FanFic - Max/Liz
"The Pretend Game"
Part 12
by LivE
Disclaimer: Nothing Roswell is mine, sadly!!
Summary: This takes place shortly after the Pilot, but before Heat Wave. Circumstances lead to Max and Liz pretending to be dating… and sparks fly!
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Max felt miserable after his talk with Michael and he couldn’t shake the feeling that he had broken something precious between him and Liz with his vehement denial of his love for her. Shouldn’t he love her enough to damn the consequences of announcing that love to the world openly? But no, he reasoned, not if those consequences were that they could not be together anymore. And according to the world, he DID love her. The only two problems were Isabel and Michael.

He walked to the quad for lunch, his feet dragging. He wanted to see Liz, but it was going to be torture to pretend relative indifference to her. And with Isabel and Michael already suspecting something, he needed to be extra careful.

He caught sight of Liz as soon as he entered the quad. She was standing with her back to him, talking to… Brandon Taylor! The memory of Brandon with his hands all over Liz was still clear in his mind and Max had to stop himself from running over there and punching the guy’s lights out. Instead he walked over and stood behind Liz, making it clear that he was watching Brandon’s every move.

Liz stiffened as soon as he was close, sensing his presence. Brandon’s eyes went over her shoulder nervously a second later, confirming that it was indeed Max who was hovering over her shoulder. Brandon turned red and stumbled over his last sentence. "So, uhm… I’ve found another…uhm, tutor." He backed away from Liz. "So… bye!" Liz was amused. She wondered what all Brandon’s jock friends would say if they knew he was scared spitless of Max Evans.

She turned around, facing Max. Max, who always came to her rescue. He stared at her, standing motionless, fists clenched at his sides. Liz wondered if it had to do with Brandon or with keeping his hands of her. She hoped it was the latter! "Hey," she said quietly, seductively. Stepping closer to him, she ran her hand up his chest. "Don’t I get a kiss for the peanut gallery?"

Max swallowed and caught her hand. "Liz, I don’t think…" He stopped as she pouted. He tried again, removing her hand: "Liz, this is a bad idea." He was starting to have trouble breathing normally. He always did when she looked at him that way, like she wanted to rip his shirt off.

Liz had opened her mouth to retort when Pam Troy’s voice intruded from behind them. "I knew he would get sick of her! Look at that outfit! What was she thinking? No wonder he doesn’t want her all over him. And I hear that poor Brandon Taylor also had to run from her unwanted advances." Liz was stunned. So this was the story that Brandon told the world. She stared at Max’s chest. Maybe she’d be lucky and the ground would swallow her up. Maybe a freak tornado could come and remove Pam from the schoolyard. Maybe –

Max hesitated, unsure of how to handle the situation. One part of him wanted to wring Pam’s neck. Like any sane guy would want her when he could have Liz Parker! He was so mad he forgot why he shouldn’t kiss Liz in public. He just knew he wanted to silence damn Pam Troy forever. He pulled Liz into his body and slid his arm around her waist. Liz gasped as he lifted her up against him until her feet barely touched the ground. His mouth on hers was warm and demanding. And Liz kissed him back happily. He was playing right into her hands!

The kiss started out slow and deliberate, but soon turned wild and urgent. Liz curved her arms around his shoulders and pressed closer to him, knowing it drove him crazy. His mouth ravaged hers, passion exploding between them. The kiss lasted for minutes, but to Max and Liz it felt like hours. They finally broke apart, taking great gulps of air to feed their starved lungs. A chorus of catcalls and some applause broke out around them, reminding them they were in the middle of the lunch crowd. Max turned to look at Pam, who was staring at them open-mouthed. Still looking at Pam, he took Liz’s hand and walked past Pam and her cronies towards the table where Maria and Alex were sitting.

Maria was hiding a grin behind her hand and Alex was laughing openly. Max saw Isabel sitting at another table with Michael, but he didn’t want to face them right now. Right now he just needed to get to some place peaceful where he could get his heart and body back under control.

However, Liz had other ideas. "Let’s go sit with them." She indicated Isabel and Michael and promptly pulled him in their direction. Max trudged on behind her, he couldn’t very well make a scene about not sitting with them while they were watching.

Isabel was looking at them with curiosity, but Michael was looking furious. Max gripped Liz’s hand tighter and forced a smile. But as they neared the table, Michael jumped up and walked away. Liz stopped in her tracks. She obviously hadn’t expected such blatant antagonism from Michael. Max looked at her worriedly: "Liz, he’s just concerned. He thinks this will put us in more danger."

Liz bowed her head, her silky hair sliding forward to hide her face. "I know." Her voice was soft. "I think I’ll just go say hi to Maria and Alex…" She turned away, but Max pulled her back and pushed her hair behind her ear gently. "I’ll come with you." "No, its okay. Go sit with Isabel, I won’t be long." Max pressed his lips to her forehead and watched her walk off, his heart aching for the awful situation they were in.

When he reached Isabel, he sat down heavily. Almost immediately his eyes strayed to where Liz was and he was only brought back to the present when he heard Isabel sigh next to him. "You just can’t stay away from her, can you?" But her voice didn’t hold the expected condemnation, only weariness. He didn’t know what to say, so he took her hand to plead his case. He knew it was a mistake as soon as he did it.

Isabel inhaled sharply and closed her eyes against the images rushing through her. Images of Max and Liz. Max’s feelings when he kissed Liz just now. All the promises spoken last night.

‘I love you’.

‘You’re mine’. ‘Yes’.

‘I don’t think I can ever be without you again!’

Isabel was pale and trembling when she pulled away from him. "Max… I always knew you loved her, but this is… its scary!" She was staring at him with wide eyes. "How can you love her so much? Its not normal!" Her voice was rising and Max look around with concern.

"I just do, Isabel. I can’t explain it, but its like she’s part of me. Like she always has been. Izzy, please! I need her…" His eyes were begging his sister for her blessing.

"I don’t know, Max, how will you be able to leave her behind one day if we have to…" Max felt the breath leave his lungs. Leave her? Never! "And Michael is really angry. He’s not an idiot. He saw the way you were kissing Liz just now!"

Max looked over at Liz again. She was staring at him, all her love for him shining from her eyes. And suddenly he couldn’t do it anymore. He couldn’t keep up this lame pretence just because Michael would get upset. He turned to Isabel. "I’ll go see him this afternoon. We have to sort this out, once and for all."

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