Fanfic - Michael/Maria
"You Can Take My Breath Away"
Part 4
by Shelbecat
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Summary: This was written in response to a challenge. If you want to try it please send your stories to Maria ( and Sherry (
1) MUST BE CC (M/M, M/L, A/I, K/T).
2) Maria, Liz, Isabel, and Tess are the aliens and are quadruplets. They are all like Isabel, ice queens, popular with ALL the boys and are all cheerleaders.
3) Michael, Max, Alex, and Kyle are all on the football team and are all very popular, they are humans and have been in love with the girls since 3rd grade.
4) Must include an on the run road trip and a capture by the FBI.
6) Maria and Isabel are closest as are Tess and Liz. Same with Max/Kyle and Alex/Michael. You decide how the guys found out, how they meet, and how long they are kept by the FBI.

Category: Michael/Maria
Rating: PG-13
Author's Note: This fic is in response to a challenge by Maria (above). If it weren’t for her encouragement I probably wouldn’t write any of my fics down so… thanks. It’s technically a CC but I’m candy to the core so don’t expect much couple development outside of M/M. It’s my second fic and I adore feedback so please send some!
The next week at school dragged by slowly. Not slowly enough for Maria. She treasured the moments alone that she was able to steal with Michael and wondered how she could have let 9 years pass without noticing him.

That weekend there was a school dance scheduled for Saturday night. On Wednesday Michael asked Maria to go with him. Of course she said yes and excitedly shared her plans with Isabel, who was cherishing her new romance with Alex.

The foursome arrived at the dance just as things were getting started. Liz and Tess were joining them later and Michael had slyly mentioned this fact to Max and Kyle earlier that day. They had been more than jealous all week that their friends had finally gotten the attention of the Parker girls and hoped it would open the door for them too.

Maria and Michael were dancing to Hero by Enrique Eglesias when it happened. She was completely lost in his embrace, her face buried in his shoulder, when her world inexplicably changed forever.


Liz and Tess had taken their time getting ready that evening, allowing Maria and Isabel the use of the bathroom first. They weren’t even going to go but Isabel had said that they were expected to make an appearance. Appearances were EVERYTHING to Isabel.

As they left their house through the back door they heard male voices coming from the front. A quick look around the corner revealed a large black van parked across the street and a man with what looked like an automatic rifle standing on the sidewalk. Just as the girls turned to run a second man stepped in front of them and bashed Tess in the head with the butt of his gun. She screamed as she fell backwards and Liz reacted instinctively. She waved her arm at the man, sending him flying across the lawn. As he crashed into the fence she grabbed Tess and started running. She could hear more voices coming from the sides of the house as the troop she was sure was there, closed in on the backyard scene. She pulled Tess into the trees bordering the park and urged her to hurry as they ran quickly toward the school.


Isabel and Alex were sitting near the gymnasium door talking when Liz and Tess rushed in. Isabel heard the slam of the gym door as they barged into the room and glanced up to see what was happening.

Liz was panting, out of breath, and looking around frantically. Isabel jumped up, knocking her chair to the floor and ran to her sisters.

“What happened?” she gasped as she took Tess’s limp body from Liz.

She was still conscious but the blood running down her face told Isabel that it wouldn’t be for long.

Liz struggled to catch her breath. “They’re coming. We’ve got to go.”

She grabbed Isabel’s hand.

“Where’s Ria? We have got to go NOW.”

Isabel pulled on Liz’s arm to stop her. By now Alex had reached the girls and taken Tess from Isabel.

“Slow down, what happened?”

Liz looked at her big sister and couldn’t stop the tears. “We were leaving, and… and…”

She tried to get the words out between sobs.

“There were two of them. No, more I think. I don’t know.”

Isabel’s eyes widened with every word.

“They attacked us. Hit Tess. We ran but they must be right behind us. We have got to get out of here. Leave. Whatever.”

“Do you think it’s…?” Isabel let her voice trail off as she caught her sister’s eye.

Liz nodded silently.

“Oh God. Ok, Maria’s dancing, with Michael.” Isabel turned to Alex. “Can you find her and tell her to meet us outside?”

