Fanfic - Michael/Maria
"Ruined Lives"
"Fun and Games Only Last So Long"
Part 1
by Danielle
Disclaimer: If I owned the show I so wouldn’t be writing fan fiction to qualm my addiction.
Summary: An alien kidnaps Maria what he does to her? You’ll have to read to fin out. Hehe!
Category: Michael/Maria
Rating: PG-13
Author's Note: Alex is still alive, Kyle knows, Maria and Michael are sorta together, Alex and Isabel are together, Max and Liz want but just can’t get it together. There is possible Kyle/Tess loving in the air, but it’s mostly M/M, candy all the way. Majandra’s Cd came out check it out (little free promotion going on here. LOL)
I can’t believe I’m here. I swore I would never come here. I’m a hypocrite I know. The fact that I am here says I have no self-control, but you would have done the same thing. I don’t think you could have not come. Not with what was at steak. I don’t think any human being, huh! Oops, extraterrestrials included. I crack myself up.

You’re probably wondering what I’m talking about. Hell sometime even I wonder what I’m talking about. It the blonde hair I swear. I should probably start at the begging. I hear it’s a pretty good spot to start.

Here goes. A week ago Liz and I were closing up…

Liz parker came tumbling down the stairs and burst through the backroom door. “Maria! Oh my god, Maria! You are not going to believe what just happened.” She stopped and looked around. The lights were on but no Maria. The tables were cleaned and the chairs turned up. She looked at the door to make sure it was locked. It wasn’t, she walked across the restaurant and locked it. ‘Maria must have gone home.’ She thought to herself.

As Liz walked back she stepped in something and screamed. “Eww, gross!” She bent down and found she’d only stepped in water and laughed at herself. She went for a rag behind the counter.

When she started to round the corner the mop bucket, tipped on it’s side, came into view. Fear crept up her spine and made it’s way to through out her body down to the tips of her fingers. She lurked forward cautiously and a hand came into view. ‘A female hand.’ She thought, ‘A familiar hand!.’

“ Oh my god!” she whispered hoarsely, “Maria!” Hundreds of horrible situations flew through Liz’s head. ‘She’s dead!’ being the prominent one. She rounded in record time and flew to Maria’s side. “Maria!, come on wake up.”

“ I am up. I’m just resting my eyes.” She said casually, her eyes opening up.

Liz sighed in relief, “Then what the hell are you doing on the floor. Do you have any idea how scared I was. I though one of the skins had gotten to you and you were hurt or even worse dead? Dead! Maria, dead.”

Maria’s hand went up in defence, “I’m sorry, just chill okay.” Her voice was on the edge of getting very angry. She wasn’t angry at Liz just life in general. She didn’t get up or move for that matter. She just lay there staring at the ceiling.

Liz sighed and sat back against the counter. “Okay Maria. What are you doing on the floor?”

Maria turned her head and said with seriousness explained, “ I’ve been working here for how long now…”

“ Three years.” Liz interrupted.

“ AND, I’ve swept the floor countless times, I’ve mopped the floor, I’ve even polished the floor on the rare occasion that it was needed.” Liz’s eyebrows furrowed, “And in all that time I have never gotten to KNOW the floor. That’s all I was doing. I was just getting to know the floor.”

A small smile crept it’s way up Liz’s face. “You fell, huh?”

Looking back up at the ceiling Maria faked thinking for a second then nodded admitting defeat. Liz started to chuckle softly. Maria turned her head sharply and glared. The glare didn’t hold up long and Maria couldn’t help but start to laugh too. Soon the two were laughing with full force. Tears streaming down their faces. Liz’s sides started to hurt but she couldn’t stop. Maria crawled over to Liz and placed her head in her lap.

Michael was bored, he missed Maria and really all he wanted was her. He would love to just grab her, no matter where she was at the moment, drag her back to his place and have his way with her. Of course if he actually tried and hit him upside the head and go back to whatever conversation she was having. But the funny thing is when he’s finally get her alone she’d let him be the caveman and have his way with her. It’s what made him love her and he hated to admit it but he did love her and was so whipped. Not that he would admit that to anyone but himself.

“Isabel! Hurry up! Do not make me come up there cause if you do I will string you up by your neck using you own hair piece!”

He heard Isabel laugh then call out, “No you wouldn’t your to lazy. Just cool you jets, you’ll get to see Maria soon enough.”

Michael coughed involuntarily, “ I’m just hungry, this has nothing to do with Maria.”

“Huh, yeah right Michael.” Max said from behind him.

