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"Blank Slate"
Part 6
by GroovyGirl
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Summary: How would Max, Michael, and Isabel feel if their secret was not known by the three humans they have grown so close to?
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Part 6

Shortly after Max had gotten off the phone with Liz, Michael crawled in his window.

"What are you smiling about?" He questioned Max.

"I just got off the phone with Liz. She said yes." Max said in a dreamy tone of voice.

"She said yes?" Isabel said coming into the room.

"Really? Way to go Maxwell. I'm happy for you. But what are you going to do tomorrow when everything is normal?" Michael asked

"You mean am I going to tell her about this?"

"We all have to decide that together. I'm talking about your relationship with her."

"I'm ready to take a step forward. But what about you and Maria? What did you find out?"

"Yeah Michael. What's the verdict?" Isabel asked.

"Well, we hung out after her shift and just talked about things and we have a date on Saturday." He said smiling.

" So, she didn't turn you down?" Max said

"That's right. So now I know." Michael said. He couldn't believe that Maria had actually said yes either. But they talked and got along really well and he asked her out on a date and she said yes.

"Well, I am glad that you two can ease your minds now."

"Did you do anything to make use of this day, Iz?" Max asked

"Yeah, I acted out a little fantasy of mine." She said smiling. She had done something that she knew that she wouldn't be able to do for real, but since they wouldn't remember anything about this day, she had grabbed Alex, drug him up to the eraser room and made out with him all during fifth period. She had been thinking about him nonstop since she entered his dream and wanted to know what it was like to kiss him. If they decided to tell them the truth, she wouldn't tell him about that little detail, but she already missed his lips on hers.

"What kind of fantasy?" Max and Michael both asked, curious as to what she did.

"Nothing...nothing that concerns you two. Anyway, so are we going to tell them? "

" I think we should. I don't think there should be any secrets between us." Max said

"I agree." Michael said

"Well, then we'll tell them. I think we should tell them together. Like have a meeting here." Isabel said

"Yeah, we should meet here tomorrow night." Max said. He was worried though. Would Liz be mad that he doubted her? Would she even want him back after she found out? It was a risk he was going to have to take. He needs to be completely honest with her.

* * * * *

The next day

Max, Michael, and Isabel told Liz, Maria, and Alex that they had to meet at Max and Isabel's house for a little meeting after school. They were all worried how the three of them were going to take the news. Would they understand or would they never want to speak with them again? They were scared that they were going to lose these people that meant so much to them. That had grown to mean everything.

"Ok, now I bet you three are wondering what we have gathered you here to tell you. Well, we are going to get to that, but first I have to say something. When Max first healed you, Liz, I was mad. I was beyond mad. I could have killed Max, but now I am glad he did it. I have never really had any girlfriends, none that were really close to me. I never let anybody in, never let anybody see the real me. I always had my guard up, but these past few months, I have grown to see you all as friends. Best friends. Your acceptance and friendship mean a lot to me, and I just wanted you to know that. Michael, your turn." Isabel sat down while Michael stood up.

"Well, I'm not good at these type of things, but I just want to say that Max saving you has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. It brought me Maria, and that is something I will be eternally grateful for. Ok, Maxwell, your turn." Max just sat there shocked. Everybody just sat there shocked, but nobody was as shocked as Maria. Michael was not one to just share his feelings like that. Suddenly she got up and ran over to kiss him, but he stopped her. " No, wait until we tell you everything. Max, your turn."

Max stood where Michael previously was. " I don't think you three will ever know just how important your help and acceptance mean to us. You have kept our secret and saved our lives numerous times. But besides that, you have been our friends. You care about us and knowing you has enriched our lives greatly. Maria, you freaked out at first, but you accepted us and helped us and that is something we will never forget. Alex, we should have told you sooner and we are sorry that we didn't. You didn't even know us that well, but you helped to save Michael's life and you saved mine that day at the hospital. Thank you. And Liz. Liz, saving you that day at the Crashdown was the smartest thing I have ever done. I started living the day that I saved you. I am so sorry that I hurt you. I never had any intention of hurting you. I just wanted you to be safe. Now I realize I was wrong, because you are more important to me than myself. You complete me. Liz, I love you and I always have and I can only hope that after I tell you what I am about to tell you that you can forgive me."

Liz was crying by now and she didn't know what to say. So, she stood up and went over to Max and hugged him. She tried to kiss him, but he wouldn't let her. She whispered in his ear, "I love you, too. Nothing could ever change that." When she said that, Max felt so guilty. He felt tears coming to his eyes and he pushed her away. " Go sit down, I'm not done."

