramatically. “The Trio, oh now a Quadruplet are still on there “Destiny” kick. And as you know Sheriff Valenti has agreed to assist them in their quest for knowledge. Ahhh, our beloveds with the exception of Tess and Max, since Max has plain out refused, have given their love destinies a chance. Uh, the second dance of the year is next Saturday, and so far Isabel is in the lead for Winter Queen. Agnes, the waitress of the year has finally been fired. Oh and yes I almost forgot if you haven’t already figured out Valenti Junior himself knows.” Alex said lifting his eyebrows. Maria didn’t seem fazed in the slightest.

“Ahhh, speaking of Kyle, I have a prior engagement I must attend to, I’ll see you guys at the Crashdown later.” Maria began to get up but Alex caught her arm.

“You're joking right? Kyle? You hate Kyle.”

“Well I’ve decided to broaden my horizons and give him another chance.”

“Umm, aren’t you forgetting something Maria? Like school?” Liz asked her. Arching an eyebrow. She was slightly amused by the fact that Maria who had called Kyle a dog was now actually going to be seen with him.

“Yeah. Well I got an image to maintain now remember? Wouldn’t want to ruin it by actually being at school now would I?” She paused, as Alex and Liz gave her looks. “Fine. I’ll be back for 6th.” Maria smirked and then turned around and walked away laughing.

* * * * * *

When Maria walked to her Harley, Kyle was already there leaning against it.

“So where to?” He said staring at her.

“Hmm…let’s see. I promised to be back by 6th period, sooo, I got it! You are taking me out for lunch.” She smiled, then handed him a helmet and got on the bike. “Hop on, or are you too macho?” Kyle just gave her a challenging look then grabbed the helmet and got on.

Fifteen minutes later Maria pulled up in front of the Baskin Robins and turned off the engine. She got off her bike and walked inside, Kyle followed her.

“So this is what you call lunch?”

“Yes.” Then Maria turned to the clerk and ordered a vanilla sundae with extra nuts and sprinkles and then they sat down at a table. Maria dipped her spoon into the ice cream and brought it up to her mouth. Maria let out a small moan as the cold ice cream slid down her throat. She didn’t know exactly when it had started, probably the time around her birthday everything just seemed more…enhanced. The sun was brighter, the music was louder, ice cream was sweeter, everything just seemed like she was experiencing it for the first time. Kyle watched her eat then finally couldn’t wait any longer.

“So why exactly are we here?” Kyle questioned.

“Ice cream.” Maria stated taking another bite of her vanilla sundae smothered in chocolate syrup.

“Ice cream?”

“Yep, and besides I figured you couldn’t be that bad.”

Kyle pretended to act wounded. “Please. Your not offended, so don’t pretend to be.” Kyle smirked as she said this.

~Wow~ Kyle thought, Maria was not the Maria he used to know. ~When did she get that bike…and that tattoo!~ Maria looked up at him.

“A little after my birthday.” Then she resumed eating her ice cream.

“What?!” Had he said it aloud or something?

“Huh?” Maria licked out the last remains of ice cream on her spoon before turning and throwing the cup into the trash. “Alright. Let’s go.”

When they pulled up in front of the Warehouse Kyle just eyed her. When Maria had gotten her CDs she went up to the cashier she paid.

~I bet she bought some girly CDs.~ Kyle smirked at the thought. He wouldn’t be surprised if she had Britney Spears in the bag. Maria arched an eyebrow and gave his a mocking look.

“Excuse me? I do not listen to Britney Spears. For you information I bought Papa Roach, Incubus, and the Coyote Ugly soundtrack.” Kyle just gave her a weird look…

“What…what are you talking about? I didn’t say anything.” Now Maria was the one looking at him weird.

“Oh, I could've sworn…. oh well. We’ve got to get back anyways.” Maria shrugged her shoulders.

* * * * * *

Maria turned up the volume on her headphones as her new Papa Roach CD blasted. She looked at her schedule and walked towards the classroom. The last of the students were walking towards their classes. She walked in and barley noticed how everyone seemed to go silent. She walked to the teacher and handed him her schedule not bothering to take off her headphones.