“Like you can talk Max,” Isabel said coming down the stairs adjusting her shirt. Michael looked at her with a raised brow, “I know I can’t talk either, none of us can. Lets face it were all love struck and I could care less if we are. We’re stuck with them and I rather like.” Her thought most defiantly on Alex her new boyfriend.

“Come on.” Isabel said kicking Michael’s feet of the foot stool. “Lets go. I’m hungry and Alex need us to pick him up.”

“I thought he had his own car?” Max asked grabbing his coat and Michael’s coats, and getting ready to go out the door.

“He does, but he left the lights on all night and the batteries are dead.”

“Battery Isabel, There’s only one.” Quipped Michael.

“God! Does it really matter.” She said closing the door. A faint yes and Isabel’s groan could be heard through the door.

Kyle walked to his car whistling and twirling the keys on his finger. He was a good mood for some unknown reason. He got in his car and started it. A Britney Spears song came blasting out of the radio and sent him reeling, his heart jumping out of his chest. His arm shot out flipping the radio off with more force than needed. His breath came in short gasps till he was finally able to calm down. Resting his head on the wheel he mumbled something about Tess and her taking over his life.

The door opening caused him to look up. Tess jumped into the car and buckled up. She sat and waited for Kyle to pull out of the driveway. When he didn’t make a move to she looked at him from the corner of her eyes to find him staring at her.

“What!” She yelled and turned to him, “ What’s your problem, why are you looking at me like that?”

“Did you take my car out?”

She didn’t answer, “ It’s an easy question Tess. You shouldn’t have to think about it that much. Look I’m not going to kill you if you say yes. I just want to know.”

“Yes. Okay I did. I took your car out. But I had a very good reason.”

“What? What was so important that you couldn’t have asked first?”

“I needed some female things.” ‘It was the truth, sort of. Clothes count as female things right?’ she thought to herself.

“Female things? What female… Oh… Uh… Yeah, um okay,” he fumbled, “Next time let me know.” After he put the car in gear he added, “ And please turn the station before you turn the car off or at least turn it down.”

Tess smiled, “Sure.” Under her breath, “Men.”


“Huh? Oh nothing just talking to myself.”

Kyle nodded and continued to drive. They drove in silence for a while when Tess spoke up.

“I still don’t see why I had come. They don’t even like me and I so don’t want to be there.”

“Come on Tess it’s your own fault if they don’t like you.” Kyle realized it was the wrong thing to say a little to late.

“What are you trying to say, that I chose my destiny with Max. That one morning I woke up and decided to ruin Liz and Max’s relationship or Michael and Maria’s, or Isabel and Alex’s. I didn’t…”

“Okay, okay! I get the idea. Look Tess I didn’t mean it like that.”

“Really and how did you mean it huh?”

“All I was trying to say is that you don’t exactly let people like you.” Tess looked at him strangely. Kyle sigh, “You’re all business, you don’t talk about the things you like or dislike. It’s like the words; small talk or pleasant conversation aren’t in your vocabulary. Get it?”

Tess giggled, “Do you know who you just sounded like just now?”

“No who?”


“I did didn’t I?”

“Yeah but it helped. I think I get.”

Kyle smiled proudly at himself. Tess noticed this, “ Don’t let your head get to inflated it was Maria’s logic not yours. You were just plagiarizing.”

“Shut up.” He said playfully.

Kyle pulled the car into the Crashdown Cafe parking lot. He turned off the ignition and turned to Tess, “So, you going to take my advice?”

“I don’t know Kyle, I don’t think it’ll work. Liz hates me because she thinks I tried to take Max away, Maria hates me because, well she just hates me and so does Alex. I don’t think they could ever forgive me.”

“Not at first but Liz isn’t one to keep grudges and neither is Alex.”

“What about Maria?” Tess asked.

“Maria could take a while. On the first day of school I accidentally pushed her in the mud and ruined her favorite dress. It took two years for her to forgive me.” He mused.

Tess hung her head. So much for that dream. Her head snapped up, “Wait so there is still a chance that she could forgive me?”

“You really want that don’t you, especially with Maria. Why?”

“Well yeah. Have you seen Maria and how much she cares about Liz and Alex. She’d do anything for them. And it’s the same for the rest of you guys. I want that.” her voice was full of pain.

“You have me.” He whispered hoping she wouldn’t hear but she did. An uncomfortable silence fell over the two of them. Kyle finally decided to break the silence, “ Lets go in side.”

