Fanfic - Michael/Maria
"Ruined Lives"
"Change Is Good. Right?"
Part 2
by Danielle
Disclaimer: If I owned the show I so wouldn't be writing fan fiction to qualm my addiction.
Summary: An alien kidnaps Maria what he does to her? You'll have to read to fin out. Hehe!
Category: Michael/Maria
Rating: PG-13
Author's Note: Alex is still alive, Kyle knows, Maria and Michael are sorta together, Alex and Isabel are together, Max and Liz want but just can't get it together. There is possible Kyle/Tess loving in the air, but it's mostly M/M, candy all the way. Majandra's Cd came out check it out (little free promotion going on here. LOL) Feedback: this is my first fan fiction that I've actually decided to submit here so don't go easy on me and lots of feedback!!!!
Liz held her books to her chest as she walked down the halls looking for Max. His locker came into view and so did he. She took a deep breath and walked up to him. She waited for him to notice her rocking back and forth on her heels. Max didn't notice and continued to rummage through his locker.

"Hey Max." Liz spoke up.

"What!" Max snapped turned and looked at Liz an statement of frustration written all over his face. It softened considerably then became one of guilt, when he realized whom it was he had just yelled at.

"Oh gosh Liz I'm sorry I had no idea it was you."

"That's okay I did kind of sneak up on you. So did you enjoy yourself last night?"

"Yeah I did. Alex picked good movies."

"Yeah sorry about that. Alex has a thing for alien themed movies now that he knows." Liz apologised for Alex. The other night he had chosen all the 'Alien'(c)movies and a slew of other extraterrestrial films.

"That's all right. It's not like we didn't watch them all of a hundred time when we realized." excused Max.

"Really?" Liz grinned.

"Yeah." He admitted, "We'd thought that they could have held the answers. It's stupid I know but we were kids."

"No I think it's cute."

"What's cute? Oh god! Please don't tell me you two are flirting. I've already had to deal with Tess and Kyle this morning I'm not in the mood for you guys too."

"Hey! We were not flirting." Tess proclaimed.

"Sure you weren't and I'm the Queen of England." Isabel said sarcastically.

"Queen, England, no. Princess of another world. Yes." Kyle quipped.

"Don't get technical on me Valenti I can fry you with my laser eyes remember."

"Okay my turn to say stop." cried Liz.

"We don't mean it, it's just fun and games. Right Kyle." Isabel turned to Kyle.

He through his arm around her, "Right Iz."

Isabel was about to shrug him off when Michael and Alex showed up. Alex called from behind them. "Get your hand off my girl Valenti!"

Isabel smirked at Kyle and tried to turn to Alex but Kyle kept her in place. He spun himself and Isabel around to face Alex and Michael.

"What you going to do if I don't Whitman?" he challenged.

"I, sir Valenti," Alex said pretending to remove an imaginary glove slowly, "Challenge you to a duel." He removed the glove completely and pretended to slap Kyle across the face with it. Going along with it Kyle pretended to be slapped.

"Pardon me milady but could you please stand off to the side. I would not want your delicate self to be injured."

"Delicate?" Isabel said exasperated. "I'll give you..." Before she could finish her sentence Kyle pushed her to the side and into Michael. Michael stabled her before he let go. Isabel smiled at Michael and turned back to Kyle and Alex.

The two pulled imaginary swords from their sides, "Engarde Monsieur." They cried together and commenced to have a sword fight.

Michael rolled his eyes and stalked of to class mumbling his goodbyes. Max just smiled. Isabel and Tess shook their heads at the boys. Liz has come to expect the boys to act this way so it came as no surprise to her.

"Anyway," Isabel said and turned to Liz, "I wanted to thank you for last night. I had a lot of fun."

"Me too." Agreed Tess, "it's just too bad Maria had to leave so soon."

"Yeah have you talked to her since?" Max asked.

"I win, I win! You suck Valenti." Alex celebrated. He grabbed Isabel, spun her around and kissed her hard on the mouth. Due to her surprise Isabel's mouth had been open which Alex took full advantage of.

