FanFic - Michael/Maria
"Breaking Free From Loss of Liberty"
Part 2
by Calie
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Liz walked back quickly to the Crashdown. But her thoughts where going faster. And every second her hopes rose, as did the possibilities. It had been her job to watch the three of them. And to monitor how they got along.

And to be able to report now that they where beginning to accept it would do more for Maria then anything.


Maria walked quietly down the halls of her fathers military base. She hated this place. She hated the snotty looks that people gave her. This place always made her feel weak. And her father said it was good for her. It would strengthen her for when she got out into the world. If she ever got out into the real world again.

For the past five months she had been walking these metallic halls, being taught with all the others her age, there for a reason. Most where there for a reason, to carry out some plan that they had been trained for. But the only reason she was there, was because dear old daddy was in charge. So it didn't sit well with most people. But she didn't let them know it bothered her. But she really felt alone here. At least when she was younger, she knew she would return home, and be able to push this secret life behind her. But at this point she had no clue as to when she was going home, or if she would even be able to.

The truth was, she realized as she walked the halls, that as tough as she acted, she wasn't. Because on the inside she was breaking down. Some of the kids around here, where different, hard on the outside and inside. Maybe it was because half of her life was spent outside in the real world with friends. And most of these people despised her, because she had the opportunity, to do what she wanted. Because her daddy was some big important man. That Maria DeLuca didn't do anything on her own. Except she knew that was so not true.

Maria stepped into the large room, with way, too clean tables lined up. Compared to this she loved school. She was in hell. And it was her father's version of high school. Well not really. It was a group effort for all the assholes in training. And what they where being trained for was known only to themselves, not to anyone else. And you didn't ask. Would they even believe her if she said hers was to free aliens. If they had any respect for her in the first place, it would be gone after that.

Maria ignored the snotty looks she got from the tall slim, built girls, and the huge towering guys. Because the truth was she was there because of her father and mother. And no amount of anything could make her look like them.

They were built, and taught, to accomplish by any means necessary. And she stuck out like a sore thumb here. She sat down slowly in the cool desk and let her head hang low. She felt like she was being punished. No amount of hate from her friends could compare to this. At least then she would be home.

Maria waited impatiently for there military style teacher to arrive, but she didn't, and they where always punctual. Instead she had another snotty bitch, full of her strength, turn around and face her, hoping to break her.

"You know, Ms. DeLuca," the girl emphasized the word Ms. "I would give up anything to know why you are here? Are you still in training? Or did you fail? Because if we fail, we get shipped out. But not you."

One thing Maria noticed they didn't work on in this place, was personality.

"While at the same time I couldn't care less why you are here." Maria said evenly.

"Well you wouldn't, because we are of course lower then you. I mean, we should be happy just to be in the same room with you." The girl said with a smirk.

Maria glanced up at another guy and girl who had neared them, listening to the conversation, hoping to see Maria fold. Why could some stupid teenager phase her, but she could threaten the hell out of some doctor who strapped her down to a table. Maria smiled. "You should be. Because like you said, if you fail, you aren't worth a damn thing, while I can sit back and watch, as the base goes through each and every one of you like you mean nothing. So I can understand why you would be a little snotty. I mean it must be hard knowing your the lowest piece of crap out there." Maria said with a smirk. Of course, even though she spent most of her life in Roswell, living with her family you still learned. And one thing that she had learned, especially from her father, was that never let anyone push you down, and that you where higher then them all. Of course she didn't firmly believe that she was higher then most. But it did help to confront an idiot like this. "I mean why else would you be sitting here trying to provoke me?"

"Because we don't like you." the girl said angrily.

"And why don't you like me, you know, before you go off telling me that I mean nothing, you should take a mental overview of yourself. Because your temper is not in check." Maria told her snottily.

"I don't need to keep my temper in check." the girl spat out.

Maria noticed by this time a few others had joined the crowd. But it didn't matter, she was winning this battle. Maria leaned forward in her desk. "Oh I think you do. Because I could have your ass shipped out of here in less then an hour. Don't think for a moment we are equal because I am sitting in here with you. I don't think dear old daddy would be to happy if he knew his little girl was being threatened." Maria smirked. "And that is why you hate me." Maria watched as the girl seemed to turn red almost, and jumped up in her chair. Maria stood up, not backing down.

"Ms. DeLuca." Maria turned to the sound of the teacher. "Your base contact has made contact with us." she told Maria from the doorway.

Maria gave the woman a confused look. But it wasn't because she was confused as to what she said. She was confused because she hadn't heard from her base contact in two and a half months. Maria pushed the girl out of her way quickly, and took off at top speed through the room.

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