Fanfic - Michael/Maria
Part 1
by Amy Hugh
Disclaimer: I don’t own them.
Summary: Maria has to choose between her mother or Michael to die.
Category: Michael/Maria
Rating: PG-13
Author's Note: Thanks to Jerusha for checking my spelling because I’m the worst speller there is.
Maria alarm clock went off and she wasn’t too happy she was in the middle of a good dream. No, make that a great dream. She groaned and got out of bed. She took a shower still half-asleep. She got dress for school while saying softly to herself that school was stupid and shouldn’t start till at least 10 o’clock. When she finally got ready she jumped in the Jetta and drove to school.

Maria walked to her locker and saw Liz there and Michael looking at her intensely. She and Michael where trying to act normal. Last week Michael and her made love and where trying to keep there hands off each other but, it’s hard when my body aches for his. “Hey, guys,” she said as Michael wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her close.

“Hey,” Liz said while looking at Michael. He was acting weird around Maria lately it was almost like he couldn’t…take his hands off her. She looked him in the eyes but Michael was looking at Maria. “Where is everybody?” Michael shirred his shoulders but didn’t take his eyes off Maria. The bell rang. “You coming Maria?” Liz asked because they had the next class together.

Maria head was resting against Michael shoulder it took all her willpower not to turn around and pull him into the eraser room. “I’ll catch up with you in a minute.” She knew she was lying to her best friend but she hadn’t been alone with Michael in three days because someone is always around. “Alright, Don’t be late. Ok?” “I won’t,” Maria lied again. Liz walked off down the hall and as soon as Liz was out of eyesight Michael pulled her into the eraser room.

Liz was worried it was half way through class but Maria hadn’t shown up for class. It wasn’t like her to skip. It was like Maria to fall a sleep induring class but not skip class. She looked over at the set next to her where Max sat. He smiled at her and Liz smiled a worried smile. “What’s wrong?” Max asked. “Maria’s here today but, she’s not in class. She promised she wouldn’t be late.” “Well, we’ll look for her at lunch. Ok?” “Ok.” Liz smiled back.

Maria felt like she was on fire. Michael’s hands ran up under her shirt and up her back pulling her as close as he could. He sucked on her neck. Maria moved her hands to cup Michael’s face in her hands. He groaned and pinned her arms down.

Michael couldn’t think. You could ask him the dumbest question in the world and he still wouldn’t be able to answers. All he could think of was want…have. He let go of her hands and moaned as she ran her hands under his shirt and down his chest. Her shirt was getting on his nevers but he knew this diffidently not the time or the place.

The whole group was at lunch table eating but, Maria and Michael. “Where are they?” “Liz, calm down I’m sure they’re fine.” “But, this is so not like Maria. I mean why would she lie to me?” “Liz, she probably just got distracted or something,” Max said as Isabell and Alex talked about something beside him. He was worried about Michael he hadn’t been to school all day but then again it was Michael he was talking about. Michael really didn’t have a record for being in school.

Michael pulled back and looked Maria in the eye. Then his eyes dropped to her lips and he slowly lend in and started kissing her around her month teasing her. Every time Maria tried to kiss him back he move out of reach. She finally gave up and held his head in place and kissed him. Maria moaned when Michael started socking on her bottom lip. He lips travel down to her neck again. Maria ran her fingers through his hair. She looked at her watch trying to focus on the hands. She reluenaly pulled away. “What?” Michael asked trying to hide his disappoint but wasn’t doing a very good job. Maria smiled. “It’s lunch time. we’ve been in here for four periods! Liz is going to kill me!” Michael lends over and kissed her quickly.

He grabs her hand and opens the door. He started toured the cafeteria but Maria stopped. Michael turned around. “What?” “What do you think Liz and everybody else will say if I go out looking like this?” Michael looked at her. She looked beautiful her hair was mussed, from his hands. Her lips were red and swollen, from his kisses. “I got to go to the bathroom.” Maria headed for the bathroom. She looked to see if anybody else was in there. When the coast was clear she pulled Michael in. She started brushing her hair back into place. Then she grabbed a paper tallow and started to scab off the smeared make up. Michael laded his hand over hers. Maria stopped and Michael pulled her hand down and turned her around so that she was facing him. He lends in and started kissing her. When they pulled apart for air Maria said we shouldn’t be doing this. We should get to lunch.