Isabel once again took Tess into her arms. Alex nodded, in slight shock at what was happening.

“Alex,” Isabel grabbed his arm as he turned away. “Just tell her… I mean, don’t tell her…”

“Okay, I won’t worry her.”


Liz supported Tess from the opposite side and the two sisters half carried her outside. She was trying to say something but was still incoherent. They managed to get her away from the crowd outside the door and sit on a nearby bench.

“Iz, she’s in no condition to run.”

Isabel nodded and placed her hand on Tess’s forehead. As a glow spread out beneath her fingers Liz grabbed her arm away.

“Wait, the blood. Alex already saw it.”

“Shit. Okay I’ll leave the blood.”

Isabel made the connection again, healing the gash but leaving the evidence. Then she reached into her purse and used tissues to wipe it away.

Maria ran to the girls as soon as she exited the building. Michael and Alex were right behind.

“On my God,” she gasped when she saw the remains of the blood. “What happened?”

“It’s okay, she’s fine.” Isabel stood up and noted the worried looks Michael and Alex were giving them. She laughed a little. “Just a small cut in her hairline. It looks at lot worse than it is, really.”

Maria wasn’t buying it but Isabel wasn’t really saying it for her benefit.

Maria took Isabel’s seat and Liz quietly filled her in on what had happened.

Maria stood up again, “Okay we are out of here. Now.”

Alex stepped forward. “I’ll drive you.”

“No Alex. Really we’ll be fine,” Isabel said.

“Fine?” Alex looked at Isabel in amazement. “Isabel I heard Liz. Someone attacked Tess. You are not fine.”

Isabel bit her tongue. Liz should have been more careful talking about what happened.

“I know, but we’ll take care of it. We just need to get Tess home.”

Now Maria stood up. “We are not taking her home. We are leaving. Right now.” She turned to Alex. “Look, just drive us for a few miles and we’ll get another ride from there.”

Now Michael stepped in. “No way, something’s going on here and if you’re not going to tell us then we’re not going to let you go alone.”

Maria sighed. “Michael.”

“Maria,” he tossed back at her. “Look, there’s too many of us to fit anyway. I’ll get another car and we’ll all go, okay? Whatever’s going on we can help.”

Maria opened her mouth to protest but Michael had already turned away and was running back toward the school.

“God damn,” Maria swore under her breath.

Tess looked up at her, frightened. “Ria, maybe they can help. What if it gets bad?”

“Sweetie, if it gets bad then we’re just going to have more people to worry about.”

“No, more is better. It will be harder to deal with six of us than four,” Tess replied. Then, looking over Maria’s shoulder, she continued, “Or eight.”

Michael was back with Max and Kyle right behind him. “Max Evans, Kyle Valenti – the Parker’s.”

Isabel shook her head knowing that it was a mistake to involve anyone else in their problems but right now they needed a ride and stealing a car in front of the whole school wasn’t exactly a better plan.

“Okay, if we’re going it has to be now. We haven’t got much time.”

Max and Alex had parked together a few feet away from the teens. Alex directed Maria and Isabel toward his car while Kyle and Max helped Tess to her feet.

“If we split up, 2 and 2, it will be better, right?” Alex asked no one in particular.

Tess reached for Liz, “No, we have to stick together.”

“No, I think Alex is right. We should split up. I’ll stay with you sweetie.”

“Are you sure?” Isabel wanted to be there in case someone tried to hurt them again.

“No, but if they catch one car…” Liz let her voice trail off.

Isabel shook her head, “That’s not going to happen.” Still she climbed into the front of Alex’s car as directed and watched as Kyle helped Tess into the back of Max’s jeep and Liz climbed in the front alongside Max.

Alex was just yelling to Max to head east when two black vans screeched across the parking lot toward the crowd at the door. Liz screamed to Isabel.

“Alex, just get in and go,” Isabel yelled.

She turned to Max in the jeep alongside. “Just follow us and try to change direction once we lose them. We have cell phones to keep in contact.”

The two cars full of frightened teens pulled out of their parking spaces and raced toward the lot exit. Unfortunately Max and Alex didn’t think to keep a low profile and it took about 30 seconds for the vans to realize that their targets were escaping and take chase.

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