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"All I Want Is You"
Part 6
by Anne
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Isaac walked up to Michelle's front door and knocked just like he had done a million times in the past, but all of a sudden, today, he was nervous. For pity's sake. How could he be nervous? He'd been coming here all of his life. The front door was opened by Maria, his Mom's very best friend in the whole world. She greeted him as she usually did.

Maria: "Hey squirt! How ya doing?"

Isaac (shaking his head at the term of endearment): "I'm fine, Auntie M."

Maria (rolling her eyes and pulling him inside by his shirt front): "Come on in . . . Michelle's almost ready. Where are you two off to today?"

Isaac: (blushing) "Actually, I haven't told her yet."

Maria (eyes narrowing in suspicion): "You haven't told her? . . . What? . . . Like a surprise or something?"

Isaac: (wishing he could disappear) "Or something."

Maria: (not entirely satisfied but cut off by Michelle's arrival) "Oh . . . "

Michelle: (picking up immediately on Isaac's discomfort) "Hey. You ready?"

Isaac (deeply relieved): "Yeah. Let's go."

Michelle (kissing her Mom on the cheek): "See ya later, Mom."

Isaac: (grabbing Michelle's hand and making a beeline for the door before he realized the significance of the gesture) "See ya, M."

Maria: (stunned but secretly pleased at the show of affection between her daughter and Isaac) . . . (bemused) "Have a good time . . . "


Isaac handed Michelle up into the jeep and made his way quickly around to the driver's side in an effort to avoid any more speculation from Michelle's parents. All he needed at this point was to run into Michael. He and Michelle needed to decide what they wanted to tell their parents. He wanted them to make the decision together. He started the engine and backed out of the driveway.

Michelle: (watching him intently) "Isaac? Are you okay?"

Isaac: (wondering why she asked) "Sure. Why?"

Michelle: (smiling) "You seem in an awful hurry to get away . . . . "

Isaac: (scowling) "I'm not getting away . . . I'm just . . . "

Michelle: (teasing) "In a hurry?"

Isaac: (smiling now, too) "Yeah . . . I just don't want to answer a lot of questions about us right now."

Michelle: (frowning) "Because you're not sure how you feel . . . . "

Isaac: (startled at the leap her mind had made) "No, that's not . . . "

Michelle: (glancing out her window) "It's o.k. I understand, Isaac."

Isaac: (scowling again) "No. I don't think you do . . . but you will."

They drove in silence for a few minutes. Michelle thought about the chat she'd had with herself last night and first thing this morning. The one about not reading too much into the change in their relationship. The one about giving him room to change his mind. The one about being prepared in case he wanted to go back to being just friends. She had done her best to psyche herself up for the possibility, but try as she might, somewhere a long the way she'd fallen well short of the goal. After Isaac got them out onto the highway and headed out of town, he pulled over and shut off the engine.

Michelle: (looking at him) "Uh, Isaac, somehow this isn't what I thought you meant by a surprise . . . . "

Isaac (not believing the way she was acting . . . as if they were just friends again) "Michelle, we need to talk."

Michelle (trying hard to hide the fear she felt at what she thought he was going to say): "O.k."

Isaac (determined to make her understand): "There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind about how I feel. I have known what I want for a long time, and it's not going to change. Do you understand?"

Michelle: (taking a breath because she'd been unknowingly holding it) "Yes. I understand."

Isaac: (serious) "Good." . . . "If you want to tell your parents about us, then I think we should do that together. We can tell them tonight if you want."

Michelle (brightening): "I didn't think you wanted to . . . "

Isaac: "I wanted to talk to you about it first and make sure it's what you wanted before we told them anything, rather than being caught trying to answer questions and not being prepared."

Michelle (grinning): "You do like to be prepared."

Isaac: "Are you laughing at me?"

Michelle: (beginning to chuckle) "Wouldn't dream of it."

Isaac: (serious again) "Are you sure this is what you want?"

Michelle: (serious now, too) "I don't think I've ever been more sure about anything . . . " (wishing he would kiss her . . . )

Isaac hesitated only a moment longer before he leaned over and picked up her hand. For just a second he looked at how small her fingers were beside his. As he leaned in closer to her, he felt his breath catch right before his lips touched hers. Her scent was all around him and he wished right then that they were not on the side of the road. The fingers of Michelle's other hand were lightly tracing the side of his face. Kissing her was much more powerful than anything he had imagined. Who knows how long they would have sat right there, if a blaring car horn hadn't disrupted them. Michelle squeaked in startled surprise and Isaac grinned at the funny look on her face. Sitting back in his seat he started the engine once more and pulled back out onto the highway.

