FanFic - Max/Liz
"Feelings For You "
"Preparations and Planning"
Part 5
by Ami Kismet
Disclaimer: I own nobody.
Summary: The preparations and planning of the "dates".
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
The school bell rang as the students of West Roswell High poured out of their classes. Michael Guerin was one of them and he dashed into the boys bathroom.

Michael opened the door and saw Max Evans sitting on the counter by the sink. "Ya know, your gonna get caught cutting class someday."

Max didn't look up. He said gloomily, "Look who's talking, so shut up." Michael sighed. "Maxwell...." Max looked up, "Michael, why am I doing this? Why is she doing this?" (At the same time Maria walks into the girl's bathroom and sees Liz in the same position and mood as Max, they have the same conversation)

Maria says, "You're doing this, to get over Max." Maria's thoughts: Or back together with Max. "And he's doing it for the same reason."

Michael answered, "Hey, man. She'll move on. Give yourself a chance with someone else."

Liz exclaims, "Move on? Maria, how can I move on! I love him, it just hurts."

Michael says, "I know it does, Maxwell. But remember you dumped her, though I can't see why, I mean now I can't,....and don't be going around, changing your mind. 'Cause Iz, Maria, Alex and I did a lot of planning for tonight." Max finally spoke, " What if I made the wrong decision?"

Maria nodded but then said, "It's the decision I would have made." And with that she walked out.

Isabel knocked on Max's door. "Come in."

"Hey Max. Wow, you look great." Max winced, "I don't like it. Tell me Isabel, who am I going out with again."

"I never told you."

"So tell me."

"I can't."


"Can't tell you that either."

"C'mon! Give me a clue."

Isabel took a deep breath, "You know her, very well, I might add. And she...likes you. A lot. Um...Max you'll see. Now, hurry we don't want you to be late."

Max sat on his bed and thought a minute then gave it up and walked out.

Maria yelled, "C'mon Liz! Hurry up! Let's get it going!" Liz came down the stairs in a purple satin sleeveless dress with sparkling butterflies on the edges. Maria's face lit up. Maria thoughts: Perfect, Max won't know what hit him. "Wow, Liz. You look wonderful. That's fancy enough for this place. The Desert's supposed to be a really good restaurant. We made reservations, so hurry up, get into my car." Liz groaned, "This is the second time you made do something I didn't want to do. And it had to be a date." Maria said, "Excuse me? Second? That whole blind date thing with Kyle was your idea." Liz face froze at a scary thought. Liz stuttered, "It...It's isn't....It's not....It can't be..K...Kyle can it?"

Maria laughed, "No way. Don't worry, babe. You'll never have to be within 10 feet of him, as long as I'm around."

Liz sighed with relief, then said, "Yeah, that won't be long if you don't tell me who this guy is, that I'm going out with." "Relax, honey. And have patience, you'll see soon."

When Max pulled his jeep up and The Desert Sands, he felt weird. Max really didn't eat at places like this... How did Isabel, Michael, Maria and Alex come up with the money? He'd worry about that later. His palms were sweating and he swallowed as he adjusted his bow tie matching his black tux. He saw Maria's car pull up as a girl who's hair was in a bun, stepped out, in a purple satin sleeveless dress. Must be his date, at least she looked nice, from behind. Where had he seen that dress before? Max thought...oh, right he'd seen it in Liz's closet. Liz's closet!!! Oh God....

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