FanFic - Other
Part 3
by Diana
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters. No infringement intended.
Summary: "Orion" Another Destiny Tag… Isabel’s Point of view
Category: Other
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: This is my interpretation of what the characters were going through a few days/ weeks after ‘Destiny’… Feedback is always appreciated... Thanks to everyone who's sent me feedback on my other stories :-D
The stars aren’t even the same anymore. I know what’s up there now. My mother, Max’s mother, she’s up there somewhere, waiting for us. But my mother, Max’s mother, she’s right in the next room, watching ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ with our father. My home is somewhere beyond that black sky. But I’m home right now. I’ve lived here since I was six. It’s one of the two places I’ve really ever felt comfortable. Alex thinks that I didn’t even know he was alive until this past year. That’s not true. The first time I noticed him was in the eighth grade. His name was in the paper for coming in first place in some geography bee. I’d wanted to be in that geography bee. I’d even asked my teacher about it and put in an application. But one day after school, Trisha Peters, my best friend at the time, saw a sign about it posted on the wall at school. She said something like ‘all the nerds in the chess club will have their tighty- whities in a twist over that one.’ I withdrew my application. I told my teacher that something else came up. Two months later I saw Alex’s name in the paper. He got to me. There was a running joke going around school about my puppy-dog, Alex, constantly chasing at my heels. Trisha laughed about that too. But he got to me. Alex “Computer King” Whitman won over Isabel “look-but-don’t-touch” Evans. I guess, by Roswell High’s standards, hell has officially frozen over. No one’s ever treated me like he has. No one’s ever looked at me the way he looks at me. Alex makes me feel like I’m the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen. Alex makes me feel like a princess. But I am a princess. Or something like that. When we saw our mother… I was speechless. She was so beautiful. We’d finally found some of the answers we were looking for. But then she told us about our destinies. I don’t love Michael. Not the way our “mother” says we’re supposed to. Michael is as much my brother as Max is. This destiny thing is… just disturbing. And it’s not going to work out. Michael looks at Maria and Max looks at Liz the way Alex looks at me. Michael loves Maria. Max loves Liz. I love Alex. I am Isabel “ice princess” Evans. He wasn’t ever supposed to get to me the way he has. My favorite constellation is Orion. He’s the warrior constellation, one of the biggest in the winter sky, the first constellation I was able to locate and name all by myself, and the first group of stars I saw that first night Max and I came out of the pods. Something about Orion has always made me feel safe. Anytime I was confused or angry or upset, I went outside and looked for Orion. I could be by myself out there. I could be myself with Orion. I pointed him out to Alex one time last winter. Orion is his favorite constellation too. He said that it seems like Orion is always fighting for something. He said that it must be very important, like maybe he’s in an important battle or maybe he’s fighting for his freedom. And he turned to me and said “Or maybe he’s fighting for something else.” I don’t think I’ll need Orion so much anymore. But I wish I had him now that things are so… confusing. It’s summer now and I can’t go outside to look for Orion because he’s a winter constellation. And I can’t go to Alex because things are so… confusing. No. I change my mind. I am Diane Evans’ daughter. I am Max and Michael’s sister. I am in love with Alexander Charles Whitman. I am Isabel “look-but-don’t-touch-ice-princess” Evans. Remember? I can do anything I want.
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