Michelle: "Where are we going, Isaac?"

Isaac: "Well, I guess I could tell you now . . . We're going to the County Fair in Artesia."

Michelle: (pleasantly surprised and then excited) "Really? You mean, like Ferris Wheels, and cotton candy, and that kinda stuff?"

Isaac (smug): "Yep."

Michelle: (eyes sparkling in anticipation) "Wow."

Isaac: "I thought you'd like the idea . . . ."

Michelle: (thinking about all the advantages there were to dating your best friend) "You were so right." (smiling at him)


Olivia checked the clock again for the third time in the past five minutes. It was 2:55p.m. How could time go by so slowly? She'd been ready for at least a half hour. Last night had been incredible. She and Joel enjoyed everything they did together . . . it didn't really matter what that was exactly. He had brought her home shortly after that intensely embarrassing scene in the desert. They had walked for a little while, but both of them felt restless after the kiss they had shared. Kiss? It sure had seemed like an awful lot more than just a kiss . . . .

The longer they stayed together, the harder it was to keep from repeating the experience and then some. Finally, they had decided to call it a night, and get some rest. The ride home had been peaceful and sweet. Olivia could still feel the leather of his jacket against her cheek where she had laid her head against his back. He hadn't told her where they were going today, but she was excited. It really didn't matter where they went as long as she could put her arms around him and press her face into his back as they flew down the road, peeking over his shoulder occasionally to see where they were going or to catch a glimpse of his face. The sound of the doorbell broke the spell and she rose quickly, grabbing her jacket and leaving her bedroom. Her Dad had answered the door, and for just a moment Olivia was afraid of his reaction to her going out again today. She hadn't seen him last night when she'd come in, and he was already gone this morning when she got up. She came to a halt beside him, and raised up on her tip toes to kiss him on the cheek, and whisper, "Hi, Dad," before turning her attention to Joel. He smiled at her and she felt her heart leap, and suddenly didn't know what to do. Max observed his baby's besotted expression with a mix of dread and resigned acceptance, before inviting Joel inside.

Joel: "Actually, I think we had better get going. Are you ready, Liv?"

Olivia: (wondering how a name she had heard all of her life could sound like THAT just because he said it) "Yep. (to Max) "Bye, Dad."

Max: (Liv?!?! when did he start calling her that?) "Don't be too late. (staring pointedly at the motorcycle and then at Joel) And, be careful."

Joel and Olivia walked off down the driveway holding hands, and Max forced himself to close the door and not run after them, dragging his daughter back in the house and barricading the door against that . . . that boy . . . that man . . . . damn. Liz walked up behind him quietly and wrapped her arms around his waist from behind him as he let his head fall against the front door. Liz didn't say anything, because there was no need. She knew exactly what Max was feeling and words wouldn't help, so she just held him for a few minutes, until he turned around to face her. He stared at his beautiful wife, and thought about how Olivia looked exactly like her. Maybe that was why it was so hard for him to let her go. He picked up a strand of Liz's hair and let it slide through his fingers before leaning down to kiss her sweetly.

Max: "Thank you."

Liz: (smiling) "I love you."

Max: (leaning closer again) "Both of the kids are gone?"

Liz: (understanding immediately the direction of his thoughts) "Yes."

He kissed her again, but this time it was deeper and filled with the promise of things to come . . . .


Michelle and Isaac were riding the Ferris Wheel, and laughing about all the fun they'd had this afternoon. It was getting late and cooler now. Michelle shivered and huddled into her jacket a little deeper, giving Isaac a good excuse to put his arm around her and pull her close to his side. They'd played games for the most part and were saving the rides for tonight, but Michelle couldn't wait another second to get on the Ferris Wheel. It was her favorite ride. She snuggled up beside him and relaxed as the added warmth seeped through to her skin, and thought that now she had a new reason to love the Ferris Wheel.

Isaac: "Are you hungry yet?"

Michelle: (looking up at him) "Maybe . . . a little."

Isaac: (smiling at her) "What do you want to eat . . . there's such a wide variety here. We can leave and come back if you want."

Michelle: "No way are we leaving. I can survive on what they have here for tonight. Is that o.k. with you?"

