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Part 3
by sublime_muffin
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Fade into Max's room. The sun rises on Max's angelic features. A shadow passes over him, as two fingers reach down and caress his cheek and his lips. Liz is gazing at him, transfixed. Her eyes roll around in her head strangely and it is clear she hasn't fully recovered her senses. She kneels down next to his sleeping form. Max snuggles sleepily into his pillow. She leans in a little bit closer,...then his eyes flutter open.

Max: (sighs and smiles) "You're up early."

Liz: "I know, it was hard for me to stay asleep. I feel,...strange"

Max: "You'll be okay Lizzie, but you should go back upstairs."

Liz: "I need you next to me,...Max."

Max: "Please Liz?"

She stands up, and looks prepared to leave, then she turns,

Liz: "Max?"

Max: "Yes"

Liz: "Promise you won't leave me alone again."

Max: "I can't"

Liz stands looking at him, motionless, then tears start to form in her eyes. She kneels down next to him again.

Liz: "I can't live without you."

She sits on the bed next to him, crying. His resolve gives way and he puts his arms around her.

Max: "Please understand Lizzie, you know how I haven't been in control lately."

She takes this cue to put her mouth to his. He struggles with a comic earnestness but she won't let go. He gives in a little, and kisses back. Gently and playfully at first, but then the seriousness of an emerging lust takes hold. She starts playing with him, pulling herself slightly away. He goes nuts and shakes and pulls her tight against him. He runs his mouth lightly over her face and neck. After a while Liz pries herself from his arms and pushes herself up. Max sits back, speechless, senseless. We see a shot of Liz's shoulders and Max's dreamy loving eyes. Liz slides off one spaghetti strap, then slowly takes off her shirt. You can tell by Max's complete motionlessness that his mind is gone.

Isabel's room. Michael is sleeping in front off the door so that Liz can't leave. You can hear bumping in the background. Isabel wakes with a start.

Isabel: "What's that noise? Where's Liz?

Max's room.

Max's shirt is off and he is on top of Liz, kissing her and running his hands over her. From the freneticness of his kissing and prodding you can tell he plans to go much further. Another shadow passes over him, you can see silhouettes against the wall. A figure brings a baseball bat down on Max's head. Liz screams as the room fades out.

Max is sitting looking glum at the kitchen table. He has a bag of ice on his head and a huge bruise.

Isabel: "Sorry Max, had to be done."

Max grumbles quietly to himself.

Max: (sighs) "Could you at least heal it before our parents get up?"

Isabel: "Why can't you?"

Max: "I told you about the car, my powers aren't working properly."

Isabel: "Sorry, I thought you just wanted an excuse to park."

Max: (Angrily) "Why would I do that?"

Isabel: "I'll heal it already."

She puts her hands on his head and gently bonds with him. The wounds fade. Michael comes over eating a banana with runny red stuff on it.

Max: "I still have a bit of a headache"

Isabel: "I left you a reminder."

Michael and Isabel share a smile, then leave for school. Max puts the bag back on his head.

The side of the road.

Valenti wakes, the sun shining in his eyes. It's a late morning. He drags himself out of the grass and limps towards his car.

The street

Maria is walking Max to school. She has that imperiously self-righteous look on her face that can be so hilarious. They walk for a while, not saying anything. Then Maria gives in to her deep-seated need to spew.

Maria: "Okay..." (Max braces himself) "What did you do to Liz? Why is my best friend sitting up in your sisters room, staring at the wall?"

Max: "Why don't you go back and take care of her, if someone goes back and finds her..."

Maria: "NO WAY, sirree, I'm making sure you're as far away as I can get you, and besides,..."

Max: "Besides what?"

Maria: "You're not answering my question."

Max: "Listen, Liz will be okay, the only people in danger here are me, Michael and Isabel if anyone finds her before she recovers. Now please, go back before I'm forced too!"

Maria gives a start, turns around and goes back.

The Evans's

Liz is wandering around looking through Isabel's things. She tries to go downstairs, but trips and falls. Oddly unfazed, she get's up, wanders into Max's room, and flops down on his bed. She snuggles up under his covers smiling.

The Outdoor Cafeteria

Max is sitting with Alex, who is trying to act casual.

Alex: "So, the 'Alien Blast' was pretty good."

Max: "Liz liked it to."

Alex: (Confused) "You mean she saw it already?"

Max laughs, Isabel sits down with them.

Isabel: "Maria just called me, she said Liz's walking around by herself now."

Max: (sighs) "Could you figure out exactly what was wrong with her? I couldn't?"

Isabel: "She was just,...overstimulated, to an umpteenth degree. She needs to re-learn her stimulus-response patterns for a couple of days."

Alex: "Sounds like my grandmother again."

Isabel: "I'll zap you if you don't shut up about you grandmother."

Alex: "My stimulus-response patterns are messed up enough, go ahead."

Max: (smiling) "I still think she was enjoying herself."

Isabel: (reflectively) "You know, while trying to heal her, I came to a few conclusions?"

Max: "Like what?"

Isabel: "I think you and Liz should go away together. Maybe towards the end of Christmas break?"

Max: (his mouth hanging open) "WHAT?

Alex: "Sure, why don't we just wire them up to a power generator and let them go at it. It could work out well, I don't think the plant here is Y2K compliant yet."

Isabel: "I just wish you'd get it over with in private. That dizzy little hussy is a maelstorm of desire."

Max: "I'll keep that in mind."

The Evans's

Walks into the living room doing her hair. She notices Maria snoring on the couch, her fingers loosely clinging to her car keys. Liz taps Maria lightly. Satisfied, she takes her keys and walks outside.

The weight room

Max is working out, Michael is removing his t-shirt in preparation.

Michael: "So what should we do about Valenti?"

Max: "What can we do,...ugh,...wait I guess, If he tells anyone they'll think he's nuts anyway."

Michael: "That makes me feel so much better."

Max just grunts.

Michael: "Maybe we should all go away for a while. Get out of reach of Valenti's poisonous tentacles.'

Max: "After Christmas Mikey, besides, I have a better idea of how to handle Valenti."

Michael: "And, how?"

Before he can answer Isabel rushes in.

Isabel: "It's Liz, she's taken off in Maria's car.

"Rosie's Breakfast Barn"

Eddie is sitting at the first booth. He waves to Liz. She hobbles over and sits next to him.

Eddie: "What happened to you?"

Liz: (her eyes rolling up in her head) "A vast darkness has engulfed my sky."

She sits motionless, staring at the ceiling.

Eddie: (Concerned) "You don't say?"

Liz: (starts to cough))"I can't stay here."

Eddie: "Are you okay? Why not?"

Liz: "Can we just,...leave please? Get some fresh air"

Eddie: "Okay,...sure."

They leave.

The Jeep

Isabel, Max, Michael and Maria are pulling into Rosie's parking lot.

Isabel: "Classy date, Liz sure know how to pick'em."

Maria: "She didn't refer to it as a date, more as,.... a meeting.

Isabel: "Well whomever she's 'meeting' he's sure to wonder at her condition and get her checked out."

They enter the restaurant, Max goes up to the counter.

Max: "Did you see a short white girl, attractive, with long brown hair,...ummm, big doe eyes.

Rosie: "Your dating this girl, aren't you?"

Max nods reluctantly.

Rosie: "I'm a good guesser. Yes, I saw her. She left with my friend Eddie a few minutes ago. He said they were going for a walk. A bit young for him, isn't she."

They leave Rosie's, an indignant Max leading the way.

A field

Eddie and Liz are meditating

Liz: "It doesn't help, this strangeness is all-encompassing. I need relief Eddie."

Eddie: "And what kind of relief is that?"

Liz pulls closer to him: "Kiss me."

Eddie almost does, but then he stands up: "This is too weird."

Liz: "But...but you said I was beautiful?"

Eddie: "I like you Lizzie, but I don't move that fast. (he stops and looks at her.)" How old are you anyway?"

Liz: "Old e...nough, please Eddie? Just the one kiss?"

Before she can say anything she throws herself at him. He tries to fight her off. But just then Max and her friends approach. Max breaks into a run when he sees what is happening.

Max: "Lizzy,... what are you...? Eddie,... you bastard."

Liz falls off Eddie as he walks backwards, stumbling.

Eddie: "Max,... no, it's not what it looks like."

Max walks over to where he fell and leans in close.

Max: "Go away Eddie, go away now."

Eddie obliges and runs off. Liz turns her attentions on Max.

Liz: "Oh Max, I didn't mean,... I wanted you , you know that.

Max: (softly) "I know."

Without another word he picks her up and walks into the woods with her.

Maria: "Shouldn't we follow them or something?"

Isabel: (Stopping her) "Let them go."

Valenti's dream

He's in a bubble bath with Amy Deluca being waited on by beautiful bikini-clad women. He relaxes, sipping on a Martini.

Valenti: "I had those aliens on the run, it was fun watching them shake as I took them in,...wha"

Just then, the alien three approach him. He backs up and drops his drink.

Max: "We could kill you with a thought, you know that, right?"

Valenti: "I'm sorry, I didn't mean,..."

Isabel: "It doesn't matter what you meant, just leave us alone,...or else!"

Valenti awakes, his eyes wide, shaking with fear.

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