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"A Feeling of Belonging"
Part 10
by Katie
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Rating: PG-13
We followed Katie up to the cave. As it came into view, she stopped. I was about to walk up to her, but Max walked past me towards her.

"What’s wrong Katie?" Max asked standing beside her.

"I’m not sure if I want to find out. I like the way things are right now. All of us friends, family. What we find out may change how we feel, or not. My real father may have had a secret. I don’t..." Katie said to Max, but he stopped her.

"Shhh... what we find out wont change a thing between any of us. We are all friends, we are family. Nothing can hurt you. Max said, then he stepped back to stand next to me.

Katie walked into the cave, now wanting to find out the truth. we continued to follow her.

We walked into the cave and walked deep inside. Until we found River Dog sitting in the middle of the circle where I had almost died.

"So, you’ve revealed yourself to them. And now you have all come for answer’s." River Dog said not moving from his spot, or even opening his eyes.

"Yes they know I am one of them and Michael’s sister, but." Katie said, but I cut her off from asking the question.

"How is it that we are brother and sister. Our pods were not attached and she was not in the cave with us, with me." I said starting to yell a little.

"Take a place around the circle. I will tell you as well as show you. Your father told me how to do this, for when the time was right for all of you to know the truth." River Dog said indicating for each of us to take a seat.

I sat down facing River Dog. Katie next to me, then Liz, Max, Isabel and Maria finally on the other side of me.

"Now we may begin." River Dog said holding his hands up as if meditating.

Images flashed through my mind, then I saw the spaceship. No words came from River Dog just images, but they spoke.

"We’re going to crash no matter what we do." One of them said.

"Yes we must save the pods, our children." Another one said, she was the female and the other was male.

They walked towards the back of the ship. Until they entered a room that contained four pods. Each pair attached by a metal tube in-between them.

"I want them to have human names." The female said.

"I agree. If they’re going to be born here, they should have human names and not have to adapt." The male said.

The female leaned down to a pair of pods . "Katie" she said touching one pod. "Michael" she said touching the other one. Both pods glowed.

"I believe we will do the same." Another female said coming in, with another male behind her.

She leaned down to the pod. "Isabel" she said, then touching the other one she said "Max" now all four pods were glowing.

The ship then crashed. Everyone died. but then one got up, one of the males. he detached one of the pods and raced off. Minutes later he came back and grabbed the other half and ran off with that one. Then an image came of him attaching the two pods in a cave. A few minutes later he arrived with a third pod. Back again to the ship, he was carrying the last pod off, but people were coming towards him. The path to the cave was blocked. He turned and ran until he found the cave on the reservation. Then it showed River Dog as a boy coming into the cave.

The picture faded away until we were back in the cave. in a circle, around River Dog.

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