FanFic - Michael/Maria
"Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda"
Part 3
by Jennie
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The glass shattered with a screeching noise that sent pricks down her skin… or maybe that was the exploding glass embedding itself deep within her.

She turned her head and immediately wished that she hadn’t. There they were. Her parents mangled in a bloody death.

Maria opened her mouth to scream but found herself in the Parker’s spare bedroom. She relaxed and let the scream fade away into a sigh of relief. She was drenched in swear and feeling a little nauseous but she got up anyway, her guilt getting the best of her.

It was seven in the morning and she had left her very loud and restless babies in Liz’s care on a school night.

“I am a horrible, horrible person,” she berated herself.

At the foot of her bed sat her four bags containing everything that she owned, not counting the massive amount of baby supplies that should arrive the next day.

She wormed her hand in and decided to save time and just wear the first things that she withdrew.

A thin, pea-green skirt that hung down to her knees… her yellow panties with the purple swirlies… and a small, white strapless shirt that had an open back. She had bought it in Santa Monica with her best friend Delia after they both got tattoos on their shoulder blades.

“Not too shabby,” Maria commented on her fashion ‘luck.’

She quickly leapt into the shower, down the hall, noticing the silence in the house and she internally thanked Mrs. Parker for taking care of Clay and Annalee.

About thirty minutes later, Maria was dressed and ready for what the world threw at her today. It was amazing as what a good night’s sleep could do to your spirits. Maria pushed back the memories involving her parents and those insistent nightmares.

After finding only an empty house, Maria made her way downstairs following strands of laughter and voices.

She peeked tentatively into the restaurant and smiled brightly. Mr. Parker and Liz were serving a breakfast of eggs, fruit, cereal, and waffles to a huge table full of her friends.

Max and Isabel were laughing hysterically about something that Alex was saying, animatedly waving an arm around while Clayton sat in his lap. Michael sat on Alex’s other side, a slice of apple hanging, forgotten, out of his mouth as he tried to feed Clay. Maria giggled as she saw the yellow much covering his arms instead of in the baby’s mouth. Mrs. Parker sat on the other side, having more luck with Annalee.

“Morning!” she called, happily walking in.

“Hey Maria!” Alex exclaimed. Max stood up and embraced her. “Welcome back to the living!” Alex stood up as well, juggling Clay in his arms comically.

“Thanks Max, Alex. What are you guys doing? Don’t you have school?”

“Yeah, we do,” Isabel grumbled, rolling her eyes. “Three more long and excruciating months…” Isabel trailed off as Alex grabbed her hand lovingly.

Liz collapsed into one of the chairs exhausted. Alex handed Clayton to Maria and took over Liz’ job of serving, without needing to be asked.

“For the past year or so we have made it a tradition to eat breakfast together,” Liz explained, leaning against Max.

“Oh….” Maria looked for a seat and was surprised to find Isabel offering Alex’s empty one to her. Smiling gratefully, she sat and proceeded to visit with her Clay. “How’s my baby?”

Clayton responded by grinning a huge semi-toothless grin, causing everyone to fill in the silence with an appropriate ‘aww!’

Maria smothered her giggling son in kisses. “Are you causing trouble this morning, sweetie?”

“I don’t think he likes mashed bananas too much,” Michael said, drawing Maria’s attention to the fact that he was seated next to her. He looked extremely good today. Maria glanced at his clothes and was shocked to see that they were of Gap quality although still maintaining the black motif he was known for. He seemed to have more self-confidence, more self-assurance. It was instantly appealing.

Her eyes drifted up his body and focused on his hand that was trying to force the glob of goop into Clay’s unwilling mouth.

“Sure he does,” she replied to his comment. Maria snatched the spoon out of his hand. “You just have to know how to feed him.” Carefully, she held Clayton, his back against her chest, and whispered soothingly into his ear. Dumping the huge spoonful, she instead opted for a small, dime-sized amount and slipped it easily into his mouth.

She had everyone’s rapt attention, amazing them with her natural ‘momminess.’

“So, Maria.” Mr. Parker cleared his throat. “Did you finish school?”

Maria shifted uncomfortably. Now it was time to show everyone what a screwed up person she was. “No,” she sighed. “It was too much with Clayton. Not that I regret having him one bit. He’s the only man for me.”

As if on cue, Clayton’s face scrunched up and he let out a huge sneeze spraying Michael’s pants with yellow spots. The room fell silent. Isabel let out a snort and the tension released, everyone laughing. Maria was surprised to see Michael join them. He sure had changed… but then again, so had she.

