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"A Feeling of Belonging"
Part 9
by Katie
Disclaimer: All the characters belong to WB. But extras and the story line are original
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Rating: PG-13
My last class ended and I quickly gathered my things and headed out the door. Waiting for me was Michael.

"Come on, letís go." He said grabbing my hand and headed out the school and straight to the parking lot.

"New girlfriend." I heard a strange voice say behind us.

"Get a life Kyle." Michael said turning around to face Kyle and stand in front of me to block me from him. As to protect me.

"I have one, thank you." Kyle said looking straight at Michael.

"Katieís not my girlfriend. You know that Mariaís my girlfriend. Katieís just my friend and we have somewhere to be, now you can get lost." Michael said, still in protection mode.

"Whatever." Was all he said then stocked off.

"Whoís he?" I asked as we headed to the parking lot again.

"Kyle Valenti. The sheriffís son. Who is our worst enemy. he belongs to a organization called Project Clean Slate." Michael said keeping his eyes straight ahead.

"Project Clean Slate?" I questioned.

"Yeah,. they hunt down aliens and kill them, no questions asked." Michael said, giving me a chill. Some how Michael could feel that I was scared of him. He placed his arm around my shoulder.

"Donít worry. He wont do anything to you, as long as you have me." He said trying to comfort me. "Donít tell anyone I said that, though. Theyíll think Iíve gone soft, and Maria will take a big advantage on that." He said trying to make me laugh.

"Donít worry I wonít tell them a thing. Your secrets safe with me." I said with sarcasm and giving him a little pat on the chest as I laughed.

Max, Isabel, Liz and Maria were already in Maxís jeep waiting to go. I hopped into my jeep as Michael got in the passenger side.

"Well letís go." I said starting the jeep up and pulling out the parking lot. Max following close behind us.

An hour later we found ourselves in front of my fatherís house. We all got out of the jeeps and headed for the front door. Eddie opened the door and Teeka ran out to great us. I bent down to pat her.

"Hi Teeka. Iíve missed you." I said patting her on the head, she barker in response.

"Whereís papa?" I asked looking up at Eddie.

"Heís gone up to the cave." He said still standing in the front door.

"thanks." I said, standing up straight. I then turned to face the path to the cave and headed towards it.

Everyone else followed in silence. Not sure what to do expect to find out.

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