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"Alien Eyes"
Part 2
by Ivy Rose
Disclaimer: I really wish I did, but I don't own "Roswell" in any way. Although, given the wishful circumstances, Jason Behr will be mine soon...
Summary: Isabel, Michael, and Tess are the three aliens in Roswell, and they haven't discovered Max yet, who is the new alien. All the roles are still the same: Isabel and Max are siblings, as are Michael and Tess, only they live in different families. The couples are a little mixed up in the beginning, but give me some time.
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: You'll find that I made Tess a good person in this story. That's because I wanted to bring out the side that I think Tess really does have and she's not just evil. I'm not a real big Tess fan, but I thought it'd be fun to play with her character. This is my first fanfic, so please give me feedback!
Michael walked into the Crashdown at 5:58 that night, Alex on his heels. Through the window they could see the four girls sitting in the corner booth, drinking coffee. Michael saw Maria's eyes catch his and he nodded, silently answering her unspoken question: Are you coming in or not? Michael turned around to face Alex. The two had been close ever since they had met in seventh grade. Alex was the first human to find out his secret, and Tess had told Maria and Liz the same day. The six of them were now bound together with a secret too large to reveal.

The bells on the door jangled as the two boys walked in. All four heads turned and Michael could feel Isabel's eyes burning into his. Maria glared at him, her eyes narrowed dangerously. The only two that didn't have a warrant out on him were Liz and Tess, and even they didn't seem normal. Tess didn't get up and rush over to Alex, who would then pick her up and kiss her passionately. Liz didn't even attempt to smile, something that was natural for Liz to do. Something is definitely wrong here, Michael thought. He exchanged a look with Alex, who raised his eyebrows.

They matched each other stride for stride as they walked purposefully towards the table where the girls rested. Tess shifted down towards Liz, making room for Alex and Michael. Alex slid in first, wrapping his arm around Tess' shoulders and pulling her up against his chest. Michael got in after Alex, sitting directly across from Isabel, who wouldn't meet his eyes. She turned to Liz and said, "Liz? You want to tell them?" Liz nodded, but kept her mouth shut. Michael's curiosity got the best of him.

"Tell us what?" He looked back and forth between the two friends. It seemed like forever until Liz spoke.

"We think...We think there may be another alien in Roswell." Liz was obviously struggling, and Tess put her hand on her arm, trying to soothe her. Liz smiled at her gratefully.

"That's a great power you guys have." She was referring to the power to calm with a touch. When Tess had touched Liz's arm, Liz had instantly felt a calm rush through her body. "I don't know why this is so hard for me to talk about." Michael was still spinning from her one strangled sentence. He held up his hands.

"Wait. What do you mean you think there's one more of us?" Liz took a deep breath, continuing shakily.

"The new guy, Max Porter. I think he's...different." She whispered the last word, cowering under Michael's intense gaze. Michael softened his expression-as well as his voice-and spoke again.

"Liz, *what* about him is different?"

"Well, first of all, he asked for Tabasco sauce on his hamburger. Michael, that's you're dietary quirk. *Nobody* but the three of you likes Tabasco sauce on their hamburger."

"That's it?" Michael found disappointment creeping into his voice. Liz heard it too, because she blushed and hurried to finish.

"There was also this air around him. The 'I-have-a-dark-secret-to-hide' air that you had before you told us about your...heritage."

"Liz, that's not enough to conclude that he's an alien." Alex's practical voice was geared in Liz's direction. Liz's anger suddenly flared up and she slammed her hands on the table.

"Will you guys listen to me? I'm telling you something is not right!" She was close to tears when Isabel spoke up in a soft, confident voice.

"Liz, tell them about his eyes."

"His...eyes?" Michael's voice held a note of recognition. "What about them?" Liz inhaled sharply.

"He has...alien eyes." Michael quickly looked over at Liz.

"You're not joking?" Liz shook her head.

"No. God Michael, I wish I were, but I'm not." The tears overflowed, running down her cheeks. Maria reached over and wiped them away with her hand.

"It's going to be okay. Everything will be okay." She used a soft tone, one she often used with her little sister when she was upset. Michael sat back against the booth, shock penetrating through his body.

"No. It won't. We don't know if this guy is on our side or on the government's side! We can't go through this again! We don't have the strength, the resources, and we sure as hell can't go to Valenti!" He stood up and started to pace the floor, walking in small circles. Liz was getting dizzy just watching him.

"Then what are we going to do? Let him kill us?" Maria's voice rose above the sound of impatient footsteps.

"Stop being irrational Maria!"

"I'm being irrational! What about you?"

"I' m being sensible! Something you'll never be!"

"Oh yeah? And why is that-"

"Stop it!" Liz shrieked, straining to be heard above the fighting. They both stopped and looked at her, surprise on both their faces. "We have to be calm about this. This is what we'll do. I'll start to talk to him, find out things. We'll start there, and build on it as we go."

"But-" Michael and Maria both started at the same time, but Liz stopped them.

"We don't have a choice. Your lives depend on it."

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