Fanfic - Michael/Maria
"You Can Take My Breath Away"
Part 1
by Shelbecat
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything – in fact I owe so much that someone probably owns me.
Summary: This was written in response to a challenge. If you want to try it please send your stories to Maria ( and Sherry (
1) MUST BE CC (M/M, M/L, A/I, K/T).
2) Maria, Liz, Isabel, and Tess are the aliens and are quadruplets. They are all like Isabel, ice queens, popular with ALL the boys and are all cheerleaders.
3) Michael, Max, Alex, and Kyle are all on the football team and are all very popular, they are humans and have been in love with the girls since 3rd grade.
4) Must include an on the run road trip and a capture by the FBI.
6) Maria and Isabel are closest as are Tess and Liz. Same with Max/Kyle and Alex/Michael. You decide how the guys found out, how they meet, and how long they are kept by the FBI.

Category: Michael/Maria
Rating: PG-13
Author's Note: This fic is in response to a challenge by Maria (above). If it weren’t for her encouragement I probably wouldn’t write any of my fics down so… thanks. It’s technically a CC but I’m candy to the core so don’t expect much couple development outside of M/M. It’s my second fic and I adore feedback so please send some!
The Parker sisters walked onto the football sidelines - fashionably late as usual. Cheerleading practice was to have started 15 minutes ago but the other girls on the squad were just sitting on the grass. Isabel shook her head and muttered under her breath, “Figures.”

Maria tugged her big sister on the arm, “Don’t complain Izzy. You’d be pissed anyway if they started without you.”

“Not much chance of that. They worship you Iz.” Tess, the youngest sister, spoke up.

Liz corrected her, “Us.”

The girls laughed and continued over to the group. From the football field four guys stopped their scrimmage and watched the sisters.

“God damn, she’s beautiful.” Kyle Valenti, jock extraordinaire. Tess Parker had been the object of his affection since 3rd grade. The only problem was that she didn’t know he existed. In fact, the other three girls also had secret admirers; the other three guys standing with Kyle.

Michael Guerin, star quarterback, in love with Maria Parker.

Max Evans, Kyle’s best friend, his love was for one girl only, Liz Parker.

And Alex Whitman, Michael’s best friend since grade school, his heart pined for Isabel Parker.

The four friends had wanted to approach the girls since grade 3 but had never worked up the courage. They were untouchable, perfection. This was the first year they had been on the cheerleading team, and already appeared to be in complete control. The guys were betting on their status as football players to finally bring them closer to the quads. They wouldn’t have to wait long.

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