FanFic - Michael/Maria
"Cosmic Attraction"
Part 1
by Nicola Cooper
Disclaimer: I own the story itself but i've borrowed the charaters and names.
Summary: Maria has an unexpected visitor.
Category: Michael/Maria
Rating: PG
Authors Note: feedback would be greatly appreciated
It was a sunday, the day Maria went to buy new oils if she needed any. Her oil scent collection had grew since she learnt that certain scents calmed her when she saw Michael, her one love. He made her feel real, beautiful, and free. She couldnt wait until she saw him today at the mall.

Max slowly rised from under his walm covers and sat up in his bed, his sister Isabel sat, waiting, on a bean bag at the bottom of his bed. He rubbed his eyes with hs clenched fists and then let rip and enormous yawn.

"Thats disgusting I can see you tonsills!" Isabel remarked to Max who was now pulling back the bed sheets.

"Well you shouldn't have looked, should you!" Max replied sarcastically to his sister. Isabel hoped Max was wearing his boxers or jogging pants or for that matter anything! She didn't want to see anything she shoundn't. Max slowly flung his legs out of bed and stood up, he had boxers on so Isabel was relieved, she let out a loong sigh of relief. "Whats the matter sis?" Max asked.

"Nothing, just a bit bored of waiting for your ugly arse to get out of bed," Isabel said smiling "I have shopping to do you know." Isabel continued, "Maria is taking me and Liz to the mall for some shopping so get dressed," Isabel gave a tug a the edge of the bed to help her to her feet. "NOW" Isabel quietly shouted at Max.

"I'm going, i'm going god dont get so upset!" Max said looking at Isabels blank expression. Isabel pulled down her top which had slightly risen up when she had been crunched up on Max's bean bag and walked out of the room.

The street looked so empty in the morning, but Maria loved it. She felt as though she was the only one alive and that she had everything to herself, that was until she veared around Michael's corner and sure enough, there he was stood in the middle of the road waiting for her to pick him up.

"Hi," Maria said as Michael climbed into her car slamming the door behind him. "Watch it," She said referring to the door. Michael didnt even look at her he just stared straight infront. "I said hey," Maria said repeatingly.

"Hey," Michael said bluntly. He then reached over and kissed Maria's cheak. Maria bit her lip to stop her from saying anything that she would regret later. She pulled away from outside Michaels house and headed for the Mall where she would meet Liz, Isabel and Alex. She couldn't wait to get near others and away from her boyfriend, her sexy Michael!

When Maria pulled up outside the mall, Alex was stood waiting for her with Liz and Isabel sat behind him on a bench. In a sudden head rush Maria felt cold and flushed, she blinked her eyes hard and walked closer to Alex. Suddenly another sharp pain ran through her body forcing her to wobble on her feet and outstreach her arms, looking for something, someone. Michael grabbed her quickly as she slumped to the ground. What was wrong. Maria screamed in agony then she opened her eyes, the pain had gone......

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