FanFic - Max/Liz
"Blank Slate"
Part 5
by GroovyGirl
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Summary: How would Max, Michael, and Isabel feel if their secret was not known by the three humans they have grown so close to?
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
Authors Note: Category: Max/Liz, Michael/Maria, Isabel/Alex
Part 5

Max was lying on his bed pitying himself.

I should have known. How could I ever think that I even could have had a chance with her before all of this happened? But should this matter? She cares about me now, so it shouldn't matter to me. Plus, I broke up with her, so it's better this way.

Max was trying to convince himself that Liz turning him down doesn't matter. Except he was going to use this opportunity to finally decide if it was meant to be. If she said yes then it was meant to be, if she said no, then it wasn't. He had been trying to convince himself him and Liz weren't meant to be together for awhile, but everything seemed to point in the other direction. But not any more. This proved it to him. The thing he realized though was that he didn't want to be proven right. He wanted to be wrong. He wanted her to say yes more than he had ever wanted anything else in his entire life.

* * * * *

Liz had no idea how to tell Kyle she wanted to go out with someone else. Sure, Kyle was a nice guy and all of that, but he just didn't do it for her. She liked hanging out with him, but she didn't want anything serious. She just didn't want to hurt him. But she could not pass up this opportunity to go out with Max Evans. She still couldn't believe he asked her out. Max Evans had asked her out. She has liked him for years, but he has always been so quiet and he never showed an interest in her.

"Ok, what's wrong Liz?" Kyle asked.

Liz was brought out of her thoughts. "What?"

"Well, you didn't really pay attention to the movie and you haven't hardly said two words to me on the way home."

"I'm sorry, Kyle. I just... have something to tell you."


"Well, you know that we left things casual and I ... want to see other people."

"You want to see other people?" Kyle repeated slowly.

"I'm sorry Kyle. I.."

"Like who?" Kyle couldn't believe it. Well, yeah, he could. Him and Liz were just casual and he knew the day would come where she wanted to date other people. So many guys had a thing for her. He was surprised that it took this long.

"That's not important, I just ... we are not exclusive, so..

"Liz, that's fine. I understand. I'm just glad that I had you for a little while." With that he left. (I just had to make Kyle a nice guy!)

Liz suddenly just felt this need to talk to Max, to tell him that her answer was yes. She had wanted him to ask her out for so long, that she couldn't wait another minute to tell him yes. She ran up to her room and found his number. She had got it from him when they became lab partners just in case she had questions about class. She dialed his number.

Who could be calling me at a time like this, a time when my entire world has crumbled around me? Max thought.


"Hey, Max. It's Liz."

"Oh...hey." I guess she came up with her excuse earlier than she thought.

"Um... yeah, well, you know that question you asked me in class today?"

Oh great, here goes. "Yeah, Liz I... Before he could finish, she cut him off.



"Yes, I would love to go out with you some time."

Max couldn't believe it. Was he dreaming? Did Liz Parker really call him and just say that she would love to go out with him? "But what about Kyle?"

"Well, that's why I waited so long to tell you my answer. I didn't wanna agree to go out with you before I told Kyle that I wanted to see other people. It wouldn't have been right."

She broke up with Kyle for me. Just to go out with me. He couldn't believe it. Liz would have went out with him before the shooting happened. She really did have feelings for him before the shooting. Maybe they were really meant to be.



"Just making sure you were still there."

"Yeah, so.... Now what? It was too late to go out tonight, but tomorrow she would remember everything. Well I guess I still have to make plans just so I don't throw her off. "So, do you want to go out tomorrow?"

"Yeah, that'll be great."

"Ok, well see you tomorrow."

"Good night."

"Good night"

They both hung up smiling. Max because now he knew his Liz had noticed him before he saved her life and Liz because her crush had finally asked her out.

* * * * *

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