FanFic - Michael/Maria
"Moving On"
Part 1
by Kathryn C
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Summary: Maria goes out on a date.
Category: Michael/Maria
Rating: PG-13
"You're what!" Liz exclaimed, following Maria into the back room at the Crashdown.

Maria shrugged, "It's quite simple, I'm going on a date. People do thing like that you know."

Liz shook her head, "I know. But, I mean you never really dated before, and now this whole stuff with Michael..."

Maria went into the bathroom to change into street clothes, she called back to Liz, "What stuff with Michael? He wants to be alone, I'll oblige. Besides, I need to get on with my life, in fact this may allow me to have a life."

When she came out in jeans and a t-shirt, Liz and simply pulled a sweater over her uniform, "Besides, Josh Gordon is a nice guy. It may be nice to be involved in a relationship that has a chance to go somewhere."

Liz shook her head, "I agree, Josh is a nice guy, but that's just it. He's too nice. Maria, you're not exactly a . . . meek....person. He will cower before you for crying out loud."

*That might be a nice change* Maria thought silently. Then she said, "Liz, give it up. Josh is not like that. He's smart, he's handsome, he's human for God's sake!"

*He's not Michael* a little voice in her head said.

"If you really want to go out with him," Liz was saying, "I say go for it. But make sure. Josh doesn't deserve to be hurt."

Maria nodded, "I know. But I do want to go out with him. I had my eye on him before Michael came into the picture."


Liz glanced at her watch. 8:42. She was supposed to be meeting Michael, Max and Isabel here 12 minutes ago. Maria was supposed to come, but she was going out on a date with Josh instead. They were going to attempt to do something 'normal' as a group, go to a movie. But, right now she was standing in front of the ciniplex and they were nowhere to be found.

All of a sudden, the jeep pulled up with the 3 of them in it. Max parked it along the street and they all jumped out.

"What took you guys so long?" Liz asked Max as Isabel put change into the parking meter. Michael just stood by looking bored.

Max shrugged, "Honestly, it took me awhile to drag Isabel along."

"What about Michael?" Liz asked, glancing at the sullen figure.

Max shook his head, "He was eager to come. Actually got over to our place early. I really don't know what's come over him. Even though he agreed, I had expected him to come up with some sort of excuse for not attending."

As Isabel walked up, Michael asked, "Where's Maria?"

Liz cleared her throat, "Ah, she's not coming."

"Why not?" Isabel demanded, "I came."

"She had a date," Liz mumbled, averting her eyes from Michael's.

He didn't say anything, and since Liz wasn't looking at him, she didn't see the flash of hurt that came across his eyes. It was gone in an instant, and he said, "Well, what movie are we going to see?"


The whole evening, Michael couldn't concentrate on the movie. Not that there was much to concentrate on. His mind kept wandering to Maria.

He told himself that he didn't care that she was going out on a date. In fact, why should he? He didn't care about Maria at all. She was just a good kisser. He had broken it off. She meant nothing, he kept repeating to himself as he viciously shoved a handful of popcorn into his mouth.

He glanced to Max and his right. Liz was on his right. He was distracted for a moment observing his friend. It was comical the way Max kept coming close to put his arm around Liz, then refraining. Michael shook his head. Those two wouldn't be able to keep apart for long.

*Unlike you and Maria* the thought came unbidden. Michael told himself to shut up and went back to trying to watch the events on the screen.


Across town, Maria sat in one of the nicest restaurants in town across from Josh Gordon. Captain of the basketball team and on the honor roll, he was one of the most sought after guys in Roswell High. Handsome, tall and courteous, he was every girl's dream date. He was even a little shy which most took as cute. To top it all, his family was even fairly well off. He was the perfect guy.

And Maria was having a lousy time.

She smiled as she tried to concentrate on what Josh was telling. But her thoughts kept drifting. She just didn't feel any chemistry with him. There was no spark, no passion.

He was what she thought all her life she wanted, and she felt nothing. He even nearly fit into the mold of the dream guy she ahd envisioined for herself. Now, when she thought of the perfect man for her, she came up with a differnt image.

A guy that wasn't drop dead gorgeous in anyone's eyes but hers. A guy who couldn't care less if he missed class. A guy who could quote Ulysses. Someone who she was incredibly attracted to. Michael.

Maria nearly cursed out loud. She shouldn't be thinking of Michael, she should be thinking of Josh.

She went back and tried to concentrate on the conversation they were supposedly having.