Liz went to go sit down and waited to find out exactly what this little meeting was about.

"Ummm... do you want me to tell them?"

Isabel and Michael nodded their heads yes.

"Ok. Well, um... a man came here the night before last and told us he was from our home planet."

"Max, the fourth one?" Liz asked excitedly

"Yes, he said he came because he felt the stones being used. He said he came..."

"Did you three get all of your answers?" Maria asked unable to contain herself.

"No. Uh... could you try not to interrupt me because I won't be able to get this out if you don't." Max asked gently.

"Ok, sorry." Maria and Liz both said at the same time.

"Ok, he said he came to fix our mistakes. He thought we were trusting you guys too much, so he erased everyone's memories for a day. He erased everything from the day I saved you until the present and told us to find out if you would give us the time of day before the shooting. We decided that it would be a waste to not at least try to see what would happen. We.... doubted you and we are sorry. You just have to understand how it is for us. We know now that it was stupid for us to doubt you, but we couldn't let the opportunity slip by us, and he had already erased your memories anyway, so we tested you. We then decided that we couldn't keep it from you, so here we are." Max looked down at the floor during his whole speech and to his surprise, he didn't hear any yelling when he was done. He looked up and they were just sitting there with stunned looks on their faces. Alex was the first one to speak.

"What exactly did you do to test us?"

"Well...actually we didn't test you in any way, we just tested Liz and Maria." Max answered. Liz and Maria both looked even more stunned when they heard this until Isabel piped up.

"Well, actually I did test him a little bit." She said while turning red.

"What...what did you do?" Alex asked getting nervous.

"I'll tell you later." Was all she managed to say.

"What did you do to test us?" Maria asked with a hint of hurt in her voice.

"Maria, I just talked with you and asked you out to see what you would say." Michael answered

"And I asked you out to see what you would say." Max added.

"Well, what did we say?" Liz asked,

"Well, what would you have said back then?" Max asked.

Liz looked at Max and said, "Is that the only reason you just said all those things to me. Did you need that kind of proof of my feelings before you decided to get back with me?" Liz asked crying.

"Please don't cry, Liz. I'm sorry. I know that you care about me. It's just when he told us what he had done, I couldn't help but wonder what would have happened if I would have got up the nerve to ask you out before I saved your life. I just had to know if...." He trailed off.

"You had to know if the only reason I was interested in you in the first place was because you were my hero." Liz said in a statement, not a question.

Max looked at her with sad eyes and said "Liz, I am so sorry."

Liz looked away from him. She completely understood why he had to do it, but it still hurt that he doubted her feelings. As if knowing what she was thinking, he added, "Liz, I didn't doubt that you care about me, I just didn't know if you would have had these feelings for me in different circumstances." Liz knew what he meant and she knew why he had to find out. She stood up and walked over to him and looked him straight in the eyes and said, "Now do you believe that we are meant to be?" and smiled one her Liz smiles that she only gave him.

Max smiled back, grabbed her up in his arms and kissed her. "Liz Parker, you are amazing."

Maria looked at Michael and smiled. " So spaceboy, were you surprised that I accepted a date with you?"

"Yes, actually, I was." Michael said smiling.

"Well, I guess that's understandable. We never really talked before all of this happened, so I guess I'll let this slide." She walked over to him, climbed onto his lap and gave him a kiss.

"Oh, and we have a date on Saturday." Michael told Maria smiling. Maria just laughed and kissed him some more.

Alex felt a little left out. " Man, everybody's getting kissed here, but me." With that, Isabel grabbed his shoulder, spun him around, and gave him the most intense kiss he has ever gotten in his entire life.

"Uh, well, ok. I didn't mean, I mean, I didn't say that to mean for you to, not that I didn't like it, I just, you didn't..."

"Alex, this is how I tested you yesterday." Then she started kissing him again.

Everyone looked at Alex and Isabel kissing with their jaws practically on the floor.

Isabel finally realized everybody was watching them and stopped. She started blushing and said, "What? Are you two the only ones who can have relations with humans?"

They all started to laugh at that last comment while Alex stood there still stunned by Isabel.

"Wait a minute. Didn't you guys get all your answers? I mean, the man was from where you three are from. Did he not answer your questions?" Liz suddenly asked.

"No, he said there was no use in us knowing about something we couldn't have." Max answered for the three of them.

"Oh Max, I am so sorry."

Max just looked at Liz and said; "Don't be sorry. We realized that we were searching for something that has already found us." Then he whispered in her ear, "All the answers I have ever wanted are standing right in front of me."


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