FanFic - Max/Liz
"The Share"
Part 2
by Sophie
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Summary: Max runs after Liz after Destiny
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Maria and Liz are, like as usual, sharing personal things on their relationship with Max and Michael while they're working. Liz was explaining to Maria how that night made feel so happy and fulfilled.

"Maria, the most wonderful thing happened to me last night with Max!"

"What? You two are back together? That's wonderful, Liz. So, what, you felt his sexual fantasy? You've saw his home planet? No, wait you saw yourself in his mind?"

"No, it was nothing you could think of. Beside, all of that already happened!"

"What!?! And you didn't tell me none of this!?! And you call yourself my friend! But any way, babble on, honey!"

Liz whispered to Maria: " Last night, Max and I, we've…we've,"

Liz was insitating to tell her best friend about the most important and special night of her life. The night she've shared with the man she loved and cherished so much. That night that she had promise to herself to keep until her wedding night.

"All right, uh, um,"

"Come on, it can't be that bad. Come on, Madonna, blurt it out!"

"Okay, last night, Max and I, we've made love.", she said with courage, happiness and shyness.

"What!? What!? What!? What!? What!?"

"Shhh! Everybody can hear! Calm down!"

Maria pulled Liz into the back room with such hurry that Liz almost fell.

" What!?! You tell me to calm down when my best friend is having sex with a human hybrid. No, it's a joke, isn't ? Come on, it must be a joke. PLEASE, tell me it's a joke!"

"I'm sorry to tell you that it's true. When we've started kissing, we couldn't stop, plus Max was so gentle, I couldn't say no." Maria flipped out like always. She had to lecture Liz on what she did, like a mother. " Well, you know as I told you before, when I'm with Max and we get intimate, like really intimate, well, it feels good, it feels… right. But on that night, I was ready and I was more than willing. If I didn't made love with Max, I would've explode." Maria couldn't control herself anymore.

" Maybe you did right but you didn't feel weird since last night ? Any scary, eerie, alien kind of feelings? You know? "

" No Maria, I feel fine! In fact, I've felt better in my life than now! The only wrong right now is that Max is not right here right now. I can't live without him anymore. It's like, when he's near, the whole world stops turning and no one else and nothing else matters. I just can't think of a day without Max."

" Sure, that way you could have him in your bed all day long."

"Maria!!!!! Shhhh! People could hear!" she whispered, "But I'm not gonna deny that!"

"Okay, okay, okay! You two have almost made me puke with your puppy eyes sessions in public. PLEEEAAAASE!, don't say more! I know how you guys are pretty fast. I just keep having that picture of you and Max almost going at it in Michael's place that weird spring night. Wwwuuuuhhhhhh! (disgust)"

Liz and Maria bursted into laughter as they went back in the Cafe when the sun disappeared and Tess waltzed into the Crash Down.

"Here come the hurricane."

Tess was coming looking really angrily at Liz.

"Liz, we've got to talk." She pulled Liz back in the employees room only. Maria followed them just be aware of the current events and to watch over Liz.

"You really think you've finally caught him in your webs, uh?" she asks very angrily.

Liz shared an interrogative look with Maria, not knowing what she's talking about.

"What are you talking about, Tess? What's going on?"

"You don't understand, huh? I've overheard Max and Michael talking about your 'special night'. Pretty lucky, but if you think you're going to be able to keep him for yourself little lady, you're pretty wrong. Max and I belong together. He was my husband on our home planet. He must be with me."

"No, that's where you're wrong, Tess. Maybe he was your husband then. Okay, I give you the benefit of the doubt. But there is an important thing that you keep forget. Max, you're fighting for, is not the same guy that he is now. The one you want died many years ago. The one you know is a simple guy with human feelings and emotions. And to him, the alien side is only an instinctive side. That's not what that made him who he is today. Max Evans is Max Evans, the man that I love and who loves me back. Whatever you can do to him or to us won't bother because he won't change."

"No, you don't understand …"

"No, you're the one who doesn't seems to understand anything. I don't wanna see you again, neither Max, Maria or neither of us here or in all Roswell. So, I speak for everybody is I say Get the hell out of here, Tess! You're not wanted here!!

At the same time she yelled at Tess, she waved her hand like she was going to slap somebody and a glass went smashing on the wall on the same time.


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