“Well we have a new student today. Maria DeLuca, I hope you all make her feel welcome. Please take a seat.” Maria nodded and took a seat near the back.

* * * * * *

Max began to have this tingly feeling in the back of his brain when he noticed someone walking into the room. He looked up and was shocked when he realized that it was Maria, but…something was different about her. He didn’t know what exactly but she wasn’t the same Maria she had been last year. You could tell that by just looking at her aura. Her aura which used to be a sparkling crystal blue was now blended with a peaceful green not to mention that it seem to flicker like flames, he’d never seen anything like it. And the teacher didn’t even seem phased by the fact that she didn’t even seem to be paying attention to him, he just went on teaching the lesson while the faint sound of music from her head phones wafted through the class. When the bell finally rang Max quickly packed up his books and ran after Maria who was already walking towards the parking lot.

“Maria!” He yelled then realized she wouldn’t be able to hear since she was wearing her headphones. But then the weird thing was that she turned around and took of her headphone letting then rest around her neck. She shifted her red and yellow messenger bag and looked at him questioningly. “Uh….umm..” Why had he run after her anyways? “Do you want to go to the Crashdown with me? You know…uhhh…to celebrate you coming back?…”

~What was he doing?~

“I have to drop by my house first if you want to go with me there first.”

“Sure.” She shook her head and smiled, looking at him like he was crazy.

“Alright follow me.”

When they got to Maria’s house they walked inside, and noticed her mother sitting on the couch.

“Hey mom. This is Max, I ‘m just here to get something and then I’m going to the Crashdown, I’ll be home later.” They walked up the stairs and into her room. Max looked around her room, it was decorated with paintings of the sunset and the beach and was painted a soft purple. He went over and sat down on her bed. This was weird, to say the least. He watched as Maria went over to her vanity and grabbed and clasped a necklace around her neck, it was a beautiful red stone in the shape of a star.

“It’s a star ruby. My aunt gave it to me.” Maria turned around to face him.

~Wow, how she read his mind or something?~

“Sooo….Maria….have you talked to Michael yet?” He noticed as her whole body went rigid as he said this.

“Umm…no. And I don’t really plan on it either.”

“Maria. You know he cares about you.”

“Yeah, well obviously not enough.” She said stiffly. Max’s eyes went wide when he noticed that her necklace began to pulse with a red light. Then suddenly the bottom of Maria’s curtains burst into flame. Maria screamed and jumped back as Max ran over and waved his hands over the flames and they disappeared. The evidence of a fire was obvious by the burnt curtains and burns and ash on the floor.

“Oh my god.” They both turned around to see Maria’s mother standing in the doorway just as Max finished. Luckily she hadn’t seen him use his powers, but she had noticed how the light in Maria’s necklace had dimmed and then disappeared. “She was right.” It took a moment for Maria to calm down.

“Who was right mom?”

“Maria, there are some things that you need to know. Very important things, and well I don’ t think that Max will be able to handle them. I think that it’s best if he just goes home and forgets that this ever happened.” Maria looked at her mom like she had two heads.

“What things?”

“Things about your father and me…. Some things that you don’t know.” Maria looked over at Max who walked over to her and put a reassuring hand on her shoulder, Maria let out a sigh.

“Mom, whatever it is you can tell me. Max and me, well….we don’t have very many secrets.” Maria couldn’t believe she was doing this. She barley even talked to Max, let alone told him her secrets. But she figured that he deserved an explanation, one that she obviously couldn’t give him. Not to mention that by the look on her face, her mother had some very big news, and well Maria didn’t know if she could handle it by herself. She looked at her mom who stared at Max then turned her attention back to her.

“Let’s go downstairs.” They both nodded and followed her mother downstairs. “Okay, well I think that you’re going to need to sit down. Maria, I’ve never talked about your father, and I’m sorry but there are, well just some things that I thought were left unsaid, but now I know that I can’t keep this from you….Soo…ummm Maria? Have I ever told you about your origins?”

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