FanFic - Max/Liz
"Bumps in the Road"
Part 3
by Melissa
Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with "Roswell" or the WB in any way. I am also not affiliated with the "Roswell High" book series by Melinda Metz. I have however received some greatly appreciated help from Bexter (a fellow poster and fan fiction writer)!
Summary: After "Missing" ... what if Liz never remembered the shooting happened or about Max saving her life?
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
It was late. Liz was in bed staring up at the ceiling. Maria had called and said she would be up in a few minutes to see how she was doing. She couldn't wait to see her. The ringing in her ears would not go away. Liz's mom was home when Kyle brought her upstairs. Liz didn't feel much like talking earlier, so Kyle didn't stay long. He was acting strangely, like he didn't know what he was doing there. In fact, Liz thought everyone acted strangely. Maybe it was just the massive bump on her head, but she felt totally confused. Why did Max Evans look so distraught? He was just her lab partner? Why did Kyle think Liz would want Max Evans to help her? Why was her mom so surprised to see Kyle at their home? She couldn't wait to talk with Maria!

When Maria arrived, she knocked lightly on Liz's door, but Liz was wide awake. Not one for tact, she blurted out, "What was that with you and Kyle?"

"What do you mean, Maria? I didn't want to fall or anything so he helped me upstairs. Why does everyone find that so bizarre? He is my boyfriend, you know."

"YOUR WHAT? Liz, I think you need to see a doctor. That door may have done more than just add a new lump to your head."

"What are you talking about, Maria? Kyle and I have been together since the summer. Now everyone is acting all strange." Liz sat up in her bed and started to get anxious. Maria was a kidder, but she wouldn't joke at a time like this. Maria sat down next to her and asked with the most serious tone Liz had ever heard from her, "Liz, what is the last thing you remember happening before you woke up tonight?"

"Well, you and I were working obviously. We were talking about how school was going so far this year and how we can't believe the summer's over already. Then we were talking about how it feels like we've been back at school for more than just one week and "

Maria began rummaging through her purse for her cypress oil. "Wait a second. One week? Liz, do you what month it is?"

"Of course I do. What do you mean? It's September. Last weekend was Labor Day. Don't you remember we went to that cookout with Kyle and his friends? What? Why are you looking at me like that, Maria, and quit smelling that stuff. Your face just lost all of its color. Are you telling me it's not September? The door didn't hit me that hard. You're not the Bionic Woman."

"Don't freak out, Liz, but I think we have to get you to the hospital. NOW!"

"Maria, if this is a joke, it's not funny. Are you saying it's not September?"

"First of all, stay clam. It's actually November and a LOT has happened since September. For starters Wait a second. Did you say you thought it was the FIRST week of September?"

Liz is starting to panic. "Yes! Why? Is that important or something? What happened after that? Why don't I remember two whole months? I must have got a concussion or something. What is going on here, Maria? Only people on soap operas get amnesia!" "I don't know what's going on, but I think first we should go to the emergency room. Don't you? I'll get your parents. This is too freaky, even for me."

The room was starting to spin faster, and Liz was starting to babble. "Do you think I should call Kyle and tell him I'm going to the ER or should I just wait until tomorrow? Maria, tell me truthfully, did something happen between him and me in two months? He acted real weird earlier. Like he was surprised I wanted his help. I mean why would he ask if I wanted Max Evans of all people to bring me upstairs? I barely know him. He's so shy that he barely said hello to me when we were assigned as lab partners last week. Well, I guess it wasn't really last week, but you know what I mean. Don't you? Anyway, I know Kyle and I weren't really ultra-serious or anything, but I can't believe one of us ended it already. Or did we? I have to know." "Liz, why don't we get you to a doctor first. The rest can wait until later." Then Maria thought to herself, "especially the part about Max, Isabelle, and Michael being 'not of this earth.' Why does this stuff always happen to me? I must be a conductor for bizarre occurrences or something. Oh my God, I'm a vibrator!"

They finally got Liz to the hospital where tests revealed that she did indeed have a concussion. It was serious enough that the doctor wanted to keep her overnight for observation. They were concerned about the short-term memory loss, but were hopeful that it would return, or at least most of it. She was understandably upset, but handled it all surprisingly well. She was pretty much just in a daze once she realized what happened.

She didn't know why, but she kept seeing the image of Max Evans' face whenever she closed her eyes. His eyes were extraordinarily beautiful, and the way he looked at her when she first woke up made her heart beat faster. She felt a special connection to him. It was like he knew parts of her she never showed to anyone and vice versa, but she didn't know why. "I wonder if he's part of the reason that things went weird between me and Kyle." She didn't understand why he seemed so hurt when Kyle took her upstairs, but if he was, then why didn't Max say anything? She was confusing herself even more and thinking about it made her head throb worse. She didn't want to call him in her current state. She would just ask Maria in the morning when she got home from the hospital.

Since she had a concussion, she wasn't allowed to sleep. Doctor's orders. Liz tried to watch TV but couldn't concentrate on any of it. It was just infomercials this late anyway and commercials for psychics. Her thoughts always came back to that face. When he touched her arm, she felt the electricity shoot through her whole body. It couldn't hurt to daydream a little about him. It wasn't the first time. She smiled at the thought of being his girlfriend. Max was mostly a loner at school, except for his somewhat abrasive friend Michael and sister Isabelle, he didn't have many friends. But he definitely did not walk the halls unnoticed by the female students at West Roswell High School. He had a mysterious quality about him that appealed to her inquisitive nature. Maybe it was just the scientist in her, but she would like to learn the secrets that made Max so pensive.

The more she thought about it, the more she realized they could not possibly be dating. She said out loud, "This is crazy. How could anyone forget being hugged by him or kissed by him?" Liz knew an experience like that could never be wiped from her memory, even if it was the result of a big door whacking her head.

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