Isaac: (not really giving a darn) "Yeah . . . that's fine."

Michelle knew she should probably look away, but she just couldn't. She slipped her hand up onto his shoulder and twisted a little more toward him in her seat. Her eyes fell to his mouth and quickly back up again. He smiled at her again, and then kissed her. Without meaning to, Michelle sighed against his lips and Isaac traced her bottom lip with his tongue. Every time he kissed her he felt the strain on his self control increase. At least he was in a public place and unlikely to completely give in, but . . . . . . .

Michelle felt his lips against hers, and the fire that flew throughout her body from a simple kiss, and his thoughts in her head. Wait. She felt his thoughts? Suddenly, she pulled back from the kiss and stared at him in surprise.

Isaac: "What's wrong?"

Michelle: (not sure how to handle this) "What were you just thinking about?"

Isaac: (blushing a little) "Why?"

Michelle: (earnestly) Just tell me. It's important."

Isaac: (about to avoid an answer but stopping at the look in her eyes) "I was thinking that it's . . . (deep breath) . . . a really good thing we're in a public place right now." (meeting her eyes steadily)

Michelle: (leading) "Because . . . . . "

Isaac: (giving up hope of getting out of this) "Because I don't feel in control when I kiss you." (eyes falling back to her lips again)

Michelle (sucking in her breath): "I know . . . . "

Isaac: (smiling) "I'm glad to hear that."

Michelle: (shaking her head) "That's not what I meant. I mean, . . . I know. I heard what you were thinking . . . sort of, I didn't exactly hear it . . . I felt it . . . . "

Isaac: (closing his eyes against the emotions storming through his heart and then opening them again) "I've heard that's . . . possible . . . for us."

Michelle: (confused) "It is?" . . . "How do you know that, Isaac?"

Isaac: (quietly) "My parents . . . "

Michelle: (amazed) "Really?" . . . "I don't think my Mom and Dad . . . "

Isaac: (inhaling deeply) "I know . . . it's something just between my parents . . . until now . . ."

Michelle: (still wondering how it was possible but distracted by his thumb that was rubbing across her bottom lip) "Isaac . . . . "

He slid his hand along her jaw and pulled her face closer until he could feel her breath lightly brush across his mouth. Michelle closed her eyes and felt an unfamiliar peace steal through her . . . This moment was perfect. All by itself. Isaac rested his forehead against hers and let his spirit accept and recognize hers . . . He had already known in his mind and heart that she was the one, but his soul needed to absorb the reality of her presence here . . . with him . . . where she always needed to be.

The ride ended and Isaac stepped out first, turning to take Michelle's hand and help her to the ground. As she took his hand, her eyes met his, and she knew she'd never love anyone but Isaac . . . he was the only one who could ever make her feel like this.


Olivia and Joel pulled up to the entrance of the fairgrounds, and Olivia sat back letting her hands drop from around Joel's waist. He turned to see her staring all around with a wide-eyed expression of delighted anticipation. So, she liked carnivals . . . he kinda thought she would . . . . . . .

She turned her attention back to him then, and the smile on her face caused an immediate reaction inside his body. If she ever figured out just exactly what that smile did to him, he'd probably never see it again . . . He turned around quickly and held up his hand to help her down. She climbed off the bike, and kissed him on the cheek before stepping back to give him room.

Joel (taking her hand again): "Are you ready to go in?"

Olivia: (grinning) "Oh yeah . . . "

Joel (smiling): "Let's go."


Between the egg rolls, corn dogs, and candy apples, Isaac and Michelle had managed to create something that looked like dinner. Actually, truth be told, they both loved to eat this kind of stuff. Sitting down at one of the many picnic tables strewn about the fairgrounds, they sat down their snacks and got ready to eat. A moment later, Isaac looked up with a scowl on his beautiful face.

Michelle: "What?" "If it's that bad, we can go . . . "

Isaac: (shaking his head) "No. No, it's not bad, I just forgot the Tabasco sauce."

Michelle: (mock horror) "Whatever shall we do?"

Isaac: (threatening) "Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean I'm going to sit here and try to force this stuff down without any . . . " (gets up and quickly returns with a bottle in hand)

Michelle: (watching him pour the stuff all over his food with a puzzled expression) "Why do you suppose that everybody, in our families anyway, likes that stuff except me?"

Isaac: (thinking for a minute before answering) "Well, Aunt Is and Uncle Alex haven't had any kids yet, so we don't know about them, and as far as I know Mom and Aunt M didn't like it till after they got pregnant."

