FanFic - Max/Liz
"The Pretend Game"
Part 1
by LivE
Disclaimer: Nothing Roswell is mine, sadly!!
Summary: This takes place shortly after the Pilot, but before Heat Wave. Circumstances lead to Max and Liz pretending to be dating… and sparks fly!
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Max brought the jeep to a halt in front of the school. He sighed. Another day pretending to be someone…SOMETHING else. At least he could look forward to seeing Liz again today. Liz… His heart sped up at the mere thought of her. He had always loved her it seems. For as long as he can remember, she was his obsession. He had watched as she grew up, became more beautiful, became Kyle’s girlfriend…that had hurt more than he thought it would! He knew he could never be with her, but seeing her with someone else had still been exquisite torture…

That had all changed that fateful day at the Crashdown when he saved her. The look on Liz’ face both then and later after he reversed his connection with her, made him hope for the first time, that she might someday return his feelings. And when she said she didn’t care about it not being safe for them to be together, his heart soared! But then he came crashing back to reality. Being with Liz meant danger to Isabel and Michael…and Liz.

Everything that happened since has only increased his torture. She had broken up with Kyle and took to helping her new alien friends in their quest to find out more about their past. She had done heroic things that he marveled at, even while he feared for her. She seemed determined to stay close to him and he…he just couldn’t quite manage to stay away from her. His days are now spent in desperate efforts to hold her at arms length. So far, he’s had moderate success, but each day was an uphill struggle that took most of his strength. She was more beautiful to him every day, and now that she knew his secret, accepted him and still wanted to be close to him, he felt himself drawn to her even more. But…he couldn’t risk her…or Isabel or Michael! He couldn’t bear to think of them being in trouble because of him. Saving her life that day had resulted in enough trouble for them, so… for as long as the interest in his part in the events at the Crashdown on 17 September runs high, he needed to stay away from her. He sighed again. If only there was a way or a reason for them to be together that would not create more questions about who he is… Yeah, right! Stop dreaming, Evans!

He pulled his backpack from the back of the jeep and slung it over his shoulder. He headed into the school, completely oblivious to all the interested female stares he attracted…


The cheerleading squad was assembled on the front steps of the school, gossiping. Pam Troy was the head cheerleader and she wore the distinction with pride. She was lusciously built and wore the clothes to advertise it. Her blonde hair fell in waves to her shoulders and her short skirt made the most of her shapely legs. "Hi Pam!" She was staring at Max Evans’ retreating figure. Wow, what IS it about that guy? He was sexy as hell, but also aloof as hell. She saw him around that girl that worked at the Crashdown. What was her name again? Oh, who cares anyway! The girl was a brainiac and was probably just helping him with his schoolwork anyway. No competition there!

"PAM!!" She looked at the insistent caller next to her irritably. Paul was one of the school’s jocks and yet ANOTHER guy that wanted to get into her pants. She sighed. These guys were so easy! That’s why Max Evans lured her so much. She’d already dated most of the popular guys in the school and got bored with all of them. Now she wanted Mr. Mysterious. She wanted Max Evans!


Liz was grabbing books from her locker. She had a test first period and half of her attention was fixed on that. The other half… the other half was anxiously registering activities at the entrance of the school where Max would appear any moment now. She knew his schedule by heart. She wished she knew him by heart too!

He was persisting in his attempts to keep their relationship on the casual acquaintance level. She was frustrated by his stubbornness and her lack of success in getting him to voice or act on all the feelings she could see in his eyes when he looked at her. And oh…how he looked at her! She tried very hard not to let him see how he affected her. His closeness, the heat in his eyes, the touch of his hand, his voice…they all made her feel dizzy and breathless. And suddenly she felt his presence behind her.

"Hi Liz…". She drew in her breath sharply and blushed. His voice was low and she felt the vibrations low in her stomach.

"Hi Max". She answered without turning around. Were those breathy sounds coming from her throat? She tried to get herself under control by taking two deep breaths. She forced a bright smile and finally turned to face him. He was watching her intently, his gaze burning across her face. She felt her lips tingle as he stared at her mouth.

"Hi Max, Liz!" Maria’s bright voice interrupted them. Max tore his eyes away from her lips and smiled at Maria. "Hi…" He shoved his hands in the pockets of his jeans and turned back to Liz. "Uhm…see you in Biology…", he mumbled and walked off.

Maria was grinning and waved her hand to cool herself: "Phew! Is it hot here or is it just me?!" Liz felt herself blush again. "Shut up, Maria! He was just saying hi…". Maria’s grinned widened: "Yeah, and I’m from Czechoslovakia!" She sobered up moments later after seeing Liz’ face. "Lizzie, honey…you should be careful. He is too important to you already and I’m worried about you getting hurt. Not to mention…you know, the OTHER stuff", she ended in a whisper.

Maria looked in Max direction, finding him standing in front of his first class, staring back at Liz. "OK, maybe the OTHER stuff is the only problem here. He is STILL staring at you, you know!" Liz felt a powerful wave of happiness sweep over her that resulted in a stupid grin settling on her lips. She turned around and looked at Max. She forgot to breath while their gazes clung to each other. She was so happy! He could say whatever he liked, his eyes told her the truth. She hugged her books to her chest with a smile. He gave her one of his sexy half smiles, his lips turning up at the corners making his dimple appear. BREATH, she told herself, just breath…

"Uh oh!", Maria exclaimed. Pam Troy was bearing down on Max? What’s up with that? Maria’s voice broke into Liz’s dream haze and she tore her eyes from Max to look at her friend. Max finally realised that Maria was watching him watch Liz, AGAIN, and turned away towards his class abruptly…only to be intercepted by Pam Troy’s hand on his arm.


"Hi Max!" Pam said brightly. She hugged his arm close to her chest. "Walk me to class, won’t you?" Max frowned at her in confusion. He didn’t really know how to handle this situation. So he ended up walking with her clinging to his arm. Pam smiled. ‘Score one for me’, she thought.

Liz was watching this whole exchange from her vantage point at her locker. Max looked completely ill at ease with Pam hanging on his arm and Liz suddenly felt a powerful compunction to help him. "Liz…!", Maria hissed as she started towards Max. "What are you doing?!" Maria sounded amused. Liz ignored her and hurried over to where Max and Pam was about to enter their first class.

Max spotted her bearing down on them and wondered what she was up to. "Max, honey, we’ve barely started dating and already I have to wrestle desperate women away from you!" Liz was stunned. ‘Where did THAT come from?’, she thought. Pam looked pissed. And Max… well, he looked completely speechless…

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