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"A Feeling of Belonging"
Part 5
by Katie
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Rating: PG-13
I was wiping of the tables after the last customer left. Liz ran up to the door and locked it.

"Iím doing this quickly before anyone decides they want a nightly snack." Liz said flipping the open sign to close.

Me and Liz both went into the back and changed into our normal clothes. I put on my black slim T-shirt and black cut-off shorts. I was wearing a pair of sneakers instead of my boots.

Liz was wearing a pair of white shorts and a blue and white slim T-shirt. We went back to the front and I finished cleaning off the tables, while Liz swept up the floor.

"So did you find it easy or hard working here?" Liz asked while she swept.

"I found it quite easy, actually." I told her taking a seat on one of the stools at the counter.

"Good. That makes it easier on you and me." Liz said taking a seat beside me.

"All right. So weíre done cleaning up?" I asked resting my elbows on the counter and looking around the restaurant.

"Yup. So now we can get down to studying."

"Oh joy, more work." I said sarcastically, Liz smiled.

We took out our books and started studying science. After an hour Liz and I were up to speed to where the class was.

"God, you do learn fast." Liz said putting her books away, as I did the same.

"Iíve always learned fast." I responded.

"Yeah, but you caught on really fast. At least I know that when Iím stuck I can come to you." Liz said stunned at my learning abilities at the same time.

I just shrugged my shoulders. "Well I best be going home. Iím really tired." I lied. I would go home , but I wont sleep for a couple hours. For I could sleep two hours a night and thats all I needed.

"Okay. Iíll see you at school tomorrow." Liz said opening the door, so I could leave.

"See ya." I said picking up my things and leaving.

I walked towards my jeep and got in. I placed the keys in the ignition. It started up and I drove away. Giving Liz a little wave.

I arrived home 5 minutes later. I walked up to my apartment and went inside. I threw my stuff off to the side, I slipped my sneakers off and laid my jacket on a chair. I slumped onto the coach and stared at the ceiling. An idea popped into my head.

"I could dream walk, and take a peak around." I said out loud. Thinking maybe people were wondering who I was.

I closed my eyes, relaxed and started breathing slowly and with a rhythm. I could feel myself slipping away. I was in. I could see the dream orbs, with their auroraís and single note of harmony.. I called forth an orb which I seemed to be drawn to. I hummed until the orb was in reaching distance, I placed my hands on the orb and extended it until I as able to walk in.

I walked into the dream to see myself sitting on a chair. Wearing the same clothes I had worn the first day to school. Sitting across from the dream me was Michael. It was his dream, I knew it.

"Who are you and what do you know about that symbol?" Michael asked pointing to the necklace around my neck.

"Iím Katie Marshall and I donít have to tell you anything. about the symbol." I responded to him.

I was kind of shocked about that, because I knew I would never say anything like that. But I remembered that this was his dream. Right then Michael turned around and looked me straight in the eyes. Knowing I was there and not part of his dream. I was stunned and then knocked straight back to being conscious.

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