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"A Feeling of Belonging"
Part 6
by Katie
Disclaimer: All the characters belong to WB. But extras and the story line are original
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Rating: PG-13
I woke up with a start, and all of the memories of my dream came flooding back.

"That was no dream. She was really there." I said out loud. Remembering turning around in my dream to see Katie. The look that came over her face meant that she knew I saw her. "Sheís one of us." I continued speaking to myself.

I quickly got out of bed and headed to the Crashdown. I unlocked the doors and sneaked in. I quickly went to the back and into Lizís fathers office. I searched through his files, trying to find Katieís address.

"Michael! What are you doing?" Liz demanded coming into the office.

"Iím looking for Katieís address." I said looking up at her.

"Well why didnít you ask. You scared the heck out of." Liz said putting the bat down, she was gripping in her right hand.

"Sorry." I said, still searching.

"Stop looking. Iíll give it to you." Liz said taking out a piece of paper and writing down Katieís address. "Why do you want this?" Liz asked when she finished writing it down.

"Thanks." I said snatching the piece out of Lizís hand and ran out the front door, before answering her question. I looked at the paper and then headed towards pine St.

A couple minutes later I arrived on Pine street. I read out loud the street address.

"71 Pine St., Apt.8."

I walked down down to the building and gazed up. I headed to the side. I climbed up 4 sets of stairs until I was in front of the bedroom window to apartment 8. I slid the window open and climbed in. I looked around to see a double bed, , bookshelf, dresser and a desk with a lap top sitting on it.

Inching the bedroom door open , I peered out to see Katie sitting on the couch with a glass of water in her hand. I crept out trying to be quiet. But Katie heard something and turned her towards me.

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