FanFic - Michael/Maria
"Cosmic Attraction"
Part 2
by Nicola Cooper
Disclaimer: I own the story itself but i've borrowed the charaters and names.
Summary: Maria has an unexpected visitor.
Category: Michael/Maria
Rating: PG
Authors Note: feedback would be greatly appreciated
"Are you alright," Liz said pulling Maria to her feet.

"Yeah it was just a headache." Maria replied to re~asure Liz. "Good job you caught me, I could have gone flat on my face." Maria said directing her comment to Michael who stood beside her, looking concerned.

"Yeah, are you sure you're okay, you don't look too good." he said.

"Sure." Maria smiled and started to walk towards the mall entrance, "Atcually I'm gonna go home and get some rest, I didnt get much sleep last night anyway."

"Okay, you want me to drive you." Liz said concerned for her friend. It was unusual for Maria to be ill.

"No i'll be fine, honestly." Maria turned and kissed Michael goodbye. "Call you later." Maria said as she pulled away from the kiss. "Cya."

Maria put down her car keys on her dressing table and colapsed onto her bed, sighing and closing her eyes as her head met her pillow. She tried to fall asleep, blocking out all the sounds aroung her, the pasing traffic, her fish tank bubbling and the unconscious twirping of the birds outside. Then she felt it. A strong paralising pain run down her spine travelling to the pit of her stomach, she screamed in agony then the pain travelled up into her head. She gasped for air but she couldn't breath, she was drowning in her own pain. Hoping the pain would go away felt like an eternaty, she tried to open her eyes at least, but she couldn't, she was totally paralised. Marias arms shot to her sides and were pressed into the bed clothes. She suddenly sat up, opened her eyes and gasped for air, she then coughed, the pain was gone. She then realised she wasn't alone, a figure stood at the bottom of her bed. Maria blinked hard and looked again. The figure focused, a young boy dressed in blue, it was someone she didn't know, someone she hadn't seem before but strangely she felt safe and that she could trudt him. She opened her mouth to speak but no words came out. The boy reached out for Maria's hands and he clasped them tightly.

Maria sat up in her bed and rubbed her eyes, her alarm rang clearly, it was morning.

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