FanFic - Max/Liz
"Feelings For You"
"The Blind Date"
Part 2
by Ami Kismet
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Summary: A Max and Liz fanfic.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
Liz was at home now. She managed to get past her sadness after her quick conversation with Max. Sometimes she wished Max would stop being so cautious, and she knew he was just trying protect her, but she didn't want to be protected, she wanted to be loved. She knew Max loved her, but she wanted him to show it, prove it. Not only sometimes did she wish this but ALL THE TIME. She sighed and got up to get a soda.

"Max!" Isabel ranted.

"Iz, you're the one telling me I should stay away from her! So I am, shouldn't you be congratulating me!" Max shouted. His sister was trying to give a lecture to him.

"I know I told you to stay away from Liz, but at that time I thought that it was going to bring us danger, and now with Alex and I getting closer and Michael and Maria possibly getting back together, I realized, you can't hold your feelings back. Besides, Liz is a very nice girl, for you." Max smiled when Isabel added "for you", did that mean not only was Liz a nice girl for Max,but Isabel was starting to like her?

"Isabel, do you like Liz?"

"For you." Isabel said quickly. "Max, she keeps you happy, that's all that matters, I can't believe you don't wanna be with her!" Max knew Isabel would change the subject.

"Isabel, I DO wanna be with her, I'm in hell right now! I can't live without her, you know that, she knows that, I know that!" Max screamed, like the whole street could hear him.

"Now, I think the rest of the neighbors know it too, anyway Max, why don't you do something about it?" Isabel said.

"I can't. I love her too much to put her in danger, I could never give her what she wants, I can't give her a family, and a normal life, I can't do anything for her."

"Yes, but you give her happiness, I see it in her eyes, I see it in yours too."

"Isabel, we on't belong together." Max said almost loosing himself. He hated knowing that, but he knew it was true.

"Max, it may seem that way but---" Isabel was cut off by her brother.

"It is that way, Iz."Max said.

Isabel continued. "Wrong, wrong, wrong. It only seems that way Max, and it will for a while, that can't stop you guys from being together, because deep down in your heart you know it, that you DO belong together, you just don't realize it." Isabel finished, walked out to her own room.

Max's thoughts: Maybe Isabel's right, maybe Liz and I were meant to be. That's why things are so complicated, I pray she is right, I don't what'll happen if I keep away from Liz, I'll loose it. I know I will.

The next morning Liz woke up before her parents, it was Saturday, no school. "Good, I won't have to see Max." Liz said unhappily. She sighed. She went to her kitchen table. Liz picked up the newspaper. She opened to a page that she found quite interesting. Liz's face brightened. She looked at the phone number. She dialed.

The person on the other line: "Hello, you've reached Roswell's Blind Dates, how may I help you?"

"YOU'RE WHAT!" Maria was freaking out. "Maria, I'm going on a blind date, what is that illegal?" Liz said searching for her favorite black skirt.


"Because I NEED something to take my mind off Max, just to have fun, be with a normal guy. So I can feel normal." Liz said, suddenly she didn't like what she was doing. She really didn't want that, to feel normal, she wanted to be with Max. But he didn't want to be with her so she tried to PRETEND that she wanted to feel normal.

Liz's thoughts: You will go through this Liz, don't think about Max. How could she not think of him, his soulful brown eyes, his muscular torso and arms, the feeling she got around him. I'm doing it again.

"Does Max know?" Maria said more calmed down.

"He doesn't need to know, Maria." Liz's voice was muffled because she was talking into her closet, still searching for her black skirt. She decided to give it up and wear a white one instead.


"Maria, Max DOES NOT CARE!" Liz spun around and sighed at her friend. It was the kind of sigh Liz made when she knew Maria was right. "Look, we'll talk when I get back, please don't tell Max anything."

"I thought you said he DIDN'T CARE," Maria mimicked.

"Whatever." Then the doorbell rang. Liz looked in the mirror once more and opened the door to her blind date, which happened to be Kyle Valenti, her ex-boyfriend.

End part 2

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