FanFic - Michael/Maria
"Just the Two of Us, Some Friends, and a Spaceship"
Part 2
by Kim
Disclaimer: Me No Own, I'm just playing with them and I will return them when I am done.
Summary: This takes place after graduation and everyone still lives in Roswell while attending college. Maria is pregnant and trying to figure out how to deal with that and the news that the pod squad has found their ship and might be able to return to their home planet.
Category: Michael/Maria
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: This story is written in response to all the stories written about Maria or Liz where they are pregnant and on their own. As a young (20) single mother I feel it is sometimes glamorized by people (not necessarily by anyone on the list, cause a lot of us are moms) and single motherhood is anything but glamorous. Okay I am now stepping off of my soapbox. This is my first fanfic so feedback would be great. Please be patient with me. :)
After Maria started breakfast she called Liz and asked her to come over. She was just buttering the toast when Liz popped through the back door. " hey girl, what's up? "

"Liz, I have a problem and I need your help. "

"What's wrong? How can I help? " Liz asked sounding concerned because Maria had been distant for a few days.

"I'm pregnant."

"Oh my god, Have you told Michael yet?"

"No, I haven't and you can't either Liz. I mean it. I don't want him to feel obligated to stay. You know they have been searching for clues to their past and if they find what they need I want him to be able to he's always wanted. I....I mean we can't hold him back. He would resent us later."

"Maria, you are my best friend and I am not going to let you go through his alone. But you have to tell him, if only so he can make an educated decision, with all the facts. You owe that to him, and if you don't give him the choice he might resent that even more." Liz said hoping that she could persuade Maria to tell Michael because that might give him what he wanted so much in his life. A family of his own, that he actually belonged to in every way.

"I can't tell him Liz, he'll hate me. I should just leave Roswell and never look back." Maria said as tears began to fall.

"Where would you go? You can't leave Roswell, all of your friends are here. And what about your mom? How would she feel if you left? We would all miss you so much. We'll help you through this. Michael isn't going to hate you I don't think he has that in him."

"I know, I know. This is just so hard. I have to tell him, I knew you would help me make the right choice. I just don't know how to tell him. I need a couple of days, so please don't say anything to him....or Max. "

"I won't say a word until you tell me it's okay. I'll be here to help...if you need me. All you have to do is call me. Okay?" Liz said stepping closer to Maria and wrapping her arms around her in a long needed hug.

As they pulled away from each other the smoke detector began to screech, breakfast was burnt to a crisp. "Oh my goodness." They both gasped reaching for the windows and doors nearest them so they could air the kitchen out before they left for their shifts at The Crashdown.

"I guess we'll have to catch a bite somewhere else." Liz said laughing.

"I'm not all that I hungry but I should eat something. Now that I'm eating for two, you know. " Maria said getting a little smile on her face.

"Now that's the Maria I know. Always up to a challenge. We better get if we don't want to be late."


When they arrived at The Crashdown they were surprised to see Jose in the window instead of Michael.

"Hey Jose, what are you doing here I thought Michael was working today?" Liz asked of their cook.

"It was but he called off, said he was sick and couldn't work." Jose replied going back to the grill.

"Oh no Liz, Michael doesn't get 'sick'. What if something is really wrong with him? " Maria whispered as they clocked in.

"Maria calm down. Sniff your cedar oil. Give him a call, I'm sure he has an explanation." Liz said as she handed Maria the cordless phone.

Maria dialed Michael's number and listened to it ring on the other end of the line. After it rang twelve times she hung up the phone.

"Liz, he isn't answering the phone."

"Maybe he's sleeping and isn't hearing it. I'm sure he's fine but I'll call Max and ask him to go over and check on him. Okay?"

"Would you please? I know I am spazzing here but we both know that Czechoslovakians don't get 'sick'." Maria said as she impatiently waited for Liz to dial the Evans' number.

"Hi Mrs. Evans, this is Liz Parker, is Max home?"

"I'm sorry Liz, but Max isn't here right now. He ran off about an hour ago looking really excited."

"Did he say when he would be back?" Liz asked.

"He sure didn't Liz, he ran off so fast I didn't even get to ask where he was going." Mrs. Evans replied.

"Could you tell him to give me a call when he gets in? I'll be at The Crashdown all day." Liz asked.

"I'll give him your message when I see him. Bye Liz."

"Thank You Mrs. Evans. Bye." Liz hung up the phone and repeated everything she had been told. " Why don't you run over to Michael's apartment and check on him. I'll cover your tables until you get back."

As Maria was turning to retrieve the keys to the Jetta they saw Isabel come rushing in, looking very excited.

"Liz, Maria I have got to talk to you guys. Do you have a sec?" Isabel asked breathlessly.

"Isabel, what is going on Max has run off and we can't get a hold of Michael, and he's sick. Is something wrong?" Liz asked wondering what was making Isabel so happy.

"No everything is finally falling into place. Max and Michael think they have figured out where our ship is!" Isabel whispered excitedly.

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