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"A Feeling of Belonging"
Part 3
by Katie
Disclaimer: All the characters belong to WB. But extras and the story line are original
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Rating: PG-13
I tried to start my jeep once again but it wouldn't budge. I would use my powers, but it was too much of a public place. I looked up to see Max, Isabel and Michael coming towards me.

"Need any help?" Michael asked coming to the side of the jeep.

"Yes, please. My jeep decided to take a rest when I want to go for a ride." I responded giving a little kick to the hub-cap after I climbed out of the jeep.

"Ah, well if you pop the hood I could take a look."

"Please. Um, I'm Katie Marshall." I said stretching my hand out to him.

"Yeah I know. I'm Michael Guerin." He said looking up at me.

"Nice to meet you."

"Like wise." He said taking a hold of my hand. And for a split second I could feel a tingling sensation going through my body. By the look on Michael's face I knew he felt it as well.

"Um. I should pop the hood." I said retreating my hand and reaching into the jeep.

"Yeah that could help." Michael said.

"I popped the hood. Michael opened it and peered in. I walked around to watch what he did. He looked around, then tightened a few screws, checked the oil and reconnected a hose that went from the engine to the alternator.

"There. Now it should work perfectly." Michael said as he closed the hood.

I climbed into the drivers side and turned the key. The jeep started up right away.

"Thanks." I called out.

"No prob." He said getting in the back of the jeep I had parked beside.

I drove away. Michael and the others going in the opposite direction. I was just planning on driving around for an hour, I had to be back to school before the bell rang.

An hour later I was back at school. And I had parked right beside Max's jeep again. It being the only available space left.

"Maybe you should just put a sign up. KATIE MARSHALL'S SPACE!!" A new voice from behind me said as I shut the door.

I turned around to see Liz. "That's what I was just thinking." I said in response to her joke.

"I'm Katie Marshall. But apparently you already knew that."

"Yeah. I'm sorry, I'm Liz Parker. Max Evan's girlfriend." Liz said introducing herself.

"Hi. So your Max Evans girlfriend. Lucky you, he's very cute."

"I choose to think so. I believe we have next class together.?" Liz said, half stating a fact and asking a question.

"Well, here’s my schedule." I said. Rotting through my bookbag until I found it. I then handed it to her.

"Um. Yup we do. We also have last class together. So we have English, Science and History together." Liz said confirming her suspicions.

"Thats kinda good for me. You can help me catch up. Well that is if you'll help me?" I asked.

"Sure no problem. Wait don't you start work tonight at the Crashdown?"

"Yeah. How did you know?" I asked, but certainly already knew the answer to.

"Well I work there. Actually my Dad owns the place. I have to show you the ropes."

"Great. And don't worry, I'm a fast learner." I said. We both then started towards the school.

"If you want some help. Bring your books and things to the Crashdown. After we clean up a bit we can get some studying in." Liz said.

"I will do that." I said, I didn't really need her help. I could read the whole science book in 5 seconds and know everything in it. But it was a way to get closer through Michael.

"Great. I'll see ya in class then." Liz said as she started walking away.

"See ya in class." I repeated and walked through the doors leading into the school.

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