Five minutes later, they walked hand and hand to were the group was. Liz saw them. “Maria?! Where have you been?! You promised you would come to first and then don’t even show up till lunch!” Liz was yelling but didn’t care she was mad that Maria lied to her. “Sorry, Liz. I just kinda got side tracked,” Maria told part of the truth. “That’s not true you have been acting weird all this week. It’s not like you to lie to me. Why are you lying to me?” Maria was about her cry she had never seen Liz so mad at her. She couldn’t help it that she couldn’t stay away from Michael and didn’t really help that He couldn’t stay away from her either. “I’m sorry, Liz. I just got really side tracked.” Maria begged silently with Liz. “Speaking of which way weren’t you in any classes today, Michael?” Max asked. Michael glared at Max. “I didn’t feel like getting up this morning,” Michael said. Max and Liz finally dropped the subject after a few minutes.

Liz and Maria were working. Maria was not in a good mood to sieve anybody greasy food. Her brake was in two more minutes. She was counting down the seconds. Michael was setting at his usual booth watching her. Finally, it was her brake. She walked over to Michael. “Hey. I’m on my brake?” Maria smiled and pulled Michael into the back room.

Liz looked up at the sound of bell over the bell ring and saw Max, Isabell, and Alex walk in. She walked over to them to talk. They weren’t that busy today anyway. “Hey, guys.” “Hey,” They all replied. They started talking about nothing inpreticterler. Isabell remembered something. “Liz? I think I left my jacket here last time. Have you seen it?” “Yeah, I think I put it in the back.” Isabell nodded and got up to get it.

When Isabell opened the door she saw Maria and Michael all over each other. Michael had his hand on Maria thigh and it suddenly disappeared under her Crashdown uniform. Maria moaned into his mouth. “Michael! Maria!” Isabell yelled making the couple jump apart. Isabell was giving Maria a death glare. Max, Liz, and Alex ran in soon after and asked what was wrong but Isabell didn’t answer. She walked over to Maria who saw trying to act like she wasn’t scared. Then she stared at Michael but unlike Maria, Michael could stare down anyone even The Ice Queen. “Ya’ll didn’t did you?” “I got to get home see ya’ll toworro.” Michael changed the subject while walking to the door. “I’ll go with you,” Maria said trying to desperately get away from Isabell. They both ran out the door.

“What’s the matter Izzy?” Max asked. Isabell turned around and looked at her bother. “He was all over her, Max. They have or will end up sleeping together.” “You don’t know that for sure Iz.” “How can you say that. What if she gets pregnant?” “I can’t tell Michael what to do Iz and you don’t know if they have or will. You just walked in on them making out. Right?” “Yeah but, It was a really heavy make out secession.” “Isabell even if I told Michael not to he would never listen to me.

Maria and Michael barley made it down the steps in the alley before they started kissing. Maria could barely breath. She wished she could live with out air but unforcally she couldn’t.

“Ha, Ha,” The Man laught while watching the couple. As he synced up behind them smiling. He hit them over the head and they both fall to the ground, unconscene. He picked them up and dragged them to his car and drove off.

Maria woke up her head was killing her. She sat up and saw she was in a big white room with only a cot in the corner, which she was setting on. The door opened and a middle aged guy walked in. “Where am I and where’s Michael?” The guy walked closer. “I can’t tell you where you are but, Michael is right here. Guards!” The guards walked in with Michael. Who was trying to pull away but wasn’t strong either. “Michael!” Maria ran to him but the first guy that walked in grabbed her. Maria tried to pull away but the guy wouldn’t let her go. “Let her go!” Michael yelled. “Oh, I don’t think so. Ya’ll can call me Dr.P. Now I do believe you have a choice to make Miss De Luca.” Maria looked at him confused. Dr.P looked at the guards. “Bring in the other prisoner.” Guards left and came back with Maria mother. “Mom,” Maria said confused. “That’s right you get to pick between our mom or Michael to die. Maria looked at Dr.P in the eyes with fear. “You have one hour to choose.” Dr.P left with the guards who took out Michael and Amy.

