FanFic - Michael/Maria
"Rock 'n' Roll"
Part 1
by Rebecca
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Summary: Response to Mel's challenge: 1) M&M fic, any rating (*whistling the happy NC-17 song to the RosBDSMers...*) 2) Maria must sing the song "I Love Rock 'n' Roll" by Joan Jett (see lyrics below) 3) Michael must be the fella she's singing it to 4) She must deliberately decide to push his buttons, and start "flirting" with the other young men in the room. 5) Michael must get extremely jealous at the way the other guys are watching her and do something about it. Be creative! :) 6) Intervention/appearance by Rath would be greatly appreciated, but isn't required. Though I'm sure if someone on RosBDSM or RosFreaks picks up on this, he'll show up. ;) LOL!
Category: Michael/Maria
Rating: R
Maria looked at the flyer that was taped on the wall of the hallway.

The Whitts,
Featuring Maria DeLuca
Crashdown Cafe
Friday 8pm

It was thursday. One more day.

"Hey." She turned to see Liz walk up to her.

"Hey." Liz looked at the flyer.

"Nervous?" She asked.

"No...............A little............OK, I'm like beyond nervous chica!"

"Maria! Calm down." Liz smiled.

"Calm down? Calm down! The last time I performed, Max was drunk, and-"

"Maria!" Liz put her hand on Maria's mouth. "You're babbling."

"Mmmmhmm." Maria said muffled, Liz's hand still on her mouth."

"Now, just relax, breath in," Maria did so. "Out." Maria did so. Liz took her hand off. "Better?" She asked. Maria nodded.

"Hey." They turned to see Michael. "Everything OK?" He asked. Maria and Liz nodded.

"Well, hey, I gotta get to class, so, I'll see you later, and you're going to be great tomorrow." Liz said. She walked off.

"What's tomorrow?" Michael asked.

"What? Michael, please tell me you're kidding." Maria said. Michael looked at her. She sighed and pointed at the flyer. "I'm singing tomorrow, hello."

"Oh, right, yeah.......sorry, forgot." Michael said.

"Forgot? Michael! I can't believe you." She started to storm away.

Michael grabbed her arm. "Ok, I'm sorry, how about I make it up to you?" He said. Maria looked at him.

"How?" She asked. He smirked and looked at the eraser room. She looked at him. "Michael, I have to get to class."

"Come on." He coaxed. Maria smiled. "Fine." They went to the eraser room.

Michael locked the door. He grabbed Maria and kissed her hungerily. He kissed down her jawline and then down to her neck. He sucked and nibbled on the flesh of her jugular. His hands went under her shirt.

"Michael......whoa, ok, slow down." She lightly pushed him back.

"What?" He asked.

"Are you ok? You're acting really wierd."

"Yeah, I'm fine." He said. Maria looked at him.

"Well, listen, I better go to class." She stepped past him and left the eraser room.

"Oh man." Maria sighed.

"What?" Liz asked. Both girls were in the backroom getting ready for work. Maria showed Liz her neck.

"Whoa, is that a-"

"Hickie, and yes, it is."


"Liz! Who do you think gave it to me? Spaceboy. God, now every customer is going to give me the wierd eye." They walked out to start working.

"I need three orders of saturn rings and a MIB burger." Maria said.

"Here, take this to table 3." Michael handed her a plate. He looked at her. He grabbed her arm. "What the hell is that on your neck?" He said.

"Michael, it's called a hickie." She said.

"I know what it is. Why do you have a hickie?!"

"Michael, a hickie is what happens when someone sucks on a piece of flesh." Maria said lowly.

"Who was sucking on your neck?!"

"Very funny, Michael." Michael looked at her angerily. She rolled her eyes. "OK, this afternoon.....Me.......You.......Eraser room.........Your traveling hands....."

"What?! What are you talking about? I haven't seen you at all until a few mintues ago." Maria looked at him. He was telling the truth. She gasped and dropped the plate she was holding.

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