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"All I Want Is You"
Part 7
by Anne
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Later that night, a tired but happy foursome made their way toward the exit of the fairgrounds. Even Isaac had to admit that having Olivia and Joel with them this evening had been a really good. Besides, he'd already had several hours alone with Michelle before they'd shown up. Overall, he was very satisfied with the way the day had turned out. They'd ridden every ride on the premises. Even some he didn't think the girls would go for. Miraculously, no one was sick. Olivia had looked a little pale at the thought of the Fun House. That trek through the Haunted House must've put her off the idea. Isaac smiled to himself at the memory of finding the girls crouched behind those boxes trying to scare them . . .

Michelle: (leaning close and whispering) "What are you smiling about?"

Isaac (leaving his memory and facing her): "Oh, just the picture of you two trying to scare us . . . "

Michelle: "Trying? Trying! We did scare you."

Isaac: (holding his hands up in surrender) "O.k. o.k. if you say so."

Michelle (playfully fuming): "Of all the nerve!"

Isaac: (grinning) "C'mon. Don't be mad. I was just kidding."

Michelle (a little startled): "Wow. That was easy . . . "

Isaac: (confused) "What d'ya mean?"

Michelle: "You never used to back down that quickly."

Isaac: "Disappointed?"

Michelle: "No. Just surprised."

Isaac: (serious) "Things are different now. I have a vested interest in making sure that you are happy."

Michelle: "As opposed to teasing me until I turn purple."

Isaac: "Exactly."

Michelle: "I see. I think this could be a lot of fun . . . "

Isaac: (kissing her soundly and then whispering) "Be careful. It works both ways, you know."

Michelle: (a little dazed from the sudden kiss) "Oh yeah . . . darn!"

Olivia: (smiling at how well that whole bathroom plan seemed to have paid off) "Hey, break it up you two, this is a public place!"

Joel: "Yeah . . . that's what the jeep is for!"

Isaac and Michelle both looked up with shocked expressions causing Olivia and Joel to collapse against one another laughing at them. Isaac and Michelle both blushed and looked away, hoping they would stop laughing soon. Eventually, the four of them made their way out of the gate and into the parking area. They turned around and took one last look at the lights of the carnival that were always so beautiful at night. Olivia was already dreaming of the moment when she'd be back on that motorcycle with her arms around Joel . . . .

As if in slow motion, Joel and Olivia and Isaac and Michelle watched in first confusion and then in horror as the team approached them and ultimately surrounded them. It all happened so fast, that Joel didn't even know Olivia was hurt until he felt her slip to the ground beside him. As quickly as they had come, they disappeared into the night, their black clothing impossible to see once out of range of the lights from the fair.

Joel fell to his knees beside Olivia, and grabbed her hand. The front of her shirt was soaked in blood. It was impossible to see where the wound even was. There was so much blood . . .

Isaac could hear Michelle screaming, but it seemed so far away, as he too fell to his knees beside his sister . . . his twin. Without hesitation, Isaac ripped open Michelle's shirt looking for the source of all the blood that just kept pumping steadily out of her body. He didn't even spare a glance at Joel, or think about what he was about to reveal, as he placed his hands over her stomach and chest. The connection formed instantly between them, even though she was unconscious. Isaac knew immediately that she would die if they didn't get her home. He could only do so much, and her injuries were so severe and numerous that it was all he could do to maintain the connection with her. The pain was excruciating, but the thought of taking some of it away from her kept him at the task. Michelle recovered after the initial shock wore off, but it was too late. Someone had already called an ambulance and a crowd was already forming around them. Panic rose up as she realized what was happening. Gaining control of her emotions, she felt an unnatural calm descend on her as she came down beside Joel. They only had seconds for her to convince him of what had to be done. She grabbed his face in her hands and stared deeply into his shocked eyes. Without even speaking, the intensity of her gaze spoke volumes. He blinked only once before he made himself focus on her.

Michelle: "We have to get out of here NOW! You get the jeep and get back here for us."

Joel: "She needs an ambulance . . . "

Michelle: "NO. She doesn't. She will die if you don't go right now."

Joel's gaze shifted back to Isaac's hands on Olivia's body and then to her pale, motionless face, before he jumped up and ran for the jeep, grasping the keys in his hand that Michelle had thrust towards him along with her words.

