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"A Feeling of Belonging"
Part 4
by Katie
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Rating: PG-13
"So are we going to go get some food?" I asked as we left the school parking lot.

"You just wan to see Maria Michael. Not eat." Isabel said, turning around to look at me.

"No I want to eat. Cause Maria isn't working today. They hired someone new and she starts work today." I said defending the noises my stomach was making.

"And how do you know that?" Max asked, tacking a quick look in the rearview mirror at me.

"Maria." I bluntly stated.

"Do you know who it is?" Max asked continuing his little interrogation.

"I don't know. Maria said only Liz knew, and that she never told her." I said telling Max what he wanted to know.

No one else said anything. Just sat back and let the wind blow in their faces. Until they arrived at the Crashdown.

I jumped out of the back of the jeep and walked towards the restaurant. With Max and Isabel behind me. I walked in and saw Liz. Her face lit up when she saw us. Well I figured it was when she saw Max that she was filled with joy.

I quickly walked to the usual booth at the back. Isabel sat across from me. Max was at the counter talking to Liz. But I didn't see the new employee.

"Stop flirting with the waitress. I'm starving!" I cried over to Max and Liz.

"Katie. Can you get table 8." Liz said turning towards the back.

Out through the back doors walked Katie. She was wearing the Crashdown uniform. The short little greenish-blue dress, with silver lining and the silver alien head apron. But it doesn't really go with her black hair. Which was a little spiky on top. I thought to myself as Katie walked towards us, taking out a pad and pencil.

"Um, can I take your order?" Katie said when she arrived at our table.

"Yeah. I'd like a Men In Black Hamburger and Space Jam Fries." I said looking up at her. I could tell she was embarrassed to be wearing the uniform. Her aura was Ocean blue and little swirls of violet were appearing all over.

"And Id like to have just a plain Orange smoothy." Isabel said not even taking a glance at Katie.

Katie wrote down what we wanted. As she turned around the dress tightened on her thigh. I heard a guy in the front whistle at her. Right then a feeling came over me. I was mad, I wanted to beat that guy up, I felt like I had to protect her.

Katie gave the guy a deadly look. Right then the guy shut up and turned his face away. I couldn't help but smile. Katie walked away and went into the back, a couple seconds later she came back out and sat down. she reached down and grabbed a binder from her bookbag. She laid it on the table and placed a few notes in it. Then quickly placed it back, from where she got it.

"Table 8!" A voice from the back called.

Katie stood up and went in the back. When she came out, she had a plate in one hand and Isabel's smoothy in the other.

"Here ya go." Katie said placing the food down in front of me and Isabel's drink infront of her.

"Thanks." I said taking the food. She then gave me a smile and walked over to another table. Where two customers that had just come in sat down.

I quickly ate up my food and looked over to Max. He was still flirting with Liz.

"I'm ready to leave." Isabel said attracting my attention.

"Me too." I said agreeing with her. "Now all's we have to do is tare Max away from Liz." I said raising my voice so that Max was sure to hear me.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm coming." Max said, he then whispered something into Liz's ear. A smile spread across her face. "Okay let's go." Max said coming over to the table. "I already paid."

We all got up and left. Saying goodbye to Liz as we walked out the door. We all got in the jeep.

"I still have no idea how I'm going to get close to Katie." I said as we drove away.

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