FanFic - Michael/Maria
"Moving On"
Part 2
by Kathryn C
Disclaimer: I don't own any characters, nor am I affiliated with Roswell in anyway
Summary: Maria goes out on a date.
Category: Michael/Maria
Rating: PG-13
Maria stood outside Michael Guerin's house early that morning at 7, about an hour and a half before school started. She wanted to make sure she got to talk to him.

Maria raised a hand and knocked heavily on the door. When nobody answered she rang the doorbell repeatedly, not caring who she woke.

The door was flung open to reveal a sleepy Michael. He stood their in a pair of boxer shorts, and nothing else. He had a sleepy scowl and his hair was all mussed.

"What the hell do you think you are doing?" Michael demanded, "Do you know waht time it is?"

Maria ignored him. She forced herself to look away from his appealing figure and said, "Can I come in? It's important."

Michael shook his head. Behind him Maria could see a man on the sofa, passed out. "If it's that important," Michael said reluctantly, blocking her view, "Let's talk outside."

"Like that?" Maria said, motioning to Michael's attire, or lack there of. He shrugged and stepped outside, "Why not? It's on my front lawn, and as you can tell, this isn't exactly the classiest neighbourhood in town, you know, the one where Josh lives." he said biterly

*What did he mean by that?* Maria wondered, "Michael, what are you talking about?"

He shrugged, "I was just referring to where your new boyfriend lives, Josh. Did you have a good time on your date last night?"

"Josh was charming and magnificient," Mari said, remembering the date, "In fact, he was all that you are not. Did you know he wanted to ask me out for years now?"

Michael's mouth twisted, "No I didn't know that. So, when are you guys going out again?"

Maria sighed, he would know if she lied when he never saw them togehter at school, "We're not."

"Why not?" Michael was surprised, he quickly covered it. "I mean, you kissed him for God's sake."

He quickly realized his mistake when Maria's eyes widened, "You were spying on us! How else could you know that! What the hell were you thinking Michael?"

Michael shrugged, "I was just walking home after I went to the movie with Max, Is and Liz. I saw the two of you on your doorstep, and I saw you kiss him. Don't deny it."

Maria sighed, "Michael, my house is nowhere on your route home, so don't try that. Besides, it doesn't matter that I kissed him. I kissed you didn't I, and now look where we are."

Michael didn't apologize for spying on her. He insistently asked, "Why aren't you going out again?"

Maria shook her head, "It's not important. Just forget it."

Michael moved closer, "Why not Maria?"

"He's moving to Czechoslovakia!" Maria blurted out, then turned red at her stupid excuse.

Michael shook his head and took another step closer, "Why not?"

Maria lowered her head, "Uh, he decided I talked too much for his tastes."

When she raised her head, Michael was about 2 inches from her, "Why Maria?"

"Because I can't get over you!" Maria nearly screamed in his face, "Is that what you wanted to hear? That you've ruined me for all other men? That I went out with the greatest guy in school and I couldn't even dredge up the least bit of attraction for him?"

"Yes," Michael said simply, grinning like an idiot. He leaned down to kiss her, but Maria pulled away.

"Oh no you don't," she said putting up a hand as if to block him, "No, you can't kiss me. All that will happen is that it will be amazing and wonderful, and then you'll tell me we can't be together. Forget it Michael. You may not think so, but I deserve a hell of a lot more than that."

She took two more steps back, "I just came here to tell you that you absolutely need to go to your first period today. Mr.Faraday is going to drop you from the class if you don't."

With that she turned away and nearly sprinted towards her waiting car. She got in the drivers seat and pulled away, tires screeching.

Michael sighed and went back into the house. Last night he had come to the conclusion that he still wanted her. To hell with being a loner, he wanted more, at least for a little while. Now it seemed a moot point what he wanted. Maria obviously wasn't willing to take the chance that he'd pull away again. Then his eyes brightened, He would prove it to her, after first period which he now had to go to. It would be nice to see the suprise on Faraday's face when he actually showed up.


Maria said in second period english class, twirling her pencil as Ms. James read from Macbeth. Absentmindedly she stared at the clock on the wall. 5 more minutes of this class to go, then onto third. Third with Michael, oh God.

The teacher had finished act one when there was a knock on the classroom door. Ms James walked over and opened it. The person was hidden behind a bouqet of flowers. The person stepped into the room and Maria could see his face. It was Michael.

"I have a delivery for Maria Deluca," he said to the teacher.

"Michael, what the hell are you doing!" Maria exclaimed, getting to her feet. She didn't even pay atteniton to the rest of the class that was watching with interested eyes.

"I brought you flowers," he said, walking over to her desk and setting them down. "We need to talk."

"Michael," Maria said exasperatedly, "I'm in class for crying out loud. This can wait."

"No it can't," Michael said, "You don't believe that I am serious about wanting you, then I thought I'd prove it. I'm humiliating myself publicly for you, isn't that enough."

"No Michael," Maria said, "it's not. Besides, you're embarassing me in the process." she glanced over at Ms James to see why she was not stopping this. The teacher was as enthralled as the rest of the class.

"I realized my mistake after I saw you out with Josh last night," Michael continued. Josh, who sat 2 desks over from Maria, hid his head. "I tried to fight it, but I can't deny it Maria. I don't want to be alone, I wnat to be together, with you."

Maria was taken in. The truth was, she wanted him to, more than she wanted to admit. If he wanted her back, she knew she would give in.

"No more running," Michael promised quietly.

Maria forgot her classmates, her teacher. As the bell rang to end class, she kissed Michael squarely on the mouth, much to his surprise. He didn't waste much time returning the kiss however, and wrapped his arms around her. The class erupted into hoots and catcalls as they left the room.

When they pulled apart, even Ms James had absented herself.

"What's going to happen now?" Maria asked, her voice loud in the silent room.

Michael shrugged, "I don't know what we have, or where we're going, but all I know now it that I want you Maria. And I need you. Besides, if I've ruined you for all other men..."

Maria sighed and kissed him softly on the mouth, "For now Michael, that's enough for me."


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