Michelle sat beside her best friends and held on tight to the peace that had come over her, because if she lost sight of it for even a second, she knew she would be lost. She knew people were talking all around her, but she heard nothing, but the sound of the approaching siren coming closer with every heart beat. Isaac had managed to stop the blood flowing out of Olivia's body, but she'd lost so much so quickly . . . . Isaac . . . . his face was drawn taut in a mask of pain and fear . . .

The jeep pulled to a stop and Joel jumped out at a dead run scooping Olivia up off the ground before anyone knew his intention. Isaac kept his hands in place as Joel held her cradled against him. He couldn't let go. She'd lost so much blood and there were still injuries inside her body that he didn't have the energy left to repair. If he hadn't been there, she'd be dead . . . gone forever . . .

Carefully, Isaac backed into the back seat of the jeep almost falling and losing the precious contact with Olivia had it not been for Michelle, already behind him stopping his fall. As Joel lifted Olivia's body and laid her down across her brother's lap, Michelle helped hold her lifeless body in place. Joel didn't understand what was happening. His mind was at war with his soul. She needed an ambulance and he was carrying her away from the only help she could get. But, somehow, he knew this was right . . . . .

They flew down the same highway that had carried them away from Roswell, into a night that had been filled with such joy. Now that same highway sped them towards home and the only hope of saving Olivia's life . . .

Michelle rested her hand along Olivia's throat keeping a steady contact with her pulse. It was only reassuring from the perspective that she still had one. Beyond that, it was much too sporadic and sometimes so faint she wasn't sure it was still there. With the elapsing time bringing them closer and closer to home, Michelle wondered now if they would make it in time . . . .

Isaac focused all of his mental and physical energy on his twin, as he worked to maintain the connection that kept her alive. As he fought her worsening condition, flashes of their lives went through his mind like a slide show. If he lost her, he would die . . . .

Joel drove the jeep as if it were a jet. His mind was completely focused on getting them back to Roswell as fast as humanly possible. Humanly possible . . . . Who would attack a seventeen year old girl outside a county fair as if it were an assassination attempt? . . . Why? What was Isaac doing to her? Joel knew from the amount of blood that Olivia had lost that technically she should be dead right now. Why didn't they want an ambulance? The questions spun around in his head and he was grateful for them, because if he didn't have those questions to focus on, he'd lose his mind thinking about how close he was to losing her.

After what seemed an eternity, the jeep pulled up in front of the Evans' home. Michelle jumped out of the jeep and ran inside never stopping to knock or worrying that the door would be locked. It almost never was.

Joel jumped out and ran to help Isaac with Olivia. He carefully lifted her and held her body aloft as Isaac stood shakily to his feet. Joel hoped he didn't fall trying to get out of the jeep. In the next instant, Max Evans was beside him. Joel wondered for a moment if he would snatch his daughter out of his arms, but the thought died quickly at the look of focused determination on the older man's face. Max grabbed his son instead and helped him get down from the jeep making sure his hands stayed on his sister. Michelle was standing close to Liz by the front door as Joel and Isaac, followed closely by Max, made their way past. Liz's eyes met Max's and the communication that passed between them was filled with pain and the fear of loss. Joel laid Olivia down on the sofa, and Isaac sank to his knees beside Olivia for the second time that night. Liz and Michelle stood behind the sofa waiting . . . waiting to see if Olivia would survive . . .

Joel moved out of the way and knelt down by Olivia's head brushing the hair away from her face tenderly with shaking hands. He didn't understand any of this, but the desperation in Michelle's face had convinced him, while they were still back in that parking lot. If that hadn't been enough, the inexplicable healing he had witnessed by Isaac's hands had finished the job. He still didn't understand, but he knew that at least here, there was hope . . .

Max knelt down beside Isaac and gently placed his hands over his son's. Somewhere in the back of Isaac's mind, he knew that he needed to let go, but he couldn't make his body respond. In spite of the fear that was tearing away at Max's control, he was patient as he waited for Isaac to let go. After a few moments, the presence of his Father's hands on his own communicated itself to Isaac's nerves and he fell back as the connection was released. Michelle gasped and raced around the sofa pulling Isaac close to her and holding him with all the strength she possessed. She could feel the shaking in his body long before the silent tears that slid down his face unchecked. As she held him, she became acutely aware of the depth of pain he had endured and the sheer force of will that he had employed that night . . . .

No separation of time had existed in the connection with Olivia. As Isaac's hands had slid away from Olivia's body, Max's had slid into place protecting the connection that was keeping her alive. He immediately began repairing her damaged organs one by one, and repairing torn flesh and severed nerves. Replenishing her blood was another matter entirely. No one could do that except Isaac, and Max wasn't entirely certain his son could withstand a loss of blood at this point.