"Yeah well I let you win Whitman there's no way you could have... Aww gross." He said getting up having just noticed the battle of tonsil hockey going on. They continued to kiss deeply uncaring that they were being watched. By not only them but also by the whole school body.

"Hey, Alex that's my sister you're suffocating." Max joked.

Alex relinquished his hold on Isabel's lips but not her. "Yeah well she's my girlfriend, I love her and I will smother her with kisses all I want."

Liz gasped; Alex had, for the first time, confessed his love for Isabel. It didn't go unnoticed to Isabel either; she looked up at him tear welling up in her eyes. "You love me?"

Alex looked at her as if she'd grown another head. "Of course I do. How could I not."

"Oh Alex." Isabel said softly and hugged him tightly. "I love you too."

"That's so sweet." cooed Tess.

"It's not meant for public eyes that's what it is." Kyle said. Before anyone could say anything he grabbed Tess and Liz's arms, "In repetition of Michael's actions earlier we have homeroom. You too Evans."

"Huh?" Max looked at Kyle, "No I..."

Liz looked at him stressing that they leave. Max looked at his sister and Alex still wrapped up in each other, then at Liz and realized what they were doing. Liz couldn't help but shake her head for a king he wasn't very smart.

Liz and Tess walked silently into bio class together.

"Your late." Said Mr. Daniel. Looking up from his desk. The girls tried to explain but he interrupted, "No excuses. There's only one table left so you'll have to sit together."

They looked at each other but didn't move.

"Is there a problem ladies?" Mr. Daniel asked.

"No sir." They said together.

"Then have a seat."

"Yes sir." Again they replied at the same time. They turned and walked to the table.

"You okay with this? Cause I can sit on the floor or ask the teacher to change to seating arrangement?" suggested Tess.

"No," Liz put her books down on the table. "I'm okay if you're okay."

"Ladies are we interrupting or do you want us to wait?" Mr. Daniel asked and the class laughed.

Liz didn't know what to say except to blush and sit down. Tess on the other hand turned to the teacher, "Actually you were interrupting but I think we'll forgive you this time." And with that she sat down. Liz's eyes widened and she waited for the teacher to send her and Tess to the office.

"As long as you're done miss Harding, miss Parker." And he continued to go on.

That was easy. Too easy, way too easy. Liz looked at Tess, "What did you do?" She whispered.

"Nothing he's a softy. My 'dad' died remember." Tess explained.

"Oh." Liz opened her books and got to work on her project from yesterday.

Tess looked at Liz and thought about what Kyle had said. Maybe she should try to make friends. It couldn't hurt to try, much.

"Liz," she whispered.

"Hmm." Liz didn't look up.

"Uh, well I'm not so good with the hole science thing and I'd ask someone else to help me but I'm in a corner and I think I'm up to my sympathy limit with Mr. Daniel. So I was wondering..."

"Yes." Liz said turning to Tess.


"I'll help, it's what you were going to ask right?"

Tess laughed, "Yeah."

They worked together for five minutes when Tess spoke again. "Liz I wanted to thank you again."

"For what?" Liz inquired

"For inviting me over last night. I kinda thought you hated me."

"Why would you think that?"

"Well I did try and steal Max from you." Tess admitted.

"That's true," She paused, "but you had been told from birth that that was your destiny. I can't really blame you."

"Really?" Tess asked unsure of her.

"Yeah but I have to warn you it wasn't my idea to invite you."

'I knew it. She hates me.' Tess thought.

"It was Maria's, surprised? I know I was. She likes you."

"Wow," Tess couldn't help the huge smile or the tear of happiness.

Liz smiled, "Yeah."

"Have you talked to her since last night?" Tess had been worried about Maria. She didn't know why really it was just there in her mind but always out of reach. She'd been up half the night trying to figure it out with no success.

"No I tried to call her last night and this morning but there was no answer." Liz's voice was laced with worry too.