"......and Mr. Faraday said that if Guerin didn't show up tomorrow, he would be officially dropped from the class."

"Pardon me?" Maria asked, tuning back in quickly when she heard Michael's last name.

"Oh, I was just talking about chemistry class today," Josh said, flashing a beautiful smile. "Michael Guerin, you know him right? Well, he didn't show up for about the 10th time. Mr. Faraday is going to drop him from the class if he doesn't show up tomorrow."

"Does Michael know this?" Maria asked him carefully, taking a sip of water.

Josh shrugged, "I doubt it. This was in fifth and he wasn't there. His friends Max and Isabel aren't in the class, so I don't know who would tell him."

Maria decided she would have to inform Michael he had to go to calss tomorrow. As much as she wanted to avoid him, nobody in his class would tell him. He didn't exactly form a lot of friendships.

"So Josh," Maria said, forcing a smile, "How is your basketball season going."

"Oh, it's allright. We have a good team this year. But you don't need to hear about basketball," he said smoothly as their meals came.

He's perfect, Maria thought miserbaly. This guy doesn't even want to brag about himself, and I can't even work up a mild attraction.


Michael stared in the window of the restaurant. After wheedling the name of the place Maria was going out of Liz, he told Max and Isabel he could walk home from the movie theater.

He repeatedly asked himself what the hell he was doing there as he spotted Maria and Josh at a table not to far from where he was standing..

Josh Gordon, Michael's mouth narrowed. Of all the people, she had to go out with Josh Gordon. Michael couldn't even come up with a reasonable excuse to hate him, except that he was so damn perfect.

He could even afford to take Maria to one of the nicest restaurants in town. Half the time Michael couldn't even afford McDonalds.

Michael watched as Maria laughed at something that Josh said. Michael assumed it was probably something witty and intelligent, as was Josh's nature.

He shook his head in disgust and walked away. She had moved on to bigger and better things than an alien in poverty.


Maria walked up to her front door, escorted gallantly by Josh.

"Thanks for a wonderful evening," she told Josh kindly. In truth, it had been a nice night.

"No Maria, thank you," Josh said sweetly, "I haven't been out on a date for a long time."

"Come on," Maria chided gently, "You probably have girls hanging all over you."

Josh shrugged, "Yeah, I guess, but I don't want to go out with a lot of them. I've wanted to ask you out for awhile Maria, but never got the courage. You always seemed so.....I don't know. Independant."

Maria willed herself to be attracted to him. She wanted more than anyhting for him to be 'the one'. She eve squeezed her eyes shut momentarily and concentrated, but it didn't work.

"Josh," she said hesitantly, "I like you. You are a really nice guy, but...."

"But you're not attracted to me," he filled in the sentence for her.

"How did you know?" she asked, surprised.

He shrugged sadly, "All night you've been on another planet."

"I'm sorry," Maria said emphatically, "I shouldn't have said that I'd go out with you."

Josh shook his head, "NO, you made my day saying yes. At least now I know that there won't be anyhting between us instead of always wondering."

"I'm really sorry," Maria said sadly, "You're a really great guy and you deserve the best."

"I thought that I had gotten it," Josh said mournfully, touching her cheek.

"Goodnight Josh," she said gently and kissed him gently on the mouth. It was a quick kiss. I almost felt like kissing a relative. She waved goodbye and let herself into the house.

Michael stood a ways away, watching their goodbye. His chest felt an unfamiliar tightening as he watched Maria kiss Josh.

He turned to go home, knowing if Maria caught him watching her she would probably have him arrested or something. However, he couldn't resist kicking one of her neighbours garbage cans on his way.


Maria walked into the house. Her mom was still at work so she was home alone. She kicked off her shoes and went into the kitchen. She picked up the phone to call Liz.

"Hello?" Liz answered the phone on the second ring.

"It's Maria," she said quickly, pouring herself a glass of water.

"Hey Maria," Liz siad cheerfully, "How did the date go?"

Maria groaned, "Well, in a sense it was awful. I couldn't even dredge upa bit of feeling for him. It was like going out with my brother."

"That bad?" Liz said sympathetically.

Maria nodded, "yeah. We were wrong. Michael does seem to have spoiled me for other guys. Unfortunately."

There was noise in the background at the Parker's. Liz said, "Listen Maria, I'm sorry, but I've got to go. My mom needs the phone."

"Okay, g'night," Maria said.

"Night," Liz said, and hung up.

Maria hung up her phone and sighed. She had to remember to talk to Michael in the morning.

End Part 1

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