FanFic - Max/Liz
"A Thousand Words"
Part 1
by Amy
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell, but one can wish she owned Max Evans!!
Summary: A story about Graduation, what happens after...
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
Authors Note: The first part may not seem like Max and Liz, but trust me it is!! I hope you enjoy and i love feedback!!
Today they were graduating. Liz and Maria stood in front of the mirror they had looked in all their lives. Liz's Mom walked in. "My two girls are growing up!" She said. Liz gave her Mom a knowing look, "Mom, don't get all teary eyed here, you know you'll start up us too." "Technically I'm not your daughter!" Maria laughed and Liz's Mom said "Anyone that works in the restaurant, eats our food, practically lives here, is our honorary daughter."

"Thanks." Maria laughed.

"Max Evans!" The principal called. Max got his diploma and sat down in his seat next to Liz. The principal called everyone else and last said "Liz Parker, Our Valid Victorian, Is going to make a speech!" Liz walked up and faced all the parents with their happy, smiling and crying faces, and said "The class of 2002. I know as we all were young together here in Roswell things were different when we were kids. There were things we didn't know. Secrets we didn't know about each other. We felt alienated in an Alien themeed town. I think as I stand here and speak for the entire 2002 class, they understand what I am saying and know it's true. When we were kids, we never saw the differences between each other we feel today. Our futures seem to be here, right on our doorsteps calling us out. In our futures, some of us may be the one to find a cure for cancer, even the common cold. Some of us, May be movie stars, others work as teachers, or have the simplest of jobs.

Everyone won't have to feel as alienated as they feel today, And I'm sure, that the class of 2002, will be the ones to change the world forever." The parents stood and clapped at her awesome speech. She took her seat, the principal said a few words and the reception let out.

Liz and Max were going to a big name collage out east, while Michael kept his job at the Crashdown. Maria was going to the local collage, and Isabel got into UCLA. Kyle was going to collage on a basketball scholarship. Alex was going to the same college as Kyle. They were all talking about their future lives at the Crashdown party for their graduation party.

"I am going to miss you Maria!" Liz told her best friend. "Me too Liz." They hugged.

Max told Liz, "I best leave now, I have a lot of packing, our plane leaves tomorrow morning."

"Okay Max, see you then!" Liz told him, they kissed and he left.

"You and Max are gonna live in an apartment right?" Maria asked.

"Yes Maria, and you'll come see me won't you?" Liz said to her best friend of 18 years.

The next day, the Parkers and Evans were gathered at the airport. Mrs. Evans hugged her daughter, "I'll miss you Liz!" She was beginning to cry.

"Mom I'll miss you too." Liz told her Mom. "Good luck in school." Her dad told her, the Evans tell Max things along the same lines.

"Flight 115 now boarding!" "That's us!" Max said, he picked up his suitcases and Liz followed him out to the plane, their parents waving bye while Mrs. Evans and Mrs. Parker had tears in their eyes.

"Max this is going to be awesome!!" Liz told her new roommate. "Yeah Liz it will be, and the important thing is, we're gonna be together!!" Max kissed her. Just then, the Pilot came over the intercom, with stunning news.

"This is Pilot Davall speaking, you may have just heard some odd noises, that was one of the engines giving out. In the horrible storms that are going on below us, i doubt that the plane can hold up," Everyone on the plane gasped, "There's a small airport......." He was cut off by the sound of another engine giving out.

Liz screamed, "Max do something!!" and the Pilot was overheard saying "There's NO way this plane will survive.

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