This didn't go unnoticed to Tess, "I'm sure she's fine, she's probably just off with her mom doing the mother daughter thing."


"How is she?" a man asked looking through a one-way glass mirror at the lone figure of a girl slumped over in a chair. The girl's arms were tied together with handcuffs and were pulled under the chair. Her blond long hair covered her face. Her chest rose and fell slowly.

"She's going to wake up soon." The other man replied.

"Good, get someone to let me know when she does." The man instructed.

"Yes Ohmak."

The man named Ohmak turned to leave the room but stopped, "Oh, Tebram, your actions in executing your orders are going to be under investigation and if I have it my way you will not go unpunished. By the time I'm trough with you, you will be spending the rest of your life in the brig." With that he left.

Tebram stared at the girl on the other side with a murderous glare. "I don't think so." He seethed, "I will have you Maria. If not now then later but I will."

Maria slowly came to. She tried to open her eyes but shut them fast when the light hit her eyes. She groaned as a viscous headache hit her head on. She tried to shield her eyes with her arms but couldn't move them. "What the hell." Her voice came out in a scratchy wisp. She found that her legs were also un movable, she wasn't going anywhere fast.

The memory of what had happened came back to her like a violent wave. "Oh god." She groaned. She had to get out of here. Okay she had to open her eyes first then move from there. She prepared herself and tried again going slowly getting accustomed to the bright light.

Eyes half open she took in her scenery. The room was small, no bigger then a closet. 'At least the walls aren't white.' She thought to herself. The chair she was attached to was metal and cool to the touch. The 'bright' light was a small insignificant 20 W hanging over her head. She would have laughed if she weren't so terrified. She turned to look at the entrance to her prison cell and noticed it wasn't locked. She smiled triumphantly tried to bounce the chair over to the door. Nothing happened. She tried again and again but no matter how hard she tried nothing happened. She looked at the feet of the chair and laughed a bitter laugh.

"Of course who needs to lock doors when you can just weld chairs to the floor." She muttered to herself. She looked at the door and wanted nothing more than to get up and get out of here. She then realized why the door was open, it was a tease. They, who ever they were, were teasing her.

"Bastards!" She hung her head back over the chair to get a look behind her.

"Yes well, it's all we had on such short notice." A voice came from the unlocked door.

Maria's head snapped back so fast it felt as though it had snapped right off. She winced.

"Are you all right child." He asked with genuine concern.

Maria glared at the man, "Go to hell." She spat at him, her saliva landing of his shirt. The man didn't even blink. He reached for his back pocket and Maria swore her life flashed before her eyes. He was going to shot her, she knew it. Her life was going to end before it even really started. As if in slow motion the man's hand disappeared underneath his jacket. 'Here it comes, me and my stupid mouth. Michael always said it'd get me killed someday.'

His hand came back to reveal the weapon of choice... A napkin! Maria breathed a sigh of relief. He cleaned off his suit and replaced the napkin. A napkin, she couldn't believe she'd been afraid of a stupid napkin.

The man looked up, "Look there's no need for profanity or harsh words of any kind. I..."

"Are you nuts!!!" Maria shrieked, "You kidnapped me you asshole. That's a fucking federal offence. Where the shit do you get of telling me not to fucking swear. I'm going to swear like a god damned fucking sailor and there's not a damn thing you can do about."

"I know..."

"NOOOO!!! I wasn't finished MISTER!! You've kidnapped me for gods sake. Who knows what your going to do to me I think I deserve to swear a little, hell a lot. So pardon me if I've offended you but I could care less how you feel you... you..." She had nothing else to call him and stumbled for words, "you...meany."

The man smiled at her. The man was smiling at her, "What the hell are you smiling at!" Her outburst only caused him to smile even broader and even start to laugh. "What in gods name are you laughing at."

"You child, I had no idea you'd act and sound so much like her. It's uncanny really and a little frightening at the same time." He mused.

"What the hell are you talking about? Why do you keep calling me child? If you haven't noticed I'm 16 going on 17. Are you on crack, drugs, some kind of hallucinogenic?" Maria was now thoroughly confused and scared shitless.

"If I were to tell you now you wouldn't believe me." The man stepped closer and Maria coiled back instinctively. "I'm not going to hurt you."

"Yeah well kidnapping kind of makes you not trust people. Besides my mom always said not to talk to strangers."

"Smart woman." He didn't back up but took a seat in a chair that Maria hadn't seen before. It was almost as if the chair came out of nowhere.

"That she is."

The man extended his hand to her and Maria looked at it strangely. Did he want her to bite it cause she sure couldn't shake it. Realizing this himself he dropped his hand.

"I'm Ohmak. I'm from a neighbouring planet of Antar's, called Sevrette. I came here after the royals crashed along with their protectors."

"The '47 crash?"

"Yes. I..."

"Are you a skin?" Maria interrupted.

Ohmak's eyes widened and he looked up at the mirror behind Maria.

"What? You didn't know they were here?"

He looked back at her, "No we knew. It's just we didn't think you'd know."

Maria's eyebrows pursed together, "If you didn't think I knew anything then why did you take me?"

Ohmak breathed deeply, "We didn't take you for what you may know but for who you are. What you are."

"What I am? I don't..." Maria was so confused now she was light-year past being scared.

"Your blood is half of what I am Maria." He explained. Maria stared at him in disbelief. Her eyes wide. "You are a Sevrettian."

"You are insane aren't you? Of course you are you've kidnapped me, if that's not a reason I don't know what is."

"Maria, I'm telling you the truth I can prove it."

"No!! I'm human, I was born and every thing. What kind of sick joke is this? I'm normal dammit. I don't have powers. I'm a normal teenage girl." She argued, the dam threatening to blow. She started to hyperventilate. Her breaths came in short gasps.

"I can explain every thing Maria you just have to calm down." He reached forward to help her with his powers.

Maria jerked from him and the tears started, "I... can't... breath..."

"I know. I'm going to help you." He reached for her again. She jerked and again said she couldn't breath. It became a chant. She cried in a whisper, I can't breath over and over again.

Ohmak turned to the window again and two men in uniforms like Ohmak entered the room. "Hold her down!" He ordered. He turned to Maria, "You have to calm down or you'll hurt your self."

The last thing Maria saw was Ohmak touching her head and then every thing became peaceful and quiet.

Ohmak sat back as Maria slumped in her chair, unconscious. He breathed a sigh of relief.

A woman and a man walked in the room their expressions emotionless. The woman walked up to them. She took Maria's lifeless face in her hands. She turned it from side to side examining it. She turned to Ohmak, "You're right she does have an eerie resemblance to her. You did good, Ohmak though the last bit was unexpected."

"She didn't handle the news well, Pelar, most don't." Ohmak defended Maria's reaction.

"Yes well most don't faint from hyperventilating and suffocating themselves do they." With that she and the other man left.

Ohmak grumbled and turned to the two men that had held Maria down, "She does not like me."

"No one likes you Ohmak." Mark the first man said with a smile on his face.

"He's kidding. Every one likes you. Pelar just has a stick up her butt." replied Cole, the second man.

"Yeah that she should have surgically removed." Quipped Mark.

"I don't think there is a surgeon good enough for that job. It's too far up." Cole added. The two laughed and Ohmak hesitantly laughed along with them. "You did good, whether she sees it or not doesn't matter. Maria will awake and be in a better mood." Cole reassured Ohmak.

"You are such a girl Cole I don't know why I even talk to you." Mark said turning to leave the room.

"You talk to me because I can get the girls that's why." Cole replied. He looked at Ohmak, "It could take awhile but I can't think of anyone but you doing it. Sleep well Ohmak." Cole turned and followed Mark.

"Well Maria lets wake you up." With that he reached to her head again and Maria's eyes opened slowly. "Why don't we try this again."

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