Michelle: "What about you and Olivia?"

Isaac: (still pondering the question) "Maybe you just got your eating habits from your Mom instead of your Dad. I don't know. I think Liv and I got extra exposure from my Mom. You know when my Dad saved her life, they said that something inside of her changed. I suppose it goes hand in hand with her having those extremely annoying flashes of intuition that she gets (grimacing)."

Michelle: (smiling) "You sure can't get by with much, can you? (teasing) "Poor baby."

Isaac: (indignant) "When have I tried? Except for keeping her from finding out how I feel about you?"

Michelle: (sitting back) "You have? Been trying I mean?"

Isaac: "Yeah. (serious) I told you . . . I've known for a long time."

Michelle: (so grateful that all those chats she'd had with herself had been unnecessary) "Me, too."

They were just about to finish eating when Joel and Olivia walked up to them. Michelle jumped up and hugged Olivia.

Michelle: "Liv! What are you doing here? (turning to Isaac) "You didn't tell me they were coming?"

Isaac (looking somewhat disgusted): "I didn't know they were. Hey, Liv. Joel."

Olivia: (to Joel) "This is wonderful. Why didn't you tell me they would be here?"

Joel: (shrugging and a little irritated) "I didn't know, either."

Michelle and Olivia both burst into laughter at the looks on Isaac's and Joel's faces.

Olivia: "Oh c'mon, Isaac, cheer up . . . you can't blame us too much for ending up here. We have so many choices after all . . . . "

Michelle: "Yeah . . . this was a great idea, even if you didn't plan it this way . . . "

Joel and Isaac looked at each other and smiled, finally. What the hell . . . .

Joel: "So much for trying to do something that no one else would possibly think of . . . "

Isaac: (commiserating) "Yeah, or trying to be alone where no one would bother us . . . . "

Olivia and Michelle fought off another round of giggles, but it took a valiant effort. The key was to just not look at each other . . .

Eventually, the four of them made their way to the Haunted House. Isaac and Joel decided it was time to have a little fun with their girls. Once inside, they split up and hid. The interior of the building was so dark in places that the girls couldn't even see their hands in front of their faces. Michelle and Olivia held tightly to each other's hands as they made their way through the maze. Every so often Isaac or Joel would jump out and scare them half to death before running off again. The echoes of their squeals and screams bounced off of the walls along with the occasional shout of laughter from one or both of the guys. Somehow, they had the whole place to themselves right now.

Olivia: (to Michelle) "If they don't stop this pretty soon, I may pee my pants . . ."

Michelle: (squeezing Olivia's hand) "Don't worry . . . it won't come to that. I have a plan . . ."

Olivia: (groaning) "Oh no . . . "

Michelle: "Sshhh! Come over here for a second."

The girls huddled together in a crouched position behind some eerily decorated boxes that were glowing in an assortment of fluorescent colors. The darkness was palpable.

Michelle (whispering): "They'll give up and come looking for us in a few minutes. When they do, we're gonna get 'em good!"

Olivia: (grinning but a little worried) "I don't know, Michelle. Who knows what they'll do?"

Michelle: (winking) "Trust me."

Three minutes later, two concerned boyfriends rounded the corner right into the trap . . . .

Michelle and Olivia jumped out from their hiding places screaming like banshees, and then laughing hysterically at Isaac and Joel. The chase was on. The girls had only a short lead and very little time to hide again before the guys were there. Rather than jumping out, they stayed quiet and hidden. As the guys went past their hiding place, the girls made the mistake of looking at each other. Try as they might, they couldn't stop the laughter that followed. Joel pulled Olivia up from her crouched position and couldn't help laughing with her. Isaac seized Michelle around the waist and hauled her up close to him, whispering in her ear, "You are going to get it now." Michelle only laughed harder at this pronouncement as they made their way out of the Haunted House. By the time they emerged, all four of them were laughing like idiots and wiping tears off their faces. The evening had been perfect. Later on they would all wonder how such a perfect evening could end in so much fear and pain.


Menacing eyes watched the two couples as they walked around the fairgrounds. Their every activity was watched and noted for future reference as the plan against them unfolded. Very soon now, the order would come through, and the assault would be launched against the daughter. Her death would accomplish much towards the destruction of the leader of the resistance. It had been many years, and they all thought they were safe . . . .


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