Liz watched as her husband labored to save their child's life, and felt a strange moment of hysteria sweep over her as she realized the battle wasn't over yet. She glanced quickly at Isaac and Michelle and knew that they would be fine. They had each other . . . Her eyes next fell on Joel. He was not fine. His face revealed clearly the depth of his fear, but his hands on her daughter's face revealed nothing but gentleness and adoration . . .

Olivia's eyes fluttered but did not open, as she fought to regain consciousness. It was so close, but she couldn't quite focus . . . . .

Joel: (whispering) "C'mon, Liv. Come back . . . please."

Olivia tried once more to open her eyes and this time, she managed enough to be able to see the face that belonged with the whisper. She couldn't lift her arms yet to touch that face, but she smiled weakly at him before closing her eyes once more and slipping off to sleep. Max picked his hands up off of her reluctantly, but knowing there was nothing more he could do. They had to wait for her body to replace the blood it had lost. Liz came around the back of the couch and pulled Max close to her much the same way Michelle had gone to Isaac. He held her, too, and closed his eyes as the fear and panic receded somewhat leaving behind the blinding pain that had been put off by the urgency of the moment.

Isaac and Michelle moved closer to Max and Liz, and Isaac waited for his Dad to look at him before speaking. Joel stayed right where he was, next to Olivia, refusing to move away even an inch. Finally, Max took a deep breath and opened his eyes searching for Liz's. They were there and focused on him, waiting for him . . . He held her face and kissed her as if to remind them both that they were alive and so was their daughter. He pulled back gently and faced his son. He didn't say a word, because it was unnecessary. Isaac understood immediately what his father wanted to know.

Isaac: (still pale and visibly shaken by the memory) "We went to the fair in Artesia. All four of us. We were walking out and when we got to the parking lot . . . (he swallowed and closed his eyes) . . . it happened so fast . . . (trailing off as the memory replayed in his head)

Liz: (quietly) "It's o.k., Isaac. Just tell us exactly what happened." Isaac (looking up again at his parents and knowing how much they loved him just from their expressions): "It's like they were waiting for us, and they specifically wanted to hurt . . . kill . . . Olivia. There were only eight or maybe ten of them. I don't even know what they did to her. I didn't even know she was hurt at first . . . "

Max: (fury and anxiety combining and roughening his voice) "So, no one spoke to you and you didn't hear anything, is that right?"

Isaac: (fighting hard against the feeling that he'd let his Dad down) "No."

Max: (understanding Isaac's distress) "Isaac. There was absolutely nothing you could have done. Don't ever think I'm disappointed in you. I'm not now and I won't ever be."

Isaac: (meeting his Dad's eyes again) "I know." . . . "Dad? Do you know what happened or why?"

Max: (rubbing his face and feeling weary beyond description) "Yes. I think I know. Before, we go into it, I need to contact Michael and Maria, and Isabel and Alex. Then, when everyone is here, we'll sit down and I'll explain." (pausing to glance at Joel) . . . "Maybe you should take Joel home now . . . "

Joel: (head snapping up at this since he'd been listening) "No."

Max gave him a steady look, but didn't push it. Turning back to Isaac, he once again sought answers without asking any verbal questions, and once again it was unnecessary. They just knew each other so very well.

Isaac: "He helped us without question, Dad. I think he deserves an explanation. Besides, he's seen enough already that there's no going back . . . "

Max: "How bad was it?"

Isaac (grimacing): "Very bad. An ambulance was almost there, when Joel pulled up with the jeep and got us outta there. There was a crowd, too . . . " (glancing quickly at Michelle, who had grown very quiet)

Michelle: (looking away) "That was my fault . . . I screamed."

Isaac: (pulling her close and kissing her forehead) "It was not your fault. Anyone would've screamed."

Max: "He's right, Michelle. Don't blame yourself. You three (glancing quickly back at Joel) saved Olivia's life. That's all that matters."

Liz: (closing her eyes and then opening them quickly) "Thank you," she breathed." (looking at each one in turn)

Max turned towards Joel, once more, and this time spoke directly to him.

Max: "I know you can't possibly understand what's happened tonight, but, thank you for what you did."

Joel: (shaking his head and then looking at Max) "I couldn't do anything else . . . "

Max understood all that words didn't say. Joel was confused, but he loved Olivia. There was no question about it. Anyone else would've fought every step of the way against Michelle and Isaac. Probably something her attackers had counted on. Probably the only reason she was alive now . . .

