FanFic - Max/Liz
"Feelings For You"
Part 3
by Ami Kismet
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"Kyle?!" Liz exclaimed. Kyle Valenti was standing in her doorway. When he first heard that his date lived at this address, and he was to pick her up, he knew there was no way he was not going to make his move for Liz tonight. Liz couldn't believe that Kyle was her blind date. Liz's thoughts: No, No, No, No! It can't be, what I'm thinking, No, No, No. "So you're my date?" Liz hoped she was wrong. Kyle's smirk stretched from ear to ear. "YEP!" he sounded much too eager. Liz wasn't so thrilled, she just stared at him in dumb silence. Liz's thoughts: What would Max think when he finds out? Oh no, she would threaten Maria in shutting up, better yet, they should leave before Maria came downstairs. Too late. "Kyle, what are you doing here?!" Maria DeLuca yelled from the top of the stairs. "I'm Liz's date." Kyle smirked. Maria gave Liz a Tell-me-it-isn't-so look. Liz shamely nodded and gave her an I-sware-if-you-tell-Max-I-will-end-you look. Maria shook her head. "Well, we better get going. Oh Liz, these are for you." Kyle handed Liz red roses. Surprisingly, Liz was touched. Liz's thoughts: I thought Kyle hated me for breaking up with him, like he wanted to hurt me because I hurt him. I didn't expect him to even consider taking me out, after he heard my address. Well, I'll just try to..make this a friendly thing, Max won't care right? WHAT?!

"Come on, Liz." Kyle took her hand and led her to his red car. Smiling all the way.

Maria rang the doorbell of the Evans' house. Isabel answered it. "Maria, what's up, is everything okay?" "No everything is not okay, I need your help." "Sure come in." Isabel led Maria to her room. Max was sitting against her bed's headboard with his knees tucked up to his chin. "Maria...what are you doing here?" Maria's thoughts: If I tell Max, Liz will kill me. Heck, she's practically killing herself. Max will be hurt if I don't tell him, and he finds out from Kyle, who will say it meanly. Isabel will be mad, and that doesn't make peace. Alex will be mad for going against Liz. And Michael will not care one way or another. Liz doesn't realize it, but she's hurting herself. And so is Max, yes I will tell him. "Max. I need to tell you something, you're not going to like it, Isabel you aren't either..." Maria stopped when she saw two boys enter Isabel's room. Michael and Alex at the same time: "Maria, what are you doing here?" "What are you guys doing here?" Maria echoed. Michael and Alex at the same time: "Hanging out." "Ditto." Maria said. Maria's thoughts: Great, I wanted to tell MAX, JUST MAX, looks like everyone else will find out too. "Maria, you wanted to say something?" Max asked. Max's thoughts: Where is Liz? She really hates me, we can't even hang out anymore. "It's Liz,"Maria started. Max's thoughts: Oh My God! She's in trouble. "She's on a blind date....with Kyle." Maria finished. Silence. Isabel spoke up to break the silence,"What, a blind date? With Kyle?!...Valenti....her ex? The Sheriff's son?" Isabel asked in awe. "Yeah..." Maria said. "This is bad."Alex said. "Real bad." Michael added. Isabel turned around with her jaw opened. They all did, in Max's direction. He was the only one who hadn't said anything. "MAX?!" All 4 of them wailed.

"I'm...I hope she has a good time." Max got up and ran out of the house. Isabel led Maria into the hallway. "Maria, we've got to do something." Isabel said. "Something? I wish we could." "We can. We have to let Max and Liz know that it was a mistake, to break up." "Max is the one that made the mistake." "Yeah well he didn't have a choice!" "I knew YOU had something to do with it---" Maria was cut off. "Listen, we have to work together, for Max's sake, I want him to be happy, and you want Liz to be happy, so let's just stop, with the arguing, just STOP!" Isabel finished. Maria looked down then back into Isabel's eyes. "Okay, we have to get them back together."

Max Evans took a walk by himself. He did this. So, he deserved it. It was good that Liz was seeing someone normal. In fact, he was happy. NOT. Max was hurting. He couldn't stop the pain, he winced just at the thought of Liz being with Kyle right now. He kicked the dirt. "Damn it!" he curse aloud. "How could I let her get away, how could I let go, I knew this was going to happen. I knew that Liz was one day going to move on, on accepting that we couldn't be together." Max felt a terrible pang in his heart. He knew Liz would forget him, he just never thought, it would be so soon. "I should have known, I should have known..." he repeated. He only wished he found out earlier. So he could beg on his hands and knees, to not go, to stay with him.

"I've been such a fool." Max ranted. It was too late, to get her back. Too late. He kicked up more dirt.

"Kyle, I really appreciate for taking me out tonight, and for the flowers." "Surely" Kyle said, "I enjoyed it, Liz it was a reminder of how great we used to be together." Liz looked up at him, it was almost like he was asking her to date him again. Liz thought it was foolish, he didn't stand a chance. It was the end of the date. They had a nice dinner, danced a little. Liz tried not to get too intimate. She noticed Kyle made a few approaches to kiss her. But she backed away every time, knowing it was Max she wanted. "Good night, Kyle." Liz felt awful. She figured Maria told Max. "Good night Liz." Kyle said bent down to kiss her. She backed away. "Come on, Liz!" Kyle was getting annoyed. "No, I'm sorry Kyle. I can't." "Why?" "Because...nothing, I just, I'm not up for it? I won't ever be up for it, I'm sorry." "You don't think that you can get back with Max do you?" "No...this doesn't have to do anything with Max." Liz protested. "I think it does." Kyle bent down to kiss her so fast, she didn't have anytime to pull away. But at the first contact of lips, she instantly pulled away. "Good Night, Kyle."

Kyle smiled and licked his lips before he got into his car.

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