Maria sat down in the corner and started to cry. She couldn’t pick she loved them both. ‘I mean how do you pick between your mother that raised her single handily for the past 16 years and the one person that you will ever fall in love with.’ She knew there was no choice to be made. She just couldn’t choose. She drew her legs up and curled to a tit ball.

Liz was getting worried she hadn’t seen Maria all day. She turned at looked at Max,” Max? Have you seen Maria or Michael today? It’s not like Maria not to come to school.” “I haven’t seen Michael but, then again this is Michael we’re talking about.” “I going to go call Miss. De Luca.” Liz walked over to the pay phone and call Amy’s store but nobody picked up. She walked back over to where Max was. “Amy not there. Something has to be wrong, Max.” “I’m sure there fine, Liz.” “Please, Max just get Isabell to dream walk her. Please!” Liz begged. “Ok, I’ll get Isabell to after school why don’t you and Alex came too.” “Ok. Thanks.”

Michael tried to force all his power on Maria. He had been trying for at lest ten minutes. Finally, he was in some how he had transmitted himself into her room. He saw her curled up in the corner crying. He walked over to where she was and sat down beside her. “Maria?” Maria looked up. “What…how did you get in here?” “I used my powers.” Michael pulled onto his lap and held her as she cried. She held on to him like someone was going to take him away from her. When she stopped crying he lifted her chin up with his hand and lend in and kissed her. When he with pulled back for air Michael said, “I want you to tell them any thing they want. So you and your mom can get out of here.” Maria looked at him with tries in her eyes. “I’m not going to leave you.” “Maria, if you don’t ya’ll be an orphan. I know what it’s like I don’t want that to happen to you. I love you to much.” “I won’t leave you,” Maria said, “and I’m not going to let them do anything to you, I promise. I love you too.” Maria lend in and kissed him.

They were in Isabell’s room whating for her to dreamwalk Maria. “Ok, I’ll try Maria.” Isabell touched the picture Liz had given her and fall asleep. Isabell find her in a place with flowers everywhere. She didn’t see Maria anywhere. “Maria.” Maria appear in front of her. “Where are you?” “I don’t know Dr.P won’t tell me,” Maria said sadly. “Is Michael with you?” “Yeah.” Isabell noticed that Maria was not being her usual hippie self. “What’s wrong?” “Dr.P said I had to choose between my mom or Michael. He’ll kill my mom if I don’t tell him Michael’s an alien,” Maria mumbled but Isabell still heard. “Oh my God,” her first reaction was to tell Maria not to say anything but then she realized that it was harder then that. If Maria didn’t tell both her mom and dad would be gone. “Try to look for some clues, ok? And we’ll try to find you,” Isabell started to fade out. She sat up in bed.

Everybody, was waiting for her to fill them in. “They don’t know where they are.” Max interrupted, “They?” “Yeah. Michael’s with Maria. Dr.P, the person who has them, is threatening Maria to choose Michael or Ms. De Luca. If she doesn’t say Michael is an alien than Amy dies. If she chooses Amy than Michael dies. Liz gasped, “Oh my God!” Alex put his arm around her shoulders. “Don’t worry we’ll find them,” Alex hoped he was right.

The door open and the guards walked in. “Maria!” Amy yelled. Maria and Michael were on the cot half-naked. Maria had on a bar and a pair of pants and Michael only had his pants on. Michael had his face barried in Maria’s hair one of his hand on her neck the other was around her waist. Maria had one hand on Michael’s chest and the other around his waist. “Maria De Luca!” Amy screamed. Both Maria and Michael woke up. Michael ran his hand over her breast. Maria surpasses a moan. “I saw that,” Amy demanded but Maria really didn’t care right now. One of the guards grabbed Michael and pulled him away. “How did you get in here boy?” the guard asked. “Good with locks,” Michael lied he didn’t try the locks because who know what could happen.

Dr.P walked in the room. “So I have you come to dission yet? CHOOSE!” Maria pulled her shirt back over her head. “I can’t,” Maria said softly. “What did you say.” “I said I can’t!” Maria yelled. Dr.P raised his gun. “Choose or die.” Michael tried to get away but know matter how hard he tried he couldn’t get away. “I can’t.”

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