Liz got up then, and went over to Joel. Placing her hand on his shoulder, he looked up at her.

Liz: "You can't do anything else for Olivia right now. Why don't you let Isaac take you to get your motorcyle. I assume it's still back in Artesia?"

Joel: (looking confused that he could've forgotten about it) "Yeah, I guess it is, but no . . . I'm not leaving." (looking back down at Olivia once more)

Liz: "I understand how you feel, Joel. She'll be all right. It won't take you that long to go and get your bike, and you and Isaac can talk on the way. By the time you two get back, the others will be here, and maybe Olivia will be awake."

Joel hovered on the brink of a decision, torn by the desire to know what in the hell was going on, and the need to stay close to Olivia until she woke up, so he could be sure she was all right.

Joel: "I don't know . . ."

Isaac: "C'mon, Joel. Mom's right. Besides, if we leave your bike overnight, it might not be there tomorrow."

Joel: "I don't care. There are other bikes . . . "

Michelle: "Joel, I promise I'll stay right here beside Olivia. We won't let anything happen to her. Go."

Joel looked at Michelle and wondered what in the world it was about her that made him do whatever she said.

Joel: "O.k. I guess we won't be gone that long."

Liz: "Do you need us to call your parents and let them know where you are?"

Joel: "No. I'll do it, thanks . . . I appreciate it." (looking startled to find himself in the position of being included)

Isaac: "O.k. I'll meet you outside in five minutes."

Joel: (walking towards the phone keeping his eyes on Olivia the whole way) "Yeah, I'll be right out."


Michelle and Isaac made their way outside and stood by the jeep holding each other, reluctant to let go even for the short time they would be separated. The sky was cloudy and it was very dark outside. No moonlight. No starlight. It was as if the heavens knew what had happened to Olivia and they were refusing to shine because of it. It only needed to rain . . .

Isaac (rubbing his thumbs along Michelle's cheekbones and staring into her eyes intently): "I'll be back soon. Don't worry."

Michelle: "I can't help it, Isaac. After what happened tonight, I don't want you out of my sight."

Isaac (smiling): "That's why you're staying here. I want you with my parents where you'll be safe."

Michelle: "What about you?"

Isaac: "I'll be all right. I think they did what they meant to do. If they had wanted me, they would have just done it. For some reason, it was only Olivia that they were interested in . . . " (wondering what this was all about)

Michelle: (sucking in her breath) "I'm scared."

Isaac (pulling her close): "I know. Me, too. But, Dad will explain and then maybe we won't feel so afraid."

Michelle: (unconvinced) "What if it's only worse than we already think?"

Isaac: (shrugging) "I'll still have you, and that's all I care about. As long as we're together, we can handle whatever it is."

Michelle: (smiling) "You are a wonder . . . "

Isaac (blushing): "No, I'm not. I'm just . . . "

Michelle: "What?"

Isaac: (knowing he couldn't wait any longer after what happened tonight) "in love." . . . "I was going to say that I'm just in love with you."

Michelle: "Isaac. . . . . (knowing this was sooner than either of them had planned but . . . ) "I love you, too."

Isaac: "You don't have to say that, if you're not ready."

Michelle: "I know I don't have to say it. It's true. I love you, Isaac. I want you to know it, in case . . . " (frowning)

Isaac: "Don't worry. Everything will be all right. You'll see."

He kissed her then, but before they could deepen the kiss they heard Joel and Max approaching. Stepping apart slightly, they turned to face the others.

Max: "Be careful. If there's anything even remotely suspicious, leave the bike and come straight home. We'll get it another time. Call if you need us. (handing him the phone)

Isaac: (quietly) "You know we'll be safe, don't you?"

Max: (unwilling to lie to his son) "Yes. At least until they find out Olivia's still alive. That might not take long. They will be expecting to hear about her death very soon. When they don't, . . . . ."

Isaac: "I understand. We'll be back soon."

Max: (putting his hand on Isaac's shoulder) "We love you. Olivia will be all right."

Isaac: "Thanks, Dad. I love you, too. Tell Mom, I said 'goodbye.' "

Max stepped away as Isaac climbed into the jeep. Michelle stood beside Max and watched as they pulled out of the driveway, and thought about the ease with which Isaac and his Dad communicated. It was extraordinary . . . . he was extraordinary. Max and Michelle walked back inside silently to wait for their return . . . and Olivia's recovery . . . .


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