FanFic - Michael/Maria
"Destiny Can Wait"
Part 9
by Lea
Disclaimer: I wish I owned Roswell, but I don’t, so don’t sue me please!
Summary: : In a world where humans and aliens distrust each other, an unusual pair discover whether or not they can survive each other!
Category: Michael/Maria
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: This is sort of a continuing on story to An Amazing Feeling. People seemed to like that story so we’ll see if it was a fluke and watch how this one unfolds.
Maria tripped again in the darkness, her tears blurring her vision.

She felt emotionally sick. Someone she loved and trusted had just taken her heart and stomped all over it.

“Maria!” A voice called out behind her.

She couldn’t believe it. He wanted to do some more damage. She kept her head down and stumbled forward, trying to blend in with the scenery.

Suddenly the ground disappeared below her. She felt herself falling, and she screamed. She hit the ground with a loud thud and everything went black.

Michael watched Maria as she suddenly disappeared from sight. Fear gripped his heart as he heard her scream, then stop.


“MARIA!” he yelled at the top of his lungs, and raced over to the edge of the ravine. He slid to a stop and lay on his stomach, peering over the edge.

Since he had the ability to see better in the dark than during the day, he could see her clearly. She hadn’t fallen all the way, just to a ledge about twenty feet down.

But he could also see her aura, with black streaks slicing the clear blue. Not a good sign. But it hadn’t disappeared completely, so at least she was still alive.

He stood up quickly. He had to get Max. Max could heal her.

Michael had his powers, but healing was Max’s major. Michael could only focus enough to heal small things.

He looked back down at Maria. To his horror he could see her aura fading by the minute.

There was no way Michael was going to get Max there in time.

Crying out in frustration, he searched for a way down to the ledge. The only way down was crumbly and unstable, but Michael took it anyway.

He slowly picked his way carefully down the ledge, and it wasn’t long until he was at her side.

She looked deathly pale and blood was trickling out of her nose and mouth. He quickly healed them, while thinking about what he should do.

Maybe he could get her to the top and take her to Max.

No, it was too risky.

“God Maria, please hold on. Please don’t die.” He whispered softly into her ear. He then decided he could do it. He could heal her.

Closing his eyes, he carefully placed his hands across her chest. He thought thoughts of only Maria.

The way she laughed, she way she smelt, the way she talked. He focused on her emotions, her happiness, her anger, her fear, her pain. He was suddenly hit with a burst of her love for him, so strong it nearly knocked him over.

It was an incredible feeling. And suddenly he was in. Their hearts beat as one and Michael could see her memories. Her father leaving, her dog dying, meeting Michael, her friendship with Liz and Alex. He sent images to her, to make the connection stronger. Images of herself, of Max and Liz, Isabel and finally images and emotions of himself. His annoyance when he first met her, his feelings of satisfaction when ever he made her uncomfortable, his fear when she fell, and his own love for her.

Michael wasn’t going to deny it anymore, he loved her. And he wanted her to know, whether she made it out or not. Then he got to work.

He found all the broken bones and healed them as quickly as possible. Then he searched her bloodstream for clots or tears, and fixed them too.

He made his way up to the brain and found it damaged, after hitting the ground with such a strong force. He felt terrified. If he didn’t do this right he could do more damage than good.

Michael took a deep breath and concentrated hard on the damaged tissue. Slowly and carefully he began to repair it. It seemed like an eternity, but he finally seemed to get it right. He checked everything again and sent one last burst of love to her, before breaking the connection.

Michael opened his eyes wearily, and immediately glanced at Maria. To his relief her aura had changed. The black streaks were gone, leaving a crystal clear blue, the colour of a mountain lake. Although the edges were rimmed slightly with black, Michael knew it would only be a slight headache in the morning. He settled back against the rock and gently lifted her head into his lap. Now he would just rest and wait till she woke up.

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