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"Alternative to the Truth"
Part 3
by Jamie
Disclaimer: Story's mine--Roswell isn't.
Summary: Conclusion to "The Hybrid Chronicles"
Category: Other
Rating: PG
Michael and Maria arrived in Roswell shortly after one in the morning. They saw the lights of the Crashdown burning brightly despite the early morning hours.

"They must all be there. I wonder what's going on," Maria said as she pulled up to the curb.

As they got out of the car, they could see Max, Liz, the sheriff, and all the others huddled around one booth, talking all at once. Michael opened the door and Maria scooted past him, running over to Liz.

"Maria!" Liz exclaimed as her friend hugged her. "Wow, you must have booked it back here."

"Well, Laurie pretty much trashed my car, so I wasn't too concerned about wrecking."

"Michael!" Max and Isabel said at the same time, drawing the attention of everyone. Isabel reached out and grabbed the wad of cash in his hand. "WHAT is this?"

"Part of the fifty grand that Laurie's 'family' paid us to leave her alone," Maria answered.

"You're kidding!" Tess said with wide eyes.

"Well, that's sort of strange," Sheriff Valenti commented, taking the money from Isabel and turning it over in his hands.

"They're obviously trying to hide something," Michael said. "I told Laurie I wouldn't leave her there. But I've figured out a plan that might work to clear up this whole mess AND finally get Laurie safe."

Liz gave Maria a wide-eyed stare.

"It was a really therapeutic trip," Maria responded sarcastically.

"We've been trying to come up with a plan, too," Max interjected. "We might have to figure out how the granolith functions for this one."

The group proceeded to catch each other up on details and began hatching a scheme.


"Do you really think that this will work out?" Kyle asked Tess as they walked through the deserted streets of Roswell at 2:30 in the morning.

"It better work," Tess said determinedly.

"I just wish things would go back to normal," Kyle muttered almost to himself. Tess noticed that he rubbed the spot where he got shot as he talked. She stopped walking and turned to face him.

Kyle walked a few more steps before realizing that Tess wasn't beside him anymore. "What?" he said as he walked back to her.

Tess bit her lower lip and tentatively moved his hand, replacing it with her own.

Kyle caught her eye, a little startled and embarrassed by the show of affection.

"Kyle, I know that you have ill feelings towards Max, but you need to know something."

Her hand felt warm against his shirt. He shivered despite that warmth. He didn't know if it was because of the chill in the early morning air or because of the fact that Tess was so close to him.

Trying to focus on what she was saying, Kyle tried to ignore the feelings that were stirring inside of him. "What do I need to know?"

"Remember when Max and I were in New York?"

"Of course. Dad and I were afraid you weren't going to come back."

Tess smiled, happy that Kyle and the sheriff were concerned about her. "Liz saved Max when Lonnie tried to drop a scaffold on him."

Kyle's eyes widened. "A scaffold? Wait a minute--Liz couldn't have saved him. . .she was here, wasn't she?"

Tess' hand fell away from his chest. "Apparently Ava told Liz that she could communicate with Max telepathically because he had healed her. They share a special bond now. . .and you share that with them, too."

Kyle laughed despite Tess' serious tone. "Me and MAX? A special bond? I really don't think so. He hates me and, frankly, I'm not too fond of him, either."

Tess grabbed his hand and led him over to a park bench. "Don't you see? We all have a purpose here--well, except for Alex. I still don't know why he's involved."

They both laughed good-naturedly.

"Why did you decide to tell me this now?" Kyle asked.

Tess leaned back and glanced up at the stars. "You've been wondering if Max healing you could turn you into an alien, right?"

Kyle shrugged, embarrassed. "Well, not exactly turning me into an ALIEN--but I did wonder if I had any powers."

Tess looked over at him again, excited. "In a way, you sort of do now. You should embrace it. Not many people are given that gift."

Kyle squeezed her hand tighter as they turned their attention up to the stars again. There was a long silence as the two of them enjoyed the tranquility in the air and each other's company. Kyle ran his thumb along Tess' hand, causing her to close her eyes. It felt nice to be this way with Kyle. But she knew she shouldn't feel this way, especially since her destiny was to be with Max. She sighed inwardly, frustrated. Max didn't seem to be looking in her direction. He was still infatuated with Liz, despite the fact that she cheated on him with Kyle--

Tess turned and looked over at him, suddenly jealous and hurt. Kyle felt her gaze on him and he met her eyes.

"What's wrong? You look mad."

"No, I'm not mad, just curious about something," Tess corrected, wondering if she really wanted to hear the answer to the question in her mind.

"Curious? About what?" Kyle said.

Tess took a deep breath, gathering courage. "Um. . .I was just wondering if you and Liz really DID sleep together. You don't have to answer if you don't want to. . .but I'd really like to know."

Kyle looked surprised for a moment, then turned his gaze down to the ground. "Well. . ."

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