Tess nodded and Kyle got out. Tess sat there for a second and watched Kyle. A smile played across her face, “Thank you.” She whispered.

When she got out Max and the others pulled up. Tess smiled at Isabel and she smile back. Tess turned her attention back to Kyle who was trying to open the door.

“Push Kyle not pull.” Alex said getting out and linking arms with Isabel.

“Shut up Whitman, it’s locked.”

“That’s easily remedied.” Said Tess. She waved her hand over the door and they all heard the tell tail click that told you the door was unlocked.

“Thanx.” Kyle smiles at her and she smiled back. They stared into each others eyes.

“ Get a room or get out of the way.” Michael’s signature bark knocked them back into reality.

“Sorry.” Tess said sheepishly.

Isabel led the way, Alex toting behind her.

Liz and Maria continued to sit on the floor pretty much in the same positions. They hadn’t moved or really said a word to each other. The past couple of days had been hard on the two and they where just glad they could sit there and not worry. The sound of a car pulling up pulled Liz out of her reverie. She looked down at Maria to see her looking at ceiling.

“I think someone is here.” Liz told Maria.

“So.” She state simply.

“So maybe we should get off the floor.”

“Why you uncomfortable or something?”

“No, actually it’s kinda comfy. We haven’t really had the chance to just sit back and relax.”

“Got that right now shut up and bask. Okay.”

“Yes sir.” Maria smiled at Liz’s antic then turned back to the ceiling.

Liz smiled too and sat back again her hand playing with Maria’s hair.

A minute later they herd the door open and Max say…

“ I wonder where they are?”

“I don’t know,” Alex said and walks to the back, “ Liz!? Maria!? Where are you?”

Tess screamed when a hand came flying up from behind the counter followed by another one higher then the first.

Maria couldn’t help but laugh at Tess, which started Liz going again, and the two went off again in a fit of laughter.

When Maria looked up Max, Michael, Isabel, Tess, and Kyle where peering down at them. Alex came up beside them and sat down in front of Maria’s head.

Alex looked down at Maria in Liz’s lap and she looked back, still laughing, “Hi…Alex…how’s it. going?” She asked gasping for breath.

“Pretty good.” He paused and looked up at the others then back down, “ Whatcha doing?”

Liz calmed down a little and looked at Maria and she looked back. “ Yeah what are we doing down here? Huh Maria? Huh?”

Maria stuck her tongue out at her. Liz started laughing again that in turn caused Maria to laugh.

“ Okay we’re getting no where. Up. Up!” Alex said pulling Liz up first. Maria’s head hit the floor with a loud thud and she groaned in pain laughing long forgotten.

“ You okay?” Michael asked surprising every one.

“ I fell.” She mumbled picking herself up into a sitting position.

“Yeah we saw.” Kyle said, “ Nice moves Whitman.” Isabel hit Kyle’s arm and he yelped. “ What?”

“Leave him alone.” Isabel warned.

“No you don’t understand she fell, before, that’s how we got down there. I found her there. Sprawled out on the floor, scared me have to dead.”

“She was okay though?” Tess asked concern surprisingly in her voice.

“I… am fine. Help? Please?” Liz reached out to her pulled her up. She pulled so hard and almost sent the two of them back down. They started to laugh again and Maria leaned on Liz and vice versa.

“Okay what drug are you two on and where can I get some?” Alex joked a smile on his face.

Maria wrapped her left arm around Alex’s shoulder and her right around Liz’s. “Life my friend good old fashion pure and simple life. Right Liz?”

“Yep.” She nodded.

“You two are in good moods.” Max mused.

“And why shouldn’t we be?” Maria asked moving away from Alex and Liz to sit in a stool.

Max shrugged his shoulders, “You haven’t exactly been Miss Mary Sunshine lately.”

“Yeah well the floor was very helpful in cheering me up.”

Liz laughed again and the others looked puzzled. “Did we miss something?” asked Kyle.

“No comment.” Liz said defiantly.

Maria looked at her, smiled and turned back to him, “I take the fifth.” She stated.

Alex pulled Liz and Maria into a big bear hug, “ I missed you guys!” They laughed again.

“Oh god if I laugh anymore my cheeks are going to burst.” Maria complained.

“I know. It’s your fault you know.” Liz accused.

“Yeah but you’re enjoying.”

“If you too are done now I have the movies in hand and there’s junk food calling my name upstairs.” said Alex.

“We still have to clean up but you guys can go up on your own,” explained Liz.

“ You know what, I can do the cleaning up. I still have to get dressed and you did it last time.” offered Maria.