“You know, you still can,” Mr. Parker continued after the room had calmed. “You can get you GED and take a couple of classes at the JC. I’m sure everyone here would love to help with the tykes.”

Each of her friends nodded in agreement. “First things first,” Maria began. “I need an apartment.”

“Already taken care of,” Michael said, grinning.


“I happen to be good friends with a landlord and he cut me a deal. Only $150 a month plus utilities,” Michael said smugly.

“Are you serious?”

“Very. In fact, I need to go home and change.” Michael gestured to the mess on his pants. “I can take you to sign the papers on the way.”

Maria smiled. Today was turning out better than she thought.


He watched her cuddling Annalee, with her hair slightly damp and curly longer than he’d ever seen it. She turned around and secured the child into one of the car seats that Michael had placed in the back of his Explorer. Was that a… Maria has a tattoo? What else about her life did he not know? Who was the father of her child? Why had she gotten pregnant in high school? When had she become so irresponsible? Why isn’t the father with her now?

He had so many questions but refrained from asking just yet. He’d give it time.

Maria turned her hazel eyes on him and he felt his heart flutter as if no time had passed since their sophomore year. Embarrassed to be caught staring, he hefted the chubby Clay into the air and brought him around the other side to be strapped in as well.

A few minutes later, Michael pulled into a parking lot. “That’s it?” Maria asked. “Four blocks?”

Michael simply smirked.

He led her into a dim hallway carrying Annalee.

“Michael!” Maria turned to see a short, balding man waddling up. “Please don’t tell me you’re a daddy! Those poor kids!” Maria laughed and Michael glared icily at her. “And this poor woman. Having to deal with a guy like you…” He shook his head.

“Ha ha ha, Gary. Very funny. This is Maria, the one who’s gonna rent 205. Maria, this is old man Gary. He owns the place.”

“Ah, yes. Well, young lady, come into my humble abode so we can chit-chat about our friend Michael.”

“Okay, don’t tell her too much.” Michael turned to Maria. “I’ll be right back. Gonna go change. Do you mind if I take Anna with me?” Without waiting for an answer, Michael slipped away.

“So, how do you know Michael?”

Maria smiled. “We used to date.”

Gary smiled back, knowingly but seemed to realize that he shouldn’t ask the details. “These your two rugrats?”

“Yep. This is Clayton and Annalee is with Michael.” Maria bounced the happy baby in her lap.

“Well, hello buddy. So you’re the man of the house, huh?” Clayton stared wide-eyed at the man before breaking out into another huge smile. Gary was a natural with kids. Maria liked him instantly. Hey, if Clay liked you, you must be a good person!

“Here’s the paper work. First and last months rent down and $150 a month plus utilities.” She tugged her checkbook out of her purse and wrote the first of what she knew would be many, payments. “Sign here, here, and here.” She complied and felt a sense of freedom wash over her even though things were far from being free. She knew there was a long and narrow road ahead of her. “Here’s you’re keys. Two for the front door and two for the common bath—“

“Wait, what?”

“Common bath… you mean Michael didn’t tell you? The old design of this building has two apartments for one bathroom. Is that a problem?”

Maria quickly reviewed her situation. “No, not at all,” she said.

“Good. Come here kiddo,” Gary said grabbing Clay out of her arms. “Let me show you the place.”

They went upstairs and he stopped at the third door on the left. Gary opened the door and let Maria walk in first. It was small but very clean. AND it came with a stove, oven, microwave, and a half-sized fridge. She turned to see two large windows overlooking the main street and she could even see the bright lights from The Crashdown a few blocks away. Sure, it only had one bedroom and a living room but she didn’t need anything more. “I love it!” she squealed, finally excited.

“If you ever need a babysitter, my daughter Elise is 15 and loves it. She down in the first apartment.”

“Okay. Thank you so much Gary!” She leaned over and hugged the kind man, causing a deep blush to color his cheeks and neck.

“My pleasure.” He handed Clay back and stepped out the door.

Maria looked around once more, laying her eyes on the door leading into the bathroom. Time to meet the neighbors. She silently prayed that a girl lay beyond the door. All she needed was for it to be some forty-year-old pervert. She tried to calm herself by picturing a young girl about her age… soon the image morphed into Tess and Maria gave up. She just needed to knock.

And knock, she did. The door flew open and Michael appeared.

“You ready?” he asked.

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