FanFic - Max/Liz
"Where Home Is"
Part 3
by Annie
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Summary: This takes place in Los Angeles two years after the gang has graduated. Maria and Liz are living together there in an apartment.
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: I hope you all enjoy this story. I am a beginner so please read with that in mind. I was never gonna write a on of my own, but I got in the mood one day. I just want to say that I have read almost all of the stories in the Max and Liz section and there are some really good writers. If you want you can e-mail me your suggestions or comments to!
They hadnít seen Alex in more than six months, and now he was coming up! Alex lived in

New York, he was studying computer software, and had made quite a name for himself in the computer industry.


Alex and Isabel were very close when it came time for all of them to separate. For about two months all he ever did was sit around his house, well, room was more like it, he never went anywhere. When his parents asked Liz and Maria to talk to him, they knew it was getting worse. They tried to explain the best they could how all of them needed to get on with their lives, and maybe some day they would come back. They told him how they were sure Isabel didnít want to leave him, but she had to, and it would be un-fare for them to make any of them stay. After that talk he finally came out and started to live again. And soon after he was non-stop, so much so that Liz and Maria could barley keep up. The idea to leave Roswell originally came from Alex, when he left for New York, soon after Liz left for Los Angeles. They didnít talk for about three months, she guessed they were both trying to forget as much as possible, but then they started talking every other night. They realized that they could still remember all the good parts of Roswell.


Airport ~~

" Maria, Liz!" Alex yelled from the terminal.

"Oh my gosh, Alex! You havenít changed a bit! Youíre 45 minutes early, what happened?" Liz asked as she ran up and hugged him.

"Alex, you stud, nice suit," said Maria referring to the suit Alex wore.

"Oh yea, I came straight to the airport from a meeting, I didnít have time to change! The flight was delayed in Houston, so I jumped on another flight going to this little town near here, then caught a little plane coming here. It was the weirdest thing though, we lost our connection right before landing due to some outside un-known interference, and there wasnít another plane around for miles! " Alex explained as he got his luggage.


They got back to the apartment and Alex went to the bathroom to change while the girls decided that Alex would take Mariaís room and Maria would share with Liz.

That night after dinner and a movie they all decided to hit the sack, since they had all had an early start that day.

Liz changed into her gray pants and a blue sweater that used to belong to Max when he was a younger. As soon as she put it on she got a surge of energy through her body, like she did when he held her. For just a second she felt as though they werenít as far as she thought, but quickly wrote it off as something having to do with the sweater. She forgot about it and went on getting ready for bed.

Maria went into the bathroom to change when she got a flash of Micheal standing in his apartment back in Roswell. He looked slightly different, older maybe, but not really noticeable. She thought about it for a second, but then realized she was holding a ring he had given to her. She thought about it and remembered getting a flash one time before from holding it, so she didnít think another thought about it, and went on brushing her teeth and hair.

While Alex waited for Liz and Maria on the couch he heard something. He got up and checked to see if they had come out yet, when he realized they hadnít he went and made sure that the radio, TV, etc., were off, and sat back down on the couch thinking it might have been a neighbors TV. Then he heard it again, louder and clearer, it was ~ it was Isabel! She was saying, "I love you Alex". He then remembered that was the last thing that she had said to him before they left. He decided not to read too much into it, and figured that being around the girls had triggered his mind to remember that.

They all said goodnight, and went to bed wondering if they should say anything, and in the end deciding not to. For the entire night they tossed and turned thinking about the possibilities their feelings could hold.


The next day over lunch Alex told the girls what had happened to him the night before.

"That is the weirdest thing Alex, something really similar happened to me, except I felt him near me!" Liz said with excitement.

"Same here, except I saw him when I touched the ring he gave me," said Maria.

"It was like she was right there," Alex said with a hint of sadness in his voice, " I was thinking that maybe us being together is triggering these things, you know like memories we havenít thought about in a long time."

The girls both shook their heads.

"It would make sense! There is nothing else it could be!" Maria put in.

" Actually guys, I was thinking about it all night, and I had an idea. I have been really home sick these past few weeks, so maybe this is just telling us to stop running from the bad memories in Roswell, and go back to the good ones. It is summer, and I have a lot of vacation time that I need to use, why donít we go back!" Liz explained.

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