“You sure?”

“Yeah go, besides it’s my mess.”

“Thank you.” Liz said child like.

“You welcome.” Maria said in the same voice.

The group moved upstairs and Maria went to work cleaning up the floor. “Does that feel good Mr. Floor.” She joked and laughed at herself. Five minutes later the floor was dry and the counter wiped down and cleared. Maria went into the backroom to change into her street clothes. As she was pulling her pants on the phone rang. She stopped and thought of getting it but after the second ring it stopped. She finished pulling her pants on when Liz called down to her.


“Yeah!” Maria called back up.

“Phone!” she called back.

“’kay! Wonder who it is?” She asked herself. She moved to the phone and picked it up. “Hello?”

“Maria Deluca?”

“Yeah.” Maria herd Liz’s end hang up. “and you are?”

“Your worst nightmare.”

“What?” Instead on the voice coming from the phone she herd the voice from behind her. She froze and her eyes grew wide. She could hear her could be attacker breathing behind her and felt him step closer. She had to call for help.

“Help!” she tried but nothing came out. Her hands flew to her throat. She couldn’t talk. She tried to run but the man behind her grabbed her and pinned her to his chest.

She could feel warm breath on her neck and she had an overwhelming need to throw up. She struggle to get away but the man squashes her tightly and tears sprung to her eyes from the pain he was causing. He breathed in her sent and whispered, “You’re even more beautiful then they said. I’m going to enjoy you so much.”

Maria started to shake violently. There was nothing else she could do but shake. The man laughed at her. “Look little girl I’m going to give you your voice back on one condition,”

‘Oh my god he’s a skin. He’s one of them.’ She cried in her head.

“When I restore your voice you are going to call to your friends and tell them you have to go, that was you mom on the phone she’s having a crisis. Got it?” Maria nodded.

“If you say anything or do anything that will make them think otherwise I will kill your them. I will have my way with you then I will kill you and trust me when I say this, It won’t be pretty. Do understand me?” He tightened his grip a little more and moved one hand to her breast grabbing it tightly to prove his point. The tears were flowing now and she wasn’t sure if her voice would be strong or convincing enough but she wouldn’t let her friends get hurt. Not if there was a way to prevent it. She nodded her agreement.

When she didn’t do anything he squeezed harder. “Do it!”

“I didn’t know okay.” She was right her voice cracked and made her sound weak.

“Well now you know so do it!”

“Fine,” She prepared herself and hoped her voice sound at least almost normal,

“ Liz!” She waited for Liz answer.


Maria took a shaky deep breath, “Keep it simple Maria.” He told her again.

“That was my mom I have to go she’s having some sort of problem or something.”

“Hold I’m coming down!” Maria’s heart stopped.

“Stop her or she’s dead,” he threatened.

She looked at the stairs that Liz would soon be coming down. She new what she had to do but couldn’t

“Now!” he whispered as loud as he could without alarming the others.

“No! That’s okay I’ll just go!”

“You better hope she listens.”

‘Please Liz don’t come down!’ Maria cried to herself. She was torn between wanting her to come down and saving her and not coming at all.

“Okay catch you later!” When Maria she let out a breath she didn’t know she’s been holding. She didn’t know weather she was happy or devastated. She could feel her kidnapper smile and whisper a good job but she couldn’t care less what he had to say she hated this guy and was never going to change her mind.

“Say bye, bye to you friends human you won’t be seeing them for a while.” He taunted her.

She couldn’t do it. She couldn’t give up. She had to get help screw the consequences. “Help!” Nothing came out, “Oh god Michael,” . The urge to brake down and sob was so strong but she knew she couldn’t give up, not now. She kicked her foot out and got him in the shin. His grip loosened but not enough so that she could get away. He had her by the waist and she struggled. She hit his arms and tried to kick him again. He pulled her arms back down with one arm and gripped her head in his other. She felt a surge of something hot and painful coarse through her and as she started to black out she herd the man whisper, “Stupid girl.”

Meanwhile upstairs…

“Wonder what’s up with Maria’s mom?” questioned Kyle.

“You know Deluca woman they’re all wacky.” Michael mused.

“Yeah but the party won’t be as much fun then it would if Maria was here.” Max added.

“Would you people be quiet. I’m trying to watch the movie here.” Isabel whined from her position at Alex’s feet.

They all went back to watching the movie. Alex who was sitting closer to the hall way perked up. “ Hey guys did you here that?” No one looked up, “Guess not.” And he went back to watching the movie.

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