FanFic - Max/Liz
"Feelings For You"
"Something has come up"
Part 5
by Ami Kismet
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Rating: PG
Authors Note: The last part was kinda sad but don't worry I guarantee a happy ending :)
"This isn't good." Maria DeLuca wiped the counters of the Crash Down Cafe while she and Isabel talked about the past events of Max and Liz.

"You don't think?!" Isabel said sipping her Alien Encounter. "But what can we do? I mean, Max is really sorry about the stuff he said. And ya know, I think he should...get a grip and open his eyes. He's got to realize he needs Liz."

"Isabel, that was step 1. Brainstorming the plan. I'm already on step 2." Maria said, adjusting her crown with the intennas.

"Care to share?" Isabel asked annoyed. Maria stopped wiping and sat next to Isabel. "Ok, so like, I've tried to talk to Liz about why she would curse him off like that...I mean, she NEVER curses, NEVER. But, yeah, she's pretty upset. Isabel, do you ever wonder if Max...if Max even loves Liz anymore?"

"Of course he does. He beats himself up every night after he brushes his teeth!"

"Then why isn't he realizing that Me and Michael are together, you and Alex together and he and Liz are supposed to be together."

Isabel answered, "I don't know, Maria. Maybe he wants to approach a very deep relationship with her, maybe marry her, ok not that, but one deeper than you could have with Michael and I could have with Alex, for the time being. I mean..I don't know if I love Alex that way Liz loves Max. So it makes if more harder for them to be together and for them to be protected."

Maria widended her eyes, "What do ya mean, you don't love Alex the way Liz loves Max. You do, you guys maybe just haven't established that point in your relationship yet. I mean I haven't with Michael. But I certainly love him the way Liz loves Max."

Isabel nodded her head as she thought. She then spoke up, "Well, this is about Max and Liz. What's step 2?"

"We set them up on a date!!! Not a blind one, I don't think Liz could go through one of those again, but we'll just tell it's someone she knows. She'll know it won't be Kyle, we can't be THAT cruel, now can we Isabel?" Maria finished with her eyes twinkling.

"Hey, that's not bad." Isabel smiled. Just then Liz came in her uniform hooked on her arm. She was followed by Max, Micahel and Alex.

"Sorry! I know I'm late, I needed this to be dry cleaned." She walked into the back and came out dressed ready to wait tables. The guys sat on chairs next to Isabel and Maria by the counter.

"Hey Iz!" Alex piped in.

"Hey Cutie!" Alex leaned in to kiss his girlfriend. Michael shyly smiled at his girlfriend, and kissed Maria passionately. Liz looked Max who was staring at her. His eyes were begging for forgiveness. Liz rolled her eyes and turned around. She wanted to apologize to him so badly but she kinda liked Max begging her with those adorable eyes, him giving those pouting lips. It made her want to hug him so tightly. Alex and Isabel stopped as Michael and Maria once they realized what they were doing to Max and Liz.

Then out of the open Maria said, "Hey Liz, about a date this Friday? You've been staying at home for a while so I thought you should get out of the house." She grinned at Isabel who grinned back.

Michael and Alex gave her looks that were like: What!-where-have-you-been! Maria winked at them. It took them a while and finally they caught on. "Hey Max, " Michael said smiling.

Max was lost in thought about what Liz would say he didn't even hear his best friend calling him. Liz broke the thought. She hated this, but if it was going to get Max begging on his knees, it was worth it. "Sure, that sounds great."

Max felt like Liz had punched him in his stomach. Hard. He then turned to Michael. "Oh Michael, what did you say?" "Hey, you have been locked in the house lately too. Why don't you go out for some fresh air? How about a date for you too?" He grinned at Alex. Alex nodded his head in approval.

Max knew he couldn't do that to Liz, but if she did it to him...."Alright. Great, when?" Maria said, "Liz you can go on Friday!"

"Max, how's Friday for you?" Alex asked.

Max and Liz glared at each other. They said at the same time. "Fine."

Maria, Isabel, Michael and Alex had planning to do.

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