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"Alternative to the Truth"
Part 4
by Jamie
Disclaimer: Story's mine--Roswell isn't.
Summary: Conclusion to "The Hybrid Chronicles"
Category: Other
Rating: PG
Max Liz, Isabel, and Michael made their way to Sheriff Valenti's house the next day. The information he had would be important to the next phase of their plan.

"This just doesn't feel right," Isabel said, shaking her head. She looked over at Max. "We could potentially ruin Grant's life."

Max was silent for a moment, feeling slightly guilty.

"I mean, what if we can stop this. . .ganderium from spreading? Maybe Grant would go back to his old self," Isabel continued.

Michael sighed and rolled his eyes. "That still doesn't change the fact that he DID kidnap Laurie. Just focus on that."

"Worse case scenario--he'll be seen as insane and put in a mental institution," Max said.

They arrived at the sheriff's house and knocked on the door. Tess answered quickly and motioned for them to come in. As Liz passed her, Tess whispered, "We have to talk when this is all over."

Liz stopped in surprise and turned to Tess, confused. "Huh?"

"Later," she said as she looked over at Max.

While Liz was still wondering about Tess' odd behavior, she walked into the living room. Sheriff Valenti, Kyle, Maria, and Alex were already in the room.

"Good morning, everyone," Jim greeted as he stood up.

"Is it?" Michael countered.

Jim smiled and dropped a manila folder in front of him. "Yes, it is. Take a look at what I uncovered."

Michael quickly swept up the folder and perused the documents inside.

The sheriff began, "As we all hoped, we got a break. Agent Duff gave me this file folder when I went into the station this morning. She found out as much information as possible on Grant Sorenson last night. Apparently, after graduating from the University of Wyoming, he took some time off the 'travel the country' before coming to do his studies around Roswell and the surrounding areas. While looking through the information Grant gathered, we found a gap between studies. That's probably when he went back through Wyoming and Colorado--you know, to steal the gun and get the supplies to kidnap Laurie."

"So no one really knows what Grant was doing in that time period?" Michael asked, flipping through the papers.

"No. But it's safe to assume he was involved," Jim said triumphantly. "And the time between college and coming to Roswell gives us a great window of opportunity."

"Step two of our plan can begin now," Tess said, her attention on Max. "It's time for you to make up the fake documents showing that Grant had REALLY taken some time to check himself into a mental institution called Pinecrest."

The group smiled at each other, congratulating themselves on their luck.


Sheriff Valenti, Isabel, and Max made their way to the police station later that day. It was time to begin telling their story to Agent Duff.

"Now remember what you're supposed to say," Sheriff Valenti instructed as he pulled open the door. "This is the FBI. They aren't going to settle for a story with a bunch of holes in it."

Agent Duff was waiting for them at the front desk. "Good afternoon, Sheriff," she greeted curtly.

"Agent Duff," Jim nodded his head once and then threw the folder down on the table. "Max and Isabel Evans are here to make formal statements. I also uncovered some crucial information in regards to Grant Sorenson that you might want to check out."

Agent Duff seemed surprised at the sheriff's sudden show of cooperation.

Jim saw her expression and quickly added, "I really want my job back. It's time to lay everything on the table, even though it might get me into trouble."

Max and Isabel exchanged nervous glances.

"Fine," Agent Duff said after a moment. She picked up the folder and looked at Isabel. "Ms. Evans, please come with me."

Isabel followed Agent Duff into the interrogation room, feeling her pulse quicken in anticipation. They really needed to pull this off--for their sakes as well as Laurie's.

Agent Duff scanned the folder briefly. Isabel could tell by her shocked expression that she had read the faked documents stating that Grant had been a patient at Pinecrest. She closed the folder and set it down beside her on the desk.

"Now, Ms. Evans, please try to answer my questions this time," Agent Duff said authoritatively. She turned on a tape recorder and then asked, "Isabel Evans, why were you, Max Evans, and Sheriff Valenti out in Frasier Woods on the night of January 22?"

Isabel took a deep breath, calming breath before starting. "Well, I think that needs some leading up to. It all started a couple weeks before that when I began dating Grant Sorenson. He seemed really sweet, charming, and intelligent, but sometimes he acted strangely--almost like he wasn't himself. Sometimes, he'd ask me these hypothetical questions about whether I'd do anything bad to another person. I got kind of freaked out, so I went to Sheriff Valenti to ask his advice on the matter. He's been a good friend to me and my brother," Isabel said. "Anyway, the sheriff didn't have much to go on besides the conversations I told him Grant and I would have, so he didn't want to involve any of the other deputies. The sheriff began investigating Grant, you know, his whereabouts, his background, stuff like that. Anyway, one night, Grant got weird, talking about this girl he once knew and how I sort of reminded him of her. He started scaring me, so I got away from him and called my brother. Max went to Sheriff Valenti for help. We started tailing Grant and he ended up in Frasier Woods. That's when we found Laurie Dupree."

Agent Duff had been listening intently to Isabel's explanation. "Why would you keep that a secret, Ms. Evans?"

Isabel tried to look guilty. "I knew Sheriff Valenti wasn't following the proper protocol in helping me, especially since he had been, well, harassing Grant. If I had told anyone about what was going on, Sheriff Valenti would have been replaced by someone else."

"He was anyway," Agent Duff pointed out.

"And that's why there wasn't any point in keeping it to myself anymore."

Agent Duff furrowed her brows in suspicion. "Okay, I'll buy that. But why would Grant do this to Laurie Dupree, and why would he shoot at you three when you tried to save her?"

"I think that's something you should ask the sheriff, ma'am," Isabel said quietly, looking down at her clasped hands. "I just told the sheriff about Grant's strange behavior. HE'S the one that actually investigated the situation."

Agent Duff pulled the file folder into her lap again and opened it up. "I only have one more question, Isabel."

"What?" Isabel asked guardedly.

"You said Mr. Sorenson commented that you reminded him of another girl?"


"Mmm hmm. Okay, well, I think that's all for now."

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