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Part 2
by sublime_muffin
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Maria and Michael are sitting at the funky outdoor tables at school. She's absently sucking on a soda straw while he's fiddling in a notebook.

Maria: "So,... what have you got there?"

Michael: "Nothing"

Maria: (sighs) "Your favorite expression."

(One of Kyles most disgusting friends is observing them. We'll call him Lunk.)

Maria: (sighs) "Your favorite expression."

Michael looks a little bit guilty. But before he can say anything. Lunk grabs the book from him and peruses through it.

Lunk: "Let's see, what have we here? Sketches,...Poetry?" (he looks a bit confused by this last part, but continues being a jerk.)

Lunk: "To my little desert flower, Desert flower encased by dirt Needs the sun to bloom but little water take from my lips what you need but please don't make me block your sun or rip you from your bed of earth

People clap, Lunk bows. He then throws the book down on the table with a flourish. Michaels leans on the table, covering his head with his hands while the drama plays itself out. Maria is amazed.

Maria: "That was,...sweet." (Michael looks up and smiles shyly)

Michael: "That wasn't the one I was going to use."

The Mall

Isabel is Christmas shopping with Alex. They are making fun of the window displays. Their demeanor is familiar, affable. One of Iz's old bitch friends walks by.

Barbie: (I don't know her friends names) "Whose your new boyfriend?"

Isabel: (Unfazed) "Barbie, this is Alex, Alex, Barbie."

Barbie: "What's going on with you anyway? I haven't seen you in weeks"

Isabel: "I just have a different set of,... priorities now."

Barbie: "Yeah? Like what."

Isabel: "Well, sweetie here for example."

Isabel gives Alex a big fat smooch. His arms stretch out in extreme surprise. A very cute, comic moment. Alex blushes and flusters while Barbie walks off.

The Hallway at School

Max: "Hey Liz"

Liz: "How's it going?"

Max: "Are you busy friday night? There's this movie, 'Alien Blast!' playing?"

Liz: "Yes. I mean yes, I'm busy."

Max is visibly upset "I know it sounds kinda dumb, but it got a good review in the 'Times'."

Liz: "How about tonight?"

Max: (brightens)"Sure, I'll pick you up at eight okay? It starts seating around nine."

Liz: "Actually,...I'll just walk over to your place after supper"

Max: "Cool,..whatever,... gotta run."

(Max bounces off whistling down the hall as Maria walks up. She looks at Max, then at Liz, then breaks into song.)

Maria: "Help, I'm stepping into the twilight zone..."

Liz: (Laughs) "Weird day for you to."

Maria: "Every day is weird these days. I'm going over to Michaels to read poetry,... gotta run." (impersonating Max)

Liz: (incredulously) "Ye..aah."

The Mall

Alex is playing with a rain stick, transfixed. It goes up, it goes down, it goes up, it goes down.

Isabel: "Hey Alex, check this out!" She holds up a bikini top with eyes for nipples. "What do you think? For Liz maybe?"

Alex: "No, but my mom might like it." (they laugh)

Isabel: "Do you have the time? I'm supposed to baby sit Max tonight."

Alex: "Eight-thirty, wha, Max?"

Isabel: "Long story. I gotta go, I'm way late. She pauses, do you like, horror movies?"

The Evans's

Max: "Look's like she's not going to show up in time."

Mrs Evans: "I'll tell her where you went, you two get going or you'll be late." (Max smiles and kisses his mom goodbye)

Michael's room

Michael and Maria are sitting around on his bed.

Maria: "Have you ever thought of,...publishing anything?"

Michael: "Never even crossed my mind"

Maria: "But these are wonderful! You should,... share them with people."

Michael: "I shared them with you, didn't I"

Maria: "You shared them with Lunk to"

Michael "But did I share this with Lunk?"

He leans in and kisses her. A long deep kiss.

Maria: "I hope not"

They continue to kiss and nuzzle each other as the camera pulls back and wanders around the neighborhood.

The Jeep

Max is taking a back-road into town. He seems acutely aware of Liz's presence. Every movement of her body triggers a response in him. Halfway down the road, the car blows up. Max stops the car and examines it. He can't seem to fix it for some reason.

Liz: "Why can't you fix it?"

Max: "I don't know. I've been,...malfunctioning a lot lately"

Liz: "Strange, so is your car."

Max: (smiles slyly) "Who needs a movie anyway, look at those stars."

The Movie Theatre

Isabel is shuffling around impatiently

Isabel: "Where are they?"

Alex: "Maby they decided to park or something."

Isabel: "Very funny."

Alex: "I don't see what your worried about. I mean,'s not like he can get her pregnant or anything."

Isabel: (gives him a look) "Your not helping, Alex."

Alex: "Well,...could he?"

Isabel: "You jump to conclusions a lot, don't you?"

Alex: "So do you! Listen I'm sure their fine. You know Max, he's your own brother, he's a gentleman.

Isabel: (sighs, then smiles) "You're right, let's go in."

The Jeep

Cut to Max and Liz making out like bandits in a scene reminiscent of Michael and Maria in "Heat Wave." Max is being surprisingly liberal with his hands.

Liz: "Oh Max"

Max's hand takes on a life of it's own. Visible electric currents poor out of his hand into Liz. She begins to scream and convulse.

The Road

Valenti is off duty, driving along alone in his truck. He sees something strange and pulls over to investigate. When he hears Liz's screams, he hops out of the car and runs over. When he gets there, Liz drops to the floor of the Jeep.

Liz: "Oh Max."

Valenti: (pulls out a Gun) "What are you doing to her.

Max looks up at him defiantly. Valenti wavers, not so sure of himself any more.

Valenti: "Get out and put your hands against the vehicle, your back to me please."

Max gets out, but he doesn't turn. Valenti shakes the gun at him. It flops up and down, then melts. Max keeps walking towards him. Valenti turns and stumbles to the ground. Too late. Max puts his hand on Valenti's back and sends a shock into him until he faints. Max turns back to the Jeep, where Liz is babbling incoherently on the floor. He gathers her up in his arms. He kisses her gently, combs back her hair, and rocks her back and forth.

Michaels room

Michael and Maria are still cuddling innocently. Then Michael sit's up with a start.

Michael: "Somethings wrong?"

Maria: (frustrated) "What is it this time"

Michael: "I just felt a rush of power,'s hard to explain. I have to find Max."

Max's room.

Isabel, Alex and Max are trying to get Liz comfortable. they try to sit her up, and she flops over. They try again, she flops the other way.

Alex: "That's how my grandmother looked after shock therapy"

Max and Isabel: "Shut up!"

Alex "No, I mean, she got better quickly ...except that she was much,much, happier.

Isabel: "Your not helping Alex."

Max: "I think she'll be okay, the main problem is, in the meantime,..."

Isabel: "Max, could you like take her to some shady hotel somewhere until she gets better? You don't think you'll, zap her again, do you?

Max: (Slowly, with a very strange look on his face) "Yes."

Isabel: "Okay, new idea, Liz, you'll sleep in my room tonight. I'll give your mom a quick ring, Alright?"

Liz: (Blankly) "Sure"

Alex and Max take Liz upstairs. Isabel picks up the phone and starts dialing. Then Michael and Maria come charging in.

Michael: "Where's Max?" (Isabel points upstairs dismissively)

Isabel: "Hello, Mrs. Parker,..."

Isabel's room.

Liz is being propped up against some pillows as Michael comes charging in.

Michael: "What happend"

Max: (gives him a guilty look, then turns back to Liz) "You get better Lizzy, I'll be close" (he gives her a hug, then takes Michael out into the hallway. Maria follows.)

Liz: (in the background) "Don't leave me Max, I need you."

Michael: (angry) "What did you do to Liz, Maxwell!"

Maria: (Like she knew what was going on) "Yeah!"

Max: "I don't know, it was weird. (he takes a breath) This, started coming out of me."

Maria: (intrigued) "Out of where?"

Max: "Ask Iz, I'm talked out about it. Please Michael, I have to help Liz." (he goes back into Iz's room)

Isabel: (Coming up the stairs) "I'm not sure if that's a good idea."

They confer, you can here them mumbling in the background as Max kneels down beside Liz. He puts his head to hers and gently bonds with her. He searches her nervous system again for any damage. He then sit's beside her and puts his arms around her.

Max: "I'm sorry Lizzy...."

Fade out

The end (of Part two)

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