Fanfic - Other Roswell Stories
"Battle of the Sexes"
Part 1
by FireStorm
Disclaimer: I own nothing of Roswell's and probably never will.
Summary: The and guys and the girls are at war, just because the guys did something that they weren't suppose to.
Category: Other Roswell Stories
Rating: PG-13
Author's Note: I originally wanted to base this as an alternate ending to Jesse's bachelor party in Significant Others. However, I didn't because then, Jesse would have to be put in with story and Isabel had already graduated from High School.
"Well, well, look who finally decided to join us this morning. Do you have a good reason for why you're late.again, Mr. Evans?"

"No Mr. Sturnberg, I just.slept in." Max explained, a little embarrassed and confused. What happened to me last night? He asked himself, unsure why he had past out on the kitchen floor. Why didn't Isabel wake me up?

"Well then, Mr. Evans, take your seat and report to detention hall after school." Mr. Sturnberg informed him. "One more unjustified late, and we'll just might have to call your parents."

Max shyly took his seat behind Liz, who was busy scribbling something in her notebook. She was so preoccupied, Max didn't even think that she knew that he was there.

"Liz.Liz." Max whispered, tapping her shoulder.

Reluctantly, she turns around, with a very hesitant look on her face. "What do you want?" she snaps.

Max was surprised at Liz, for being so angry. Again confused, he asks, "Do you know what happened last night? I don't remember a thing, I just woke up with a major headache on the kitchen floor."

Liz looks at him for a moment, and zones out a little, looking into his innocent, warm eyes before reality slaps her face and her annoyed expression appears again. "Well, if you don't know, I'm not going to tell you. Why should I tell you what you did?" She turns back around and ignores him for the rest of the period.

On their way to second period, Max sees Alex and Michael, sneaking through the side doors, and running behind the corner to their lockers. Max follows them and finds them angrily whispering to each other in the deserted hallway. "Were we that wasted last night?" Alex asked hastily, gathering his books from his locker.

Michael, who was taking books out of his bag, across the hall at his locker says, "Probably, if we couldn't remember a thing."

"Do any of you two know what we did last night?" Max asked, partly happy that he wasn't the only one in this messed up situation.

Alex and Michael freeze and looks at him as if they never expected anyone to be there, listening to their conversation. "No. Aren't you the science geek?" Michael asked, stating the obvious.

"Wait a minute. You don't remember what happened last night either?" Alex asks curious.

"No. And when I asked Liz if she knew, she went all weird on me and wouldn't tell me. I think she's angry at.whatever it is that we, or I did." Max explained.

"Really? That's surprising. Since she hardly ever gets mad at you, Maxwell. Guess we were really bad boys last night."" Michael says with a smirk on his face, obviously proud at breaking the rules.

"Well, I for one don't want to know what happened. It's just gonna mess with my head and nothing will go right." Alex says, to no one in particular, just as the late bell rings for class.

They all split up into their classrooms and planned to meet in the quad at lunch. As Alex walks into his calculus class, he sees Maria sitting at her desk in the back right hand corner, reading a Spiritual Healing book. Entirely crap but she likes reading all the stupid reasons for why things are. Alex walks right up to her, without hesitation and stands there, waiting for Maria to notice and greet him, like she usually did. Instead, she keeps reading, knowing full well that he was present.

Can't bare having him look over her shoulder any longer, she finally says, "What?" still with her eyes on the same exact sentence in which she'd been reading for the past 5 minutes.

Relieved that she responded, Alex asks, "Uh.what ever happened last night, the guys and I are sorry for. So, please don't bite our heads off, cause we apologize."

Maria looks up, a bit disgusted and says calmly, "You have no idea what you're apologizing for do you? Too bad, cause if you don't already know, I'm not going to tell you." Then returns to her book, giving Alex the cold shoulder.

Alex, a bit surprised and upset, turns around and takes his seat near the front of the class.

Isabel sits on top of her desk, socializing with some of her friends when Michael comes strutting in. Giving him the evil eye, she gets up and sits down, facing the front of the class while still surrounded by her followers.

Michael walks past and uses his powers to scramble the words in Isabel's notebook to form, 'What's up with everybody today?'

As he sits down, the words on his textbook read, 'You mean you don't know what you did?' which was clearly a message from Isabel.

'Nope. All I know is, it was something naughty.' Michael smiles at his comment, and laughs when Isabel turns her head, looking straight at him, still with the anger on her face.

'If you don't know, I'm not going to tell you, jerk.' Ouch. That hurt. Michael read these words on the front cover of his book over just to make sure he was reading it right. Okay. What did we do this time? He thought to himself.

The lunch bell rings and Alex and Max both meet Michael at their usual table in the quad. "Did you find out about anything?" Alex asked Michael as he sits down beside Max.

"Nope. Not a clue, except that it was probably major if none of the girls would tell us." Michael informs them just as they see Liz and Isabel walk out from the double glass doors. They walk past not even glancing at them and head straight to where Maria was saving them their seats.

"Well, whatever it is, we better find out soon, I can't stand the silent treatment that they're giving us. Too creepy, especially when you're used to how much Isabel rants on and on about makeup." Alex says.

"Or when Liz talks about the theories of the world and how they can be so irrelevant at times." Max says, gazing at the sky.

"Or when Maria talks about the newest Aromatherapy oil that." Michael stops, mid sentence before they all sigh at the same time.

"Do you know how much of this is taking out of our egotistical pride? I mean, they have something on us, which they can rub in our faces for the rest of our lives, while we're here, begging for their forgiveness." Alex comments. "We have to do something."

"Like? What? Dig up some dirt about them and use it as blackmail for them to not hate us for whatever it is that we did?" Max asks, already knowing what the answer would be.

"Exactly. My friends, this is the beginning